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Runes of Magic
by POI

All of the quests listed below start, or have updates in, Khalara Watchtower (in Ystra Highlands).

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A Dish You Never Imagined (RoM Quest)
A Passion for Beauty (RoM Quest)
A Perfect Protective Bag (RoM Quest)
A Terrible Mistake (RoM Quest)
Behru Specimen (RoM Quest)
Counter-Attack (RoM Quest)
Eccentric Researcher (RoM Quest)
Food Counterattack (RoM Quest)
Gift for an Admirer (RoM Quest)
Gift for a Servant (RoM Quest)
Give Him Joy! (RoM Quest)
Going For It (RoM Quest)
Hot on the Trail (RoM Quest)
Huge Horn Essence (RoM Quest)
Injured Friend (RoM Quest)
I Hope the Gods Will Bless You (RoM Quest)
Lost Group Member (RoM Quest)
Mandala Flower (RoM Item)
Materials for Mending (RoM Quest)
Meeting for the First Time (RoM Quest)
Minotaur Friend (RoM Quest)
Nearby Material (RoM Quest)
Prove Your Strength (RoM Quest)
Saving a Love Affair (RoM Quest)
Secret Friend (RoM Quest)
So This is Goodbye (RoM Quest)
Stripping Pelts (RoM Quest)
Test of Skill (RoM Quest)
The Elegant and Beautiful Samantha (RoM Quest)
The Search Continues (RoM Quest)
Time to Return (RoM Quest)
Transfer of Passion (RoM Quest)
Unresolved Crisis... Little Knife (RoM Quest)
Unresolved Crisis... Wanna Eat (RoM Quest)
Warning! (RoM Quest)
Wedding Gift (RoM Quest)
Where are the Earrings (RoM Quest)