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All of the quests displayed below start, or have updates, at Lepharist Research Center in Heiron.

See also: Heiron quest series, All quests in Heiron

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A Disturbing Report (Aion Quest)
A Spy's Advice (Aion Quest)
Creating a Monster (Aion Quest)
Crystal Clear Lepharists (Aion Quest)
Give Me a Break (Aion Quest)
Kalione's Choice (Aion Quest)
Lepharist Poison Research (Aion Quest)
Mapping the Revolutionaries (Aion Quest)
Researching Earth Spirits (Aion Quest)
Researching the Lepharists (Aion Quest)
Suspicious Shugo (Aion Quest)
Target Lepharist Secrets (Aion Quest)
To Catch a Spy (Aion Quest)