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Articles in category "POIs with Service NPCs (RoM)"

There are 36 articles in this category.


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Abandoned District of Dalanis (RoM POI)
Abandoned Fortress (RoM POI)
Angren (RoM POI)
Boulderwind Village (RoM POI)
Bunga Lake Camp (RoM POI)
Central Plaza (RoM POI)
Dalanis (RoM POI)
Dalanis Central District (RoM POI)
Dalanis Delegation Campsite (RoM POI)
Dalanis Dimlane District (RoM POI)
Dalanis Old City District (RoM POI)
Earthsprings Village (RoM POI)
Fireboot Underground Fortress (RoM Zone)
Green Tower (RoM POI)
Harf Trading Post (RoM POI)
Heffner Camp (RoM POI)
Kampel Town (RoM POI)
Kandor (RoM POI)
Kingdom of Kalon (RoM POI)
Kingdom of Limon (RoM POI)
Lower City East (RoM POI)
Lower City West (RoM POI)
Mirdor Camp (RoM POI)
Moonlight Circus (RoM POI)
Mudpond Village (RoM POI)
Norzen Camp (RoM POI)
Oasis (RoM POI)
Obsidian Stronghold (RoM POI)
Rh'anka Village (RoM POI)
Rock Salt Village (RoM POI)
Ruin Researchers' Camp (RoM POI)
Sanburs Camp (RoM POI)
Silverfall (RoM POI)
Silverstar Camp (RoM POI)
Titans' Hill Camp (RoM POI)
Tomard (RoM POI)