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All of the quests displayed below start, or have updates, at Jeiaparan Village in Heiron.

See also: Heiron quest series, All quests in Heiron

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Alukina's Palace (Aion Quest)
A Kind Husband (Aion Quest)
Blackfog Bloodwing (Aion Quest)
Blue's Crews Blues (Aion Quest)
Coast Ghost (Aion Quest)
Cursed Argonauts (Aion Quest)
Desolate Nolantis Ruins (Aion Quest)
Dressing Up For Bollvig (Aion Quest)
Energizing Food (Aion Quest)
Eradicating Undead (Aion Quest)
For Rexius (Aion Quest)
Give Me Some Skin (Aion Quest)
It's For Your Own Good (Aion Quest)
Light the Path (Aion Quest)
Logs to Burn (Aion Quest)
Meteria's Regret (Aion Quest)
Nacre Scale Crynac (Aion Quest)
Specter's Wall of Sound (Aion Quest)
Starturtle Oil (Aion Quest)
Stealing Stigma (Aion Quest)
Substantially Ethereal (Aion Quest)
Supplies for the Blue Fleet (Aion Quest)
The Aggressive Undead (Aion Quest)
The Archon of Storms (Aion Quest)
The Best Firewood (Aion Quest)
The Case of the Wailing Windwisps (Aion Quest)
The Little Leather Slipper (Aion Quest)
The Love Token (Aion Quest)
The Missing Fiance (Aion Quest)
The Spirits of Stenon Bay (Aion Quest)
The Star of Heiron (Aion Quest)
The Stenon Bay Shipwreck (Aion Quest)
The Wreck of the Argos (Aion Quest)
Trouble at Changarnerk's Campsite (Aion Quest)
Undead War Alert (Aion Quest)
Vicarious Viciousness (Aion Quest)
Weapons of the Ancient Warriors (Aion Quest)