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All of the quests displayed below start, or have updates, at Manduri Forest in Eltnen.

See also: Eltnen quest series, All quests in Eltnen

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An Elim Out of Water (Aion Quest) A Germ of Hope (Aion Quest) Celestine's Antidote (Aion Quest)
Cleansing The Forest (Aion Quest) Culprits Of The Pollution (Aion Quest) Dirty Chindu (Aion Quest)
Dousing the Flame (Aion Quest) Fortress Beasts (Aion Quest) Girrinerk's Potions (Aion Quest)
Helping Memnes (Aion Quest) Kerubian Horns (Aion Quest) Manduri's Diary (Aion Quest)
Medicinal Roots (Aion Quest) More Manduri Frillnecks (Aion Quest) Plague of the Elim (Aion Quest)
Plant Poison Antidote (Aion Quest) Preserving Forest Soil (Aion Quest) Revenge Of The Elim (Aion Quest)
Salute! A New Uniform (Aion Quest) Scourge Of The Elim (Aion Quest) Seeds of Restoration (Aion Quest)
Stolen Goods (Aion Quest) The Frillneck Threat (Aion Quest) The Manduri's Secret (Aion Quest)
The Manduri Polluters (Aion Quest The Strongest Spear (Aion Quest) Violent Frillneck (Aion Quest
Violent Frillneck (Aion Quest) Wily Kundu (Aion Quest)