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Runes of Magic
by POI

All of the quests listed below start, or have updates in, Order of Dark Glory Vanguard (in Sascilia Steppes).

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Attack the Transport Circles (RoM Quest)
Block Dogamor's Construction (RoM Quest)
Delicious Food (RoM Quest)
Destruction Raid (RoM Quest)
Disrupt the Command (RoM Quest)
Firewood Needed (RoM Quest)
Get the Secret Information Back (RoM Quest)
Going to Dragonfang Ridge (RoM Quest)
Help Furious Kade (RoM Quest)
Hounds of the Earth (RoM Quest)
Hunters in the Sky (RoM Quest)
Important News (RoM Quest)
Magical Material (RoM Quest)
Report to the Vanguard! (RoM Quest)
Rescue Operation (RoM Quest)
Rescue the Injured (RoM Quest)
Soldier's Revenge (RoM Quest)
Stop the Pain (RoM Quest)
The Beautiful Colors of the Sky (RoM Quest)
The Galedive Razor (RoM Quest)
The Project Plan (RoM Quest)
The Threat of the Magical Creatures (RoM Quest)
Traitor - SS (RoM Quest)
Trials of a New Soldier (RoM Quest)
Whitefur Acme (RoM Quest)
Wipe Out Troops (RoM Quest)
Zurhidon's Materials (RoM Quest)