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Food-borne buffs of the same type do NOT stack. In other words, if two different foods both increase HP regen for 30 min, eating both of them will only give you the 2nd buff for 30 min.

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Agrint Candy (Aion Item)
Belbua Pumpkin Wine (Aion Item)
Broiled Brax (Aion Item)
Broiled Qooqoo (Aion Item)
Drakie Candy (Aion Item)
Elim Fruit (Aion Item)
Eradis Special Omelet (Aion Item)
Focus Agent (Aion Item)
Fungie Candy (Aion Item)
Oculazen Candy (Aion Item)
Odella Soup (Aion Item)
Pluma Candy (Aion Item)
Raider's Fruit Juice (Aion Item)
Roast Brax (Aion Item)
Savory Junia (Aion Item)
Solorius Cake (Aion Item)
Solorius Cookie (Aion Item)
Solorius Wine (Aion Item)
Sparkie Candy (Aion Item)
Triora Aether Jelly (Aion Item)