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In most games a quest series is a specific sequence that must be followed, each completed quest unlocking the next in the series. Very few Standard quests in Aion work this way. Rather, every quest has a minimum level that you can get the quest at. When you talk to an NPC he will offer you all quests that you are eligible for. This is why Quest Series pages in this game will list most quests in the order of their minimum level within a Place or grouped under the specific NPC that gives the quests.

There are a few quest lines that are sequential, and this will be noted by numbering the quests. When you see these you must do #1 before you can do #2, and so on. Also, these will be listed under the NPC that starts the first quest. Later quests in the series may be given by other NPCs that the series will lead you to.

Campaign quests follow both rules, some quests having a prerequisite which must be done first, while others simply require your level to be high enough to unlock the quest.

Until you reach level 20, quests for your level are mostly found in a single zone. A few quests in your home city are the exception. After 20 this opens up and quests for your level will be scattered across multiple zones. Be sure to check all of the zone Quest Series pages each time you gain a level to find more quests that have just become available to you. You could also check Category:Quests by Race and MinLevel.

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