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The mobs listed below can all be found in the immediate area of Manduri Forest in Eltnen.

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Celestine (Aion Mob) Demro (Aion Mob) Dirty Chindu (Aion Mob)
Giant Fan Mane Frillneck (Aion Mob) Grove Vespine (Aion Mob) Hissing Frillneck (Aion Mob)
Manduri Fighter (Aion Mob) Manduri Gatherer (Aion Mob) Manduri Hunter (Aion Mob)
Manduri Looter (Aion Mob) Moss Spirit (Aion Mob) Piercing Vespine (Aion Mob)
Queen Vespine (Aion Mob) Roaring Monitor (Aion Mob) Sawteeth Frillneck (Aion Mob)
Stoneskull Monitor (Aion Mob) Virdi (Aion Mob) Wily Kundu (Aion Mob)