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Refining is the process of improving or purifying a raw resource into a substance of use to a production crafter. For all resources, there are 4 levels of quality. Each type of resource (Ore, Wood or Herb) has its own names for these levels.

QualityResource Types

The level 4 tier of Quality can only be refined (and you cannot buy the recipes) until you reach at least level 40 in that gathering/refining skill.

Different production recipes will require different levels of quality in its ingredients, so you would be wise to refine your raw resources only to level 2 until you receive an order.

All Refining Skills have the same basic recipe for the process:

  • 2 raw level 1 resource units makes 1 level 2 resource
  • 4 level 2 resource units makes 1 level 3 resource
  • 8 raw level 1 resource units makes 1 level 3 resource
  • 6 level 3 resource units makes 1 level 4 resource
  • 48 raw level 1 resource units makes 1 makes 1 level 4 resource

No, you are not hallucinating. Patch 5.0.1 lowered the number of level 2 resources needed to make a level 3 resource from 6 to 4.

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