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The places listed below can all be found in Pandaemonium. Expand the thumbnail for a map.
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Apellbine Tavern (Aion Place) Capitol Building (Aion Place) Convent of Marchutan (Aion Place)
Courthouse of Silence (Aion Place) Great Temple of Pandaemonium (Aion Place) Market Street (Aion Place)
Pandaemonium Airship Dock (Aion Place) Pandaemonium Legion Administration Office (Aion Place) Pandaemonium Plaza (Aion Place)
Prosperity Road (Aion Place) Shadow Court (Aion Place) Temple of Artisans (Aion Place)
Temple of Gold (Aion Place) Temple of Knowledge (Aion Place) Triniel Coliseum (Aion Place)
Vanahal Boutique (Aion Place) Vanahal District (Aion Place) Vifrost Bridge (Aion Place)
West Street (Aion Place)