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The mobs listed below can all be found in the immediate area of Halabana Hot Springs in Morheim.

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Bodyguard (Aion Mob)
Chaintail Scolopen (Aion Mob)
Halabana Ambusher (Aion Mob)
Halabana Fighter (Aion Mob)
Halabana Healer (Aion Mob)
Halabana Mage (Aion Mob)
Halabana Sentinel (Aion Mob)
Halabana Trooper (Aion Mob)
Injured Lepharist Fighter (Aion Mob)
Injured Lepharist Sentinel (Aion Mob)
Scoop Tail Tipolid (Aion Mob)
Strong Tipolid (Aion Mob)
Virago Warrior (Aion Mob)