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Dragon Nest
There are three kinds of Places in Dragon Nest. Towns are connected to Fields. Fields may lead to more fields, Towns or Dungeon Hubs. Dungeon Hubs each contain three to five Dungeons. Each Dungeon has five levels of Difficulty. Everyplace except Towns are Instanced.

Towns - Most NPCs are located here, and here is where you will buy and sell, craft, bank,and get most of your Quests.
Fields - These are monster-less connecting areas between places.
Hubs and Dungeons - Each Dungeon Hub will have a number of Dungeons, and each Dungeon has varying levels of difficulty from Easy to Abyss. Here is the only place you will encounter and fight monsters.
Channels - The Arena is an example of a Channel. It is really a sub-channel of all towns. As the game grows we expect more special Channels like the Arena. The Edge of Darkness is also a channel but you do not really go there. Choosing Edge of Darkness takes you to Rozin Sanctuary.

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