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This page refers to content that was introduced on 6/12/2012 with the expansion, Chapter V: Fires of Shadowforge.
Dwarves were introduced as a playable race with Chapter V, the Fires of Shadowforge. There are no female Dwarves, as they were not born but grown directly out of stone.

Forgers of Darkness!

From the depths of their cavern fortress, the Dwarves have returned to reclaim their position of honour in Taborea. Research with dark runic magic has imbued them with enormous spiritual strength, which, combined with their ability to forge war machines of unprecedented might, makes them the new lords of the battlefield.

Let yourself be swept away by the unbelievable combination of magic and strength, and become one of these indomitable warriors who strike fear into the hearts of their opponents. As a dwarf, the Champion and Warlock are available exclusively to you, along with four previously existing classes. Adventure awaits you in Yrvandis Hollows…

Available Classes

Warrior Mage Rogue Knight Warden Druid Scout Priest Champion Warlock

"Valley Dwarves" are a monster race but "Troglodytes" might be a better name as they seem to be de-evolved dwarves.

Valley Dwarf
Valley Dwarf

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