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Arms1H Sword, Mace, 2H Sword, 2H Hammer
ArmorCloth, Leather, Chain, Plate, Shields
Skills:  General    Class    Elite  

The Righteous Shield

Upholding the divine law is the first duty of every Knight, and they travel the world in pursuit of this lofty goal, protecting the weak and ridding Taborea of the forces of evil.

Thanks to their militaristic education, knights can wield massive armor and use heavy weaponry.

They master every fighting skill, though their real strength lies in their deep faith. This allows them to call out the hidden powers of the light within the souls of every human.

With this faith, boisterous combat power and their iron willpower, knights build up immense walls to protect everything that is holy to them.

Traditional adventurers, which hold their profession higher than their own person, are drawn toward the life of a knight due to his strict Code of Honor.

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