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The places listed below can all be found in Ishalgen. Expand the thumbnail for a map.
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Aldelle Basin (Aion Place)
Aldelle Hill (Aion Place)
Aldelle Plain (Aion Place)
Aldelle Village (Aion Place)
Anturoon Crossing (Aion Place)
Anturoon Sentry Post (Aion Place)
Daru Spring (Aion Place)
Dubaro Vine Canyon (Aion Place)
Guheitun's Tent (Aion Place)
Hatata's Hideout (Aion Place)
Ishalgen Prison Camp (Aion Place)
Ishalgen Sentry Post (Aion Place)
Kard's Campsite (Aion Place)
Lake Tunapre (Aion Place)
Munihele Forest (Aion Place)
Negi's Dock (Aion Place)
Odella Plantation (Aion Place)
Sap Farm (Aion Place)
The Forsaken Hollow (Aion Place)