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Runes of Magic
by POI

All of the mobs listed below can be found in or near Dragonfang Ice Plain (in Dragonfang Ridge).

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Flaming Gnoll (RoM Mob)
Fuling (RoM Mob)
Klimt (RoM Mob)
Klionde Huntclaw (RoM Mob)
Locota (RoM Mob)
Motley Crew Archer (RoM Mob)
Motley Crew Axeman (RoM Mob)
Motley Crew Spearman (RoM Mob)
Snowclaw Defender (RoM Mob)
Snowclaw Gnoll Leader Colin (RoM Mob)
Snowclaw Gnoll Leader Gutch (RoM Mob)
Snowclaw Inspector (RoM Mob)
Snowclaw Poisoner (RoM Mob)
Snowclaw Scout (RoM Mob)
Snowclaw Spear Holder (RoM Mob)