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Runes of Magic
by POI

All of the quests listed below start, or have updates in, Morfantas City (in Yrvandis Hollows).

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Assist Pioneer (RoM Quest)
Blessed Bloodline (RoM Quest)
Delicious Moss (RoM Quest)
Embedding Runes - YH (RoM Quest)
Further Study (RoM Quest)
Hate Bugs (RoM Quest)
Herbalism Skills (RoM Quest)
Here Comes the Rain! (RoM Quest)
Mining Skills - YH (RoM Quest)
Mysterious Silver Coin (RoM Quest)
Perilous (RoM Quest)
Recognition (RoM Quest)
Remembered Face (RoM Quest)
Repair Equipment (RoM Quest)
Reward for Rune Craftsmen (RoM Quest)
Rune Armaments (RoM Quest)
Saatchi's Cup (RoM Quest)
Safe Return (RoM Quest)
Secret Help (RoM Quest)
Shortcut Home (RoM Quest)
Visit the Elders (RoM Quest)
Well-Intentioned Lie (RoM Quest)
What is this (RoM Quest)
Wild Child (RoM Quest)
Wolf's Letter (RoM Quest)
Woodcutting Skills - YH (RoM Quest)
Wooden Cup on the Tent (RoM Quest)