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Runes of Magic
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"Iron Rose" Iswan Giant (RoM Mob)
"Purchase" Food (RoM Quest)
"Retreat If You Can't Handle It" (RoM Quest)
"Yaaaah...!" (RoM Quest)
2010 First New Content Archives (RoM)
2011 First New Content Archives (RoM)
2011 Second New Content Archives (RoM)
2011 Third New Content Archives (RoM)
2012 First New Content Archives (RoM)
6 Pieces of Solid Energy (RoM Quest)
Abandoned Camp (RoM POI)
Abandoned District of Dalanis (RoM POI)
Abandoned Fortress (RoM POI)
Abandoned Fortress Bulletin Board (RoM Object)
Abigail Chinmer (RoM Mob)
Abnormal Plants (RoM Quest)
Absolutely Not Black Magic (RoM Quest)
Abundant Ingredients (RoM Quest)
Abyssal Mercury Ore (RoM Object)
Abyss Blind Spider (RoM Mob)
Academy Earring (RoM Item)
Academy Package (RoM Item)
Accidental Gift (RoM Quest)
Accompanied by Danger (RoM Quest)
Accuracy (RoM Item)
Accuracy VI (RoM Item)
Acidic Soil (RoM Quest)
Acklorn (RoM POI)
Activate (RoM Item)
Activate Rune (RoM Item)
Act First and Report Later (RoM Quest)
Adair (RoM Mob)
Add-Ons (RoM)
Additional Plans (RoM Quest)
Additional Research (RoM Quest)
Adley the Alcoholic (RoM Mob)
Adley the Alcoholic (RoM Quest)
Administration District (RoM POI)
Admission of Guilt (RoM Quest)
Admonition of the King of the Water (RoM Quest)
Adult Yasheedee (RoM Mob)
Advanced Accessory Driller (RoM Item)
Advanced Aggregator (RoM Item)
Advanced Armor Driller (RoM Item)
Advanced Rune Identification Scroll (RoM Item)
Advanced Skill Reset Stone (RoM Item)
Advanced Weapon Driller (RoM Item)
Advance (RoM Item)
Adventurer's Code (RoM Quest)
Adventurer's Package (RoM Item)
Adventurer Camp (RoM POI)
Advice from Vahtos' Apprentice (RoM Quest)
Aeontree Wood (RoM Item)
Aeontree Wood (RoM Object)
Aeternal Circle (RoM Zone)
Afasa Natto (RoM Mob)
Afellow (RoM Mob)
Affection Expressing Bell Flower (RoM Quest)
AFK Gaming
Aged Chupura (RoM Mob)
Age of Myths (RoM Lore)
Age of Punishment (RoM Lore)
Aggregator (RoM Item)
Aggression (RoM Item)
Aggro Range
Agile (RoM Item)
Agnes' Trouble (RoM Quest)
Agnes (RoM Mob)
Ah! One Bear, Three Dishes (RoM Quest)
Ahalo (RoM Mob)
Aida Yajin (RoM Mob)
Aileen Silverkey (RoM Mob)
Ailic's Aide (RoM Mob)
Ailic's Community (RoM POI)
Ailic's Community Transport Portal (RoM Object)
Ailic's Researcher (RoM Mob)
Ailic's Research Board Camp (RoM POI)
Ailics Fellowship (RoM Faction)
Ailic Expedition (RoM POI)
Aimina (RoM Mob)
Akuya's Medical Assistant (RoM Quest)
Albion (RoM Mob)
Alchemist's Commission (RoM Quest)
Alchemy Bottle (RoM Item)
Alchemy Notes (RoM Quest)
Alchemy Supply Merchant (RoM Mob)
Alchemy Tools (RoM Object)
Alcohol Loosens the Tongue (RoM Quest)
Alec Feller (RoM Mob)
Alert Apeman (RoM Mob)
Alfalfa Weed (RoM Item)
