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The mobs listed below can all be found in the immediate area of Mt. Musphel in Morheim.

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Blazing Obscura (Aion Mob) Crawling Clodworm (Aion Mob) Gangleri (Aion Mob)
Lava Barghest (Aion Mob) Lava Basilisk (Aion Mob) Liurerk (Aion Mob)
Observing Oculazen (Aion Mob) Obsidian Spiner (Aion Mob) Peder (Aion Mob)
Pumpkin Wing Vespine (Aion Mob) Red Scale Basilisk (Aion Mob) Sulphur Slime (Aion Mob)
Yellow Wing Vespine (Aion Mob)