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You can harvest Orichalcum at all of the following places.

See also: Harvestables

If you know of a place this resource can be harvested that is not on this list, please go to the Place page and add the name of the harvestable object to resources=.

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Alisary Coast (Aion Place)
Anair Harbor (Aion Place)
Anair Lighthouse (Aion Place)
Anangke Excavation Camp (Aion Place)
Beluslan's Roof (Aion Place)
Cascade Springs (Aion Place)
Fang Troll Encampment (Aion Place)
Frost Spirit Valley (Aion Place)
Glacier Peaks (Aion Place)
Hoarfrost Fortress (Aion Place)
Hoarfrost Shelter (Aion Place)
Hunibor Ice Gate (Aion Place)
Indratu Barracks (Aion Place)
Jeiaparan Village (Aion Place)
Mamut Graveyard (Aion Place)
Marla Cave (Aion Place)
Nolantis Ruins (Aion Place)
Northern Latheron Coast (Aion Place)
Patema Ruins (Aion Place)
Ruined Drake Temple (Aion Place)
Southern Latheron Coast (Aion Place)
Stenon Bay (Aion Place)
Theobomos Stronghold (Aion Place)
The Whispering Forest (Aion Place)