Alfreto (RoM Mob)
Alice (RoM Mob)
Alimus' Tomb (RoM POI)
Ali Fireball (RoM Mob)
Allan's Potion Recipe (RoM Quest)
Allan Greenshovel (RoM Mob)
Alliance (RoM Quest)
Ally of the Naga (RoM Quest)
Alpher (RoM Mob)
Altars in the Lake (RoM Quest)
Altar of Life (RoM Object)
Altar of the Divine Envoy of Springwater (RoM Object)
Altar of the Gods (RoM POI)
Altar of the Winds (RoM Quest)
Alya's Recommendation Letter (RoM Item)
Alya Fanta (RoM Mob)
Amazing Pet Egg (RoM Item)
Ambassador Who acts improperly (RoM Quest)
Ambas (ROM Mob)
Ambush of the Robber Barons (RoM Quest)
Ambush Phantoms (RoM Mob)
Amends (RoM Quest)
Amias (RoM Mob)
Amulets (RoM )
Amulet Transfer (RoM Quest)
Analyzing the Secretion (RoM Quest)
Ancalon's Rescue Ranger (RoM Title)
Ancarlos Research Note (RoM Quest)
Ancient Book from the Green Tower (RoM Quest)
Ancient Book of Ceremonies (RoM Quest)
Ancient Book of Secrets (RoM Quest)
Ancient Dreamland (RoM Quest
Ancient Dreamland (RoM Quest)
Ancient Dreamland (RoM Zone)
Ancient Energy Cores (RoM Quest)
Ancient Fossil (RoM Item)
Ancient Iguana (RoM Mob)
Ancient Iguana Tail (RoM Item)
Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan (RoM Quest Series)
Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan (RoM Zone)
Ancient Magical Medicine (RoM Quest)
Ancient Memento (RoM Item)
Ancient Patrol Machine (RoM Mob)
Ancient Reference Book (RoM Quest)
Ancient Ruins (RoM POI)
Ancient Rune Guardian (RoM Mob)
Ancient Rune Technology (RoM Quest)
Ancient Secret Book (RoM Quest)
Ancient Silver Coins (RoM Item)
Ancient Silver Coin (RoM Item)
Ancient Sorcery Medium (RoM Quest)
Ancient Spirit Essence (RoM Item)
Ancient Spirit Oak Wood (RoM Object)
Ancient Stone Slab (RoM Item)
Ancient Stone Tablets (RoM Quest)
Ancient Stone Tablet (RoM Object)
Ancient Times (RoM Lore)
Ancient Treasures (RoM Minigame)
Ancient Treasure Key (RoM Item)
Andor Training Range (RoM Minigame)
Androlier's Head Ornament (RoM Item)
Androlier's Shadow (RoM Mob)
Anesthetic-DDC (RoM Quest)
Anesthetic-SS (RoM Quest)
Anesthetic (RoM Quest)
Anesthetic - SS (RoM Quest)
Anesthetic Test (RoM Quest)
Anger (RoM Item)
Angie's Present (RoM Quest)
Angie (RoM Mob)
Anglie (RoM Mob)
Anglo (RoM Mob)
Angren (RoM POI)
Angren Bolmu (RoM Mob)
Angren Forest (RoM POI)
Angren Guardsman (RoM Mob)
Angry Guard (RoM Mob)
Angry Holly (RoM Quest)
Angry Jekarce (RoM Mob)
Angry Jekarce (RoM Quest)
Animals Know (RoM Quest)
Animal Meat (RoM Item)
Anka Nost (RoM Mob)
Anlia's Gift Bag (RoM Item)
Anlia's Package (RoM Item)
Anna's Plans (RoM Quest)
Anna Zilly (RoM Mob)
Annihilation Plan (RoM Quest)
Anniversary Blessings (RoM Quest)
Annoqua (RoM Mob)
Annoyed Alice (RoM Quest)
Annoying Ants (RoM Quest)
Annoying Bats (RoM Quest)
Annoying Beetles (RoM Quest)
Annoying Snow Ferrets (RoM Quest)
Annoying Whispering (RoM Quest)
