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The mobs listed below can all be found in Fire Temple.

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Black Smoke Asparn (Aion Mob)
Bloodfist Gargoyle (Aion Mob)
Blue Crystal Molgat (Aion Mob)
Broken Wing Kutisen (Aion Mob)
Chalice Guard Denlavis (Aion Mob)
Crouching Gargoyle (Aion Mob)
Flame Branch Flavi (Aion Mob)
Kromede the Corrupt (Aion Mob)
Lava Gatneri (Aion Mob)
Lurker Gargoyle (Aion Mob)
Silver Blade Rotan (Aion Mob)
Tough Sipus (Aion Mob)
Vile Judge Kromede (Aion Mob)