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Runes of Magic
by POI

All of the mobs listed below can be found in or near New Hangrar Ore Mine (in Yrvandis Hollows).

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Articles in category "New Hangrar Ore Mine (RoM Mobs by POI)"

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Abyss Blind Spider (RoM Mob)
Alya Fanta (RoM Mob)
Dana Hodgins (RoM Mob)
Filthy Cave Rat (RoM Mob)
Galis Faidley (RoM Mob)
Gellis Beetle (RoM Mob)
Kemo Silvering (RoM Mob)
Lamisa Faidley (RoM Mob)
Morfantas Resident (RoM Mob)
Nora Hodgins (RoM Mob)
Norrhu Shadowcliff (RoM Mob)
Pendreen Copperspade (RoM Mob)
Sakuchi Blackhammer (RoM Mob)
Saul Leighton (RoM Mob)
Silvershadow Adventurer (RoM Mob)
Tyda Rason (RoM Mob)
Wunnis Copperlatch (RoM Mob)
Zurhidon Lurker (RoM Mob)