Another Clue (RoM Quest)
Another Disguise (RoM Quest)
Another Drink (RoM Quest)
Another Forbidden Rune (RoM Quest)
Another Key (RoM Quest)
Another Kind of Legend (RoM Quest)
Another Kind of Spider (RoM Quest)
Another leader (RoM Quest)
Another Material (RoM Quest)
Another Organism (RoM Quest)
Another Step in Poison Research (RoM Quest)
Another Treasure (RoM Quest)
Another Type of Meat! (RoM Quest)
Anslie (RoM Mob)
Antaikolon (RoM Mob)
Anteater Investigation (RoM Quest)
Anteater Scale (RoM Item)
Anthony (RoM Mob)
Antidote Herb (RoM Object)
Antiseptic Epithelial Tissue (RoM Item)
Ant Queen's Larva (RoM Quest)
Anubis Belt (RoM Item)
Anxious Tiktaalik (RoM Quest)
Anya March (RoM Mob)
Anything Edible is Fine! (RoM Quest)
Anything Will Do (RoM Title)
An "Unspeakable" of the Eye of Wisdom (RoM Quest)
An Ancient and Deadly Foe (RoM Quest)
An Ancient Inheritance (RoM Quest)
An Ancient Secret (RoM Quest)
An Audience with the King of the Water (RoM Quest)
An Easy Lay (RoM Quest)
An Elven Tale (RoM Quest)
An Emergency Mission (RoM Quest)
An Exacting Attitude (RoM Quest)
An Extravagant Experience (RoM Quest)
An Extra Collection of Songs (RoM Quest)
An Important Task (RoM Quest)
An Injured Finger (RoM Quest)
An Irresistible Smell (RoM Quest)
An Irritating Ally (RoM Quest)
An Offer of Aid (RoM Quest)
An Unknown Organism (RoM Quest)
Aoi Prole (RoM Mob)
Aoth Deep River Barrier (RoM Item)
Aoth Nature Cape (RoM Item)
Aoth Salvation Cape (RoM Item)
Aotulia Volcano (RoM Quest Series)
Aotulia Volcano (RoM Zone)
Apenny's Scroll (RoM Quest)
Ape Mountain (RoM POI)
Appeasing the Harpies (RoM Quest)
Applause for them (RoM Quest)
Apple (RoM Item)
Apprentice's Request (RoM Quest)
Apprentice Boots (RoM Item)
Apprentice Chainmail (RoM Item)
Apprentice Cloth Boots (RoM Item)
Apprentice Coat (RoM Item)
Apprentice Leather Armor (RoM Item)
Apprentice Leather Trousers (RoM Item)
Apprentice Leg Guards (RoM Item)
Apprentice Long Boots (RoM Item)
Apprentice Robe (RoM Item)
Apprentice Trousers (RoM Item)
Appropriate Candidate (RoM Quest)
Arapaima (RoM Item)
Arcane Chamber of Sathkur (RoM POI)
Arcane Chamber of Sathkur (RoM Zone)
Arcane Ring (RoM Item)
Arcane Transmutator Charge (RoM Item)
Arcane Transmutor (RoM)
Arcane Transmutor Charge (RoM Item)
Arcanium Arena (RoM Zone)
Arcanium Chamber (RoM Zone)
Archaeological Research (RoM Quest)
Archers from the Northeast (RoM Quest)
Archers from the Northern Camp (RoM Quest)
Archery Supplies (RoM Quest)
Arcurion Mines (RoM POI)
Ardamond's Boots (RoM Item)
Arde Camp (RoM POI)
Ardmond's Shoulder Armor (RoM Item)
Area of Expertise (RoM Quest)
Arena (RoM POI)
Arena (RoM Zone)
Arena Scepter (RoM Item)
Aren (RoM POI)
Aren (RoM Zone)
Argily (RoM Mob)
Arjie (RoM Mob)
Arlofled (RoM Mob)
armorcrafting tools (rom object)
Armored Kasumille (RoM Mob)
