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Runes of Magic
by POI

All of the quests listed below start, or have updates in, Frostwood Valley (in Ystra Highlands).

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Breeding (RoM Quest)
Carfcamoi's Apology (RoM Quest)
Carfcamoi's Treasure (RoM Quest)
Coagulant Creation (RoM Quest)
Dark Ritual of the Ancient Text (RoM Quest)
Dirt for Gold (RoM Quest)
Don't Waste Money (RoM Quest)
Emergency Letter Delivery (RoM Quest)
Even Minotaurs Have Commanders (RoM Quest)
Finding Tablet - III (RoM Quest)
Finding Tablet - II (RoM Quest)
Finding Tablet - IV (RoM Quest)
Finding the Tablet - I (RoM Quest)
Flowers for Farisa (RoM Quest)
Help from the Order (RoM Quest)
Highlands Threat II (RoM Quest)
Highlands Threat I (RoM Quest)
Hunting Behrus (RoM Quest)
Hunting Ferret Cubs (RoM Quest)
Hunting Khazor Reindeer (RoM Quest)
Intelligence Expert Kaiza (RoM Quest)
It's moist and cold. (RoM Quest)
I Hate That Flavor (RoM Quest)
Mailed Reports (RoM Quest)
Minotaur Soldiers (RoM Quest)
Open the Seal (RoM Quest)
Pick III (RoM Quest)
Pick II (RoM Quest)
Pick IV (RoM Quest)
Pick I (RoM Quest)
Reinforcements (ROM Quest)
Relic Collecting (RoM Quest)
Rescue (RoM Quest)
Ring of Carfcamoi (RoM Quest)
Sacrifice of Fresh Blood (RoM Quest)
Sampling (RoM Quest)
Secret Book of the Minotaurs (RoM Quest)
Slaying the Giant Antler Reindeer (RoM Quest)
Slay the Elder Reindeer (RoM Quest)
Smelly Gatherer (RoM Quest)
Surprise Attack (ROM Quest)
The Box... (RoM Quest)
The Guild Needs Herbs (RoM Quest)
Vahtos' Apprentice's Goodwill (RoM Quest)
What's This (RoM Quest)