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Articles in category "Cards that boost Wisdom (RoM)"

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Artmenlud (RoM Mob) Blood Clawed Chupura (RoM Mob) Blue Sky Fish Eagle (RoM Mob)
Card - Androlier's Shadow (RoM Item) Card - Anglo (RoM Item) Card - Ayal Chief (RoM Item)
Card - Ayam Chief (RoM Item) Card - Elder Reindeer (RoM Item) Card - Inferno Guard Dog (RoM Item)
Card - Man-Eating Bulrush (RoM Item) Card - Mutated Swamp Mud (RoM Item) Corpse Guardian (RoM Mob)
Croso Boar (RoM Mob) Detonation Energy Guardian (RoM MOb) Drifting Javias (RoM Mob)
Dry Demon Weed (RoM Mob) Dust Energy Guardian (RoM MOb) Forbidden Preserver (RoM Mob)
Foul-mouthed Cudder (RoM Mob) Frost Charm Guardian (RoM Mob) Frost Rune Guard (RoM Mob)
Furious Dead (RoM Mob) Giant Sewer Rat (RoM Mob) Highland Iguana (RoM Mob)
Horned Guardian (RoM Mob) Illusionary Ceremony Priest (RoM Mob) Inferno Guard Dog (RoM Mob)
Langlokee Gardener (RoM Mob) Langlokee Guardian (RoM Mob) Misty Rotworm (RoM Mob)
Moonshadow Gulo (RoM Mob) Mound Lurker (RoM Mob) Naga Surveillance (RoM Mob)
New Moon Ent (RoM Mob) Pepper Mushroom (RoM Mob) Perodia (RoM Mob)
Poisonous Gas Energy Guardian (RoM MOb) Rufa Fighter (RoM Mob) Ruins Vagrant (RoM Mob)
Sly Beetle (RoM Mob) Spider Priestess Mandara (RoM Mob) Storm Energy Guardian (RoM Mob)
Tame Mountain Crab (RoM Mob) Tough Chupura (RoM Mob) Transformed Villager (RoM Mob)
Wailing Soul (RoM Mob) Warnorken Elite Guard (RoM Mob) Windswept Vulture (ROM Mob)
Winternight Ice Witch (RoM Mob) Ystra Winter Spider (RoM Mob) Zanka Scorpion (RoM Mob)
Zurhidon Researcher (RoM Mob)