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The places listed below can all be found in Heiron. Expand the thumbnail for a map.
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Arbolu's Haven (Aion Place)
Armor Forge (Aion Place)
Berone's Ruined House (Aion Place)
Black Tears Swamp (Aion Place)
Changarnerk's Campsite (Aion Place)
Deathsong Forest (Aion Place)
Decayed Grove (Aion Place)
Destroyed Guard Tower (Aion Place)
Gloomy Mire (Aion Place)
Gray Fog Marshes (Aion Place)
Heironopolis (Aion Place)
Heiron Observatory (Aion Place)
Indratu Barracks (Aion Place)
Jeiaparan Village (Aion Place)
Kakuna's Nest (Aion Place)
Kishar Observation Post (Aion Place)
Kishar Village (Aion Place)
Klawtan's Wallow (Aion Place)
Kunpapa Outpost (Aion Place)
Lepharist Research Center - Heiron (Aion Place)
Manduri Valley (Aion Place)
Medeus Altar (Aion Place)
Medeus Manor East (Aion Place)
Medeus Manor West (Aion Place)
Mudthorn Experiment Lab (Aion Place)
New Heiron Gate (Aion Place)
Nolantis Ruins (Aion Place)
Odium Refinery (Aion Place)
Orton Farm (Aion Place)
Patema Ruins (Aion Place)
Poison Extraction Lab (Aion Place)
Poya Jungle (Aion Place)
Puitonen Bogs (Aion Place)
Research Center Overwatch (Aion Place)
Rotron Experiment Lab (Aion Place)
Ruined Drake Temple (Aion Place)
Senea's Campsite (Aion Place)
Southton (Aion Place)
Stenon Bay (Aion Place)
The Storm Circle (Aion Place)
Troll Village (Aion Place)
Vaizel's Peak (Aion Place)
Weapon Forge (Aion Place)