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All of the quests listed on this page have the same Minimum Starting Level requirement, but some may have other requirements, such as a pre-requisite quest.

If the minimum level of a quest is unknown it is listed in the category for the level of the quest.

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Agrints by Chance (Aion Quest)
Amalen the Forlorn (Aion Quest)
A Cooling Drink (Aion Quest)
A Dangerous Potion (Aion Quest)
A Gift for Vindachinerk (Aion Quest)
Black Cloud Fakery (Aion Quest)
Collecting the Essence of Earth (Aion Quest)
Crossed Destiny (Aion Quest)
Deathsong Corruption (Aion Quest)
Encountering Akeras (Aion Quest)
Fake Stigma (Aion Quest)
Flora's First Charm (Aion Quest)
Fragment of Memory 2 (Aion Quest)
Fragment of Memory 3 (Aion Quest)
Frillneck Fluid (Aion Quest)
Going Out of Business (Aion Quest)
Gray Fog Corruption (Aion Quest)
Gray Fog Monsters (Aion Quest)
Green Grows on Trees (Aion Quest)
Heart of the Mamut (Aion Quest)
Jaiorunerk's Diary (Aion Quest)
Jairunerk's Tombstone (Aion Quest)
Keeper of the Kaidan Key (Aion Quest)
Kerubs in Kuriullu (Aion Quest)
Laupede Antidote (Aion Quest)
Left Wing Attack (Aion Quest)
Lepharist Poison Research (Aion Quest)
Outlaw of the Jungle (Aion Quest)
Pupil's Diary (Aion Quest)
Rotten Rotrons (Aion Quest)
Sillen's Spirit Samples (Aion Quest)
Start Spreading the News (Aion Quest)
Supplies for Hylas (Aion Mob)
The Kaidan Surge (Aion Quest)
The Legend of Vindachinerk (Aion Quest)
Tigrics of Ill Omen (Aion Quest)
To Catch a Dragon (Aion Quest)
Trespassers at the Observatory - Eltnen (Aion Quest)
Tumblusen's Call (Aion Quest)
Undead Trinkets (Aion Quest)
Vindachinerk's Demand (Aion Quest)
Vindachinerk's Scroll (Aion Quest)
Where's Belbua (Aion Quest)
Where's Vindachinerk (Aion Quest)
Where do Rotrons Come From (Aion Quest)