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All of the quests displayed below start, or have updates, at Kidorun's Campsite in Beluslan.

See also: Beluslan quest series, All quests in Beluslan

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Humongous Malek (Aion Quest) Ice Tail Kirrins (Aion Quest) It's the Wriggots Ore Me! (Aion Quest)
Lepharist Miners (Aion Quest) Mahisha's Heart (Aion Quest) Malek Drakes and Drakies (Aion Quest)
Malek Nuggets (Aion Quest) Mist Valley Temple (Aion Quest) Ore-Eating Wriggots (Aion Quest)
Pure Malek (Aion Quest) Repaying the Debt (Aion Quest) So Close, Yet So Far (Aion Quest)
Supervisor Yotunmork (Aion Quest) The Brigade General's Call (Aion Quest) Unlikely Sources (Aion Quest)