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Runes of Magic
by Zone

All of the mobs listed below can be found in Dust Devil Canyon.

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Articles in category "Dust Devil Canyon Mobs (RoM)"

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Adley the Alcoholic (RoM Mob)
Albion (RoM Mob)
Ancient Iguana (RoM Mob)
Angie (RoM Mob)
Barnaby (RoM Mob)
Basante (RoM Mob)
Belin Pursdon (RoM Mob)
Benni (RoM Mob)
Bird of Gloom (RoM Mob)
Blackie (RoM Mob)
Black Rock Scorpion (RoM Mob)
Black Wind Scorpion (RoM Mob)
Bordon (RoM Mob)
Borst (RoM Mob)
Budworm (RoM Mob)
Chailik (RoM Mob)
Crow (RoM Mob)
Crystal Lizard (RoM Mob)
Danny (RoM Mob)
Eric (RoM Mob)
Famanti Sica (RoM Mob)
Female Withered Soul (RoM Mob)
Fey Woram (RoM Mob)
Fire Lizard (RoM Mob)
Flashing Scale Iguana (RoM Mob)
Flower Cactus (RoM Mob)
Foul Dragonfly (RoM Mob)
Fruit Cactus (RoM Mob)
G. Moa (RoM Mob)
Gale Harpy (RoM Mob)
Giant Flower Cactus (RoM Mob)
Giant Fruit Cactus (RoM Mob)
Giant Needle Cactus (RoM Mob)
Harlem (RoM Mob)
Highlands Iguana (RoM Mob)
Highland Iguana (RoM Mob)
Iron-clawed Harpy (RoM Mob)
Julia (RoM Mob)
Kaboo (RoM Mob)
Kal'Turssi (RoM Mob)
Kal'Turstan (RoM Mob)
Kal Turok King Myrmex (ROM Mob)
Kal Turok Myrmex (ROM Mob)
Kal Turok Soldier Myrmex (ROM Mob)
Kal Turok Worker Myrmex (ROM Mob)
Karkadesh (RoM Mob)
Kusa (RoM Mob)
Lajos Halka (RoM Mob)
Lotus (RoM Mob)
Male Withered Soul (RoM Mob)
Mark (RoM Mob)
Melody (RoM Mob)
Mineral Scorpion (RoM Mob)
Mummified Man (RoM Mob)
Mummified Woman (RoM Mob)
Mutated Budworm (RoM Mob)
Needle Cactus (RoM Mob)
Nier Wabbit (ROM Mob)
Oder (RoM Mob)
Paiji (RoM Mob)
Peter (OS) (RoM Mob)
Poisonous Cave Scorpion (RoM Mob)
Red Winged Harpy (RoM Mob)
Ringard Narse (RoM Mob)
Sabelia (RoM Mob)
Shaman Yeda (RoM Mob)
Shellacy (RoM Mob)
Solins (RoM Mob)
Stedman (RoM Mob)
Stingtail Scorpion (RoM Mob)
Sylvester (RoM Mob)
Tamo Siko (RoM Mob)
Tatus (RoM Mob)
Tempest Height Beast Tamer (RoM Mob)
Tempest Height Eagle Fighter (RoM Mob)
Tempest Height Hunter (RoM Mob)
Tempest Height Shaman (RoM Mob)
Tempest Height Warrior (RoM Mob)
Treasure-Hunting Thief (RoM Mob)
Treasure Chest Guard (RoM Mob)
Utofi Lela (RoM Mob)
Valley Rock Scorpion (RoM Mob)
Wattken (RoM Mob)
Wenceslas (RoM Mob)
Yelena (RoM Mob)
Yorkie (RoM Mob)