Armor Crafter's Commission (RoM Quest)
Armor of Relic Protection (RoM Item)
Aromatic Swamp Bear (RoM Mob)
Arrogant Researcher (RoM Quest)
Arrow (RoM Item)
Artaher (RoM Mob)
Artemi (RoM Mob)
Arthur Cutblade (RoM Mob)
Artifact Restoration Materials (RoM Quest)
Artificial Organ (RoM Item)
Artistic Decoration (RoM Quest)
Artmenlud (RoM Mob)
Art Materials (RoM Quest)
Art Rellchasio (RoM Mob)
Ashlar Bulletin Board (RoM Object)
Ashlar Camp (RoM POI)
Ashlar Errands (RoM Quest)
Ashlar Guard (Capra) (RoM Mob)
Ashlar Guard (Human) (RoM Mob)
Ashlar Guard (RoM Mob)
Ash Grey Chainmail (RoM Item)
Ash Lumber (RoM Item)
Ash Timber (RoM Item)
Ash Wood (RoM Item)
Ash Wood (RoM Object)
Asking Baggins (RoM Quest)
Aslan Dragonfly (RoM Mob)
Aslan Essence (RoM Quest)
aslan gift bag (rom item)
Aslan Hairy Frog (RoM Mob)
Aslan Hairy Frog Investigation (RoM Quest)
Aslan North (RoM POI)
Aslan Package (RoM Item)
Aslan South (RoM POI)
Aslan Valley (RoM Quest Series)
Aslan Valley (RoM Title Series)
Aslan Valley (RoM Zone)
Assault Earring of the Bunker (RoM Item)
Assistance in the Research of the Power of Fear (RoM Quest)
Assisting Insect Research (RoM Quest)
Assist in Undercover Work (RoM Quest)
Assist Pioneer (RoM Quest)
Assist the Guard of Varanas (RoM Quest)
Assist the Mayor (RoM Quest)
Assist with Potion Ingredient Collection (RoM Quest)
Atlank (RoM Mob)
Atonement (RoM Item)
Atonement Voucher (RoM Item)
Attack of the Raging Snakes (RoM Quest)
Attack the Transport Circles (RoM Quest)
Attribute Stone Exchange (RoM)
Auction House (RoM)
Audili Chio (RoM Mob)
Audy (RoM Mob)
Augsi (RoM Mob)
Auntie in Danger! (RoM Quest)
Aurum Spyro (RoM Mob)
Auskor Fal's Introduction Letter (RoM Quest)
Auskor Fal (RoM Mob)
Avano (RoM POI)
Avano Mining District (RoM POI)
Avenge Takka (RoM Quest)
Avenging the Dead (RoM Quest)
Avril (RoM Mob)
Awakening Souls (RoM Quest)
Awaken (RoM Quest)
Awaken - WC (RoM Quest)
Awaken - YH (RoM Quest)
Awaking Yana (RoM Quest)
Away From Keyboard
Awerka Tundra (RoM POI)
Ayak Clan (RoM POI)
Ayak Exile (RoM MOb)
Ayak Survivor (RoM MOb)
Ayal Agent (RoM Mob)
Ayal Chief (RoM Mob)
Ayal Outpost (RoM POI)
Ayal Priest (RoM Mob)
Ayam Civilian (RoM MOb)
Ayam Clan (RoM POI)
Ayam Hunter (RoM MOb)
Ayam Priest (RoM MOb)
Ayat Chief (RoM MOb)
Ayat Civilian (RoM MOb)
Ayat Clan (RoM POI)
Ayat Hunter (RoM MOb)
Ayat Priest (RoM MOb)
Ayesha's Whereabouts (RoM Quest)
Ayleen Shadowblaze (RoM Mob)
Aymar (RoM Mob)
Aymi is not Food! (RoM Quest)
Aymon Carledo (RoM Mob)
Aynne Goode (RoM Mob)
Ayno's Shell Powder (RoM Quest)
Ayren's Joint Defensive Line (RoM Title)
Ayren Camp Bulletin Board (RoM Object)
Ayren Caravan (RoM POI)
Ayson (RoM Mob)
A Beard Must be Maintained (RoM Quest)
A Beautiful Necklace (RoM Quest)
A Behru Feast (RoM Quest)
A Bit of Weeding (RoM Quest)
A Bit Worrying (RoM Quest)
A Black and White World (RoM Quest)
A broken Goddess (RoM Quest)
A Chance at Redemption (RoM Quest)
A Change in Fiergen Tundra (RoM Quest)
A Connection to the Eye of Wisdom (RoM Quest)
A Crucial Report (RoM Quest)
A Date with Production (RoM Title)
A Difficult Job (RoM Quest)
A Difficult Mission (RoM Quest)
A Dish You Never Imagined (RoM Quest)
A Drunkard's Trail (RoM Quest)
A Faithful Servant (RoM Quest)
A Father's Care (RoM Quest)
A Father's Distress (RoM Quest)
A Friend's Concern (RoM Quest)
A Gangsta's Honesty (RoM Quest)
A Horn's Uses (RoM Quest)
A Hunter's Unfinished Business (RoM Quest)
A Lady's Concern (RoM Quest)
A Legendary Mystery Crab (RoM Quest)
A Letter from Varanas (RoM Quest)
A Little Something Extra (RoM Quest)
A Lyonsyde Youth (RoM Quest)
A Master Craftsman's Approval (RoM Quest)
A Memory from a Thousand Years Ago (RoM Quest)
A Mercenary Regiment Under Attack (RoM Quest)
A Monster's Favorite (RoM Quest)
A Most Urgent Matter (RoM Quest)
A Mother's Wish (RoM Quest)
A Necessary Evil to Survive (RoM Quest)
A Necessary Medium (RoM Quest)
A Necklace is a Girl's Best Friend (RoM Quest)
A Nice Surprise (RoM Quest)
A Nightmare (RoM Quest)
A Passion for Beauty (RoM Quest)
A Perfect Protective Bag (RoM Quest)
A Present for Lotus (RoM Quest)
A Puzzle (RoM Quest)
A Quest for Characters (RoM Quest)
A Rare Treasure (RoM Quest)
A Rumor Bad for Morale (RoM Quest)
A Sad Ending (RoM Quest)
A Secret Transaction (RoM Quest)
A Selfmade Necklace (RoM Quest)
A Shark's Request (RoM Quest)
A Sharp Eye (RoM Quest)
A Show of Goodwill (RoM Quest)
A Silent Danger Approaches (RoM Quest)
A Simple Weeding Job (RoM Quest)
A Sincere Gift (RoM Quest)
A Sister's Necklace (RoM Quest)
A Snow Ferret Feast (RoM Quest)
A Son's Worry (RoM Quest)
A Spider's Larder (RoM Quest)
A Strange Request (RoM Quest)
A Strange Shape (RoM Quest)
A Strange Sound (RoM Quest)
A Strong Smell (RoM Quest)
A Stubborn Father (RoM Quest)
A Suspicious Buzzing (RoM Quest)
A Tentative Attempt (RoM Quest)
A Terrible Mistake (RoM Quest)
A Thousand Years of Thought (RoM Quest)
A Thread of Hope-YH (RoM Quest)
A Thread of Hope (RoM Quest)
A Threat by the Scaloks (RoM Quest)
A Tortoise Strong on the Inside (RoM Quest)
A Venison Feast (RoM Quest)
A Very Angry Tamo Siko (RoM Quest)
A Visit to the Old Priest (RoM Quest)
A way to stop the fighting (RoM Quest)
A Wolf's Gift (RoM Quest)
A Young Fireboot's Dream (RoM Quest)
Babel (RoM Mob)
Backpack (RoM)
Back to Analyzing (RoM Quest)
Back to Sleep (RoM Quest)
Badge of the Trial (RoM Item)
Bad News (RoM Quest)
Bait (RoM Quest)
Bait Seller Boy (RoM Quest)
Bakejam (RoM Mob)
Balance of Energies (RoM Quest)
Balan Sifung (RoM Mob)
Balfe (RoM Mob)
Ballistic Bow (RoM Quest)
Ball Mask Package (RoM Item)
Baming (RoM Mob)
Banbi Dirson (RoM Mob)
Bandit (RoM Mob