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Runes of Magic
In your adventuring you may come across a Mysterious Rune Fragment. These are fragments of ancient Runes that may be dangerous to the unknowledgeable. In order to prevent this, and to prevent such ancient runic power fragments from falling into the wrong hands, the Eye of Wisdom encourages adventurers to bring them these fragments so they can safely release the runic energy, thus destroying the fragment.

In fact, their "encouragement" is in the form of access to special rare runes. The rarer the fragments contributed the better the rewarded rare rune will be. See Special Contributor for more information on this fragment recovery and disposal program.

These Rare Runes can also be created by adventurers, themselves, through the use of the Arcane Transmutor and various lesser runes. The Eye of Wisdom Emissary, Lori Helakar (Ggl), will teach you about a few of these combinations but, fortunately for you, our researchers have the complete table of runes that can be thus created, as well as the formulae for doing so, at Transmutation.

The pages listed below are all related to these Rare Runes.

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