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Runes of Magic
Daily Quests
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The Following Daily Quests all start or end in Coast of Opportunity.

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Another Drink (RoM Quest)
A Tortoise Strong on the Inside (RoM Quest)
Barbecue Feast (RoM Quest)
Beautiful Jewelry (RoM Quest)
Big Fish Eat Big Worms (RoM Quest)
Chase Off the Troublemakers (RoM Quest)
Crimson Scorpion Shell Filled with Energy (RoM Quest)
Crustacean Research Assistance (RoM Quest)
Cute and Slimy (RoM Quest)
Determination Like a Flower (RoM Quest)
Dismantle the Traps (RoM Quest)
Don't Eat Gazelle Meat For Now (RoM Quest)
Dragon Horn Ingredients (RoM Quest)
Even Heat Needed (RoM Quest)
Even The Kulang Are Bullies! (RoM Quest)
Garbage Can't Be Recycled (RoM Quest)
Heat Reduction Recipe (RoM Quest)
Heroic Defense (RoM Quest)
Important Patrol Work (RoM Quest)
Leather of "Weighty" Importance (RoM Quest)
Perfectly Matched Spices (RoM Quest)
Power for a Thousand Miles (RoM Quest)
Replanting (RoM Quest)
Sacred Soil (RoM Quest)
Simple Self-Defense Tool (RoM Quest)
Sweet Juice (RoM Quest)
Ugly Stomach (RoM Quest)
Unearthing Research (RoM Quest)
Warm Pelts (RoM Quest)
Weapon Inspection (RoM Quest)
Weapon Inspection II (RoM Quest)