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Runes of Magic
For a table of all Resource Nodes by Skill and Zone, see Gathering Skills.

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Abyssal Mercury Ore (RoM Object)
Aeontree Wood (RoM Object)
Ancient Spirit Oak Wood (RoM Object)
Ash Wood (RoM Object)
Barsaleaf (RoM Object)
Barsaroot (RoM Object)
Beetroot (RoM Object)
Bison Grass (RoM Object)
Bitterleaf (RoM Object)
Blood Palm Wood (RoM Object)
Chime Wood (RoM Object)
Cold Psilotum (RoM Object)
Copper Ore (RoM Object)
Cyanide (RoM Object)
Dark Crystal Ore (RoM Object)
Dovetail Flower (RoM Object)
Dragonlair Wood (RoM Object)
Dragonspout Grass (RoM Object)
Dragon Beard Root Wood (RoM Object)
Dragon Mallow (RoM Object)
Dusk Orchid (RoM Object)
Fairywood (RoM Object)
Fastan Banyan (RoM Object)
Flame Dust (RoM Object)
Foloin Nuts (RoM Object)
Foloin Nut (RoM Object)
Frost Crystal (RoM Object)
Goblin Grass (RoM Object)
Green Thistle (RoM Object)
Holly Wood (RoM Object)
Iron Ore (RoM Object)
Isyeh Grass (RoM Object)
Janost Cypress Wood (RoM Object)
Maple Wood (RoM Object)
Mica (RoM Object)
Mirror Sedge (RoM Object)
Mithril (RoM Object)
Moon Orchid (RoM Object)
Moon Silver Ore (RoM Object)
Mountain Demon Grass (RoM Object)
Mountain Poplar (RoM Object)
Moxa (RoM Object)
Mysticite (RoM Object)
Nadal Wisteria Wood (RoM Object)
Nocturnal Lantern Grass (RoM Object)
Oak Wood (RoM Object)
Pine Wood (RoM Object)
Redwood (RoM Object)
Rock Crystal (RoM Object)
Rosemary (RoM Object)
Rune Obsidian Ore (RoM Object)
Sagewood (RoM Object)
Silver Ore (RoM Object)
Sinners Palm (RoM Object)
Stone Pine (RoM Object)
Stone Rotan Wood (RoM Object)
Straw Mushroom (RoM Object)
Summer Oak (RoM Object)
Tarslin Demon Wood (RoM Object)
Thorn Apple (RoM Object)
Thunderhoof Grass (RoM Object)
Tin Ore (RoM Object)
Todo Ginko Tree (RoM Object)
Verbena (RoM Object)
Wild Berries (RoM Object)
Willow Wood (RoM Object)
Wizard-Iron Ore (RoM Object)
Yew Wood (RoM Object)
Zinc Ore (RoM Object)