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Item Types
Items in the Game category (in-game they do not display a Type) are items that perform a Game Mechanics function.

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Articles in category "Game (Aion Item Type)"

There are 11 articles in this category.


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"Adept of Aion" (Aion Item)
"Forbidden Dance" (Aion Item)
"Pop Legend" (Aion Item)
(A) Personal Reusable Kisk (Aion Item)
(E) Personal Reusable Kisk (Aion Item)
Expand Cube (Lvl 1) (Aion Item)
Expand Warehouse (Lvl 1) (Aion Item)
Firehead (Aion Item)
Kisk (Aion Item)
Lodas Amulet (Aion Item)
Playing Dead (Aion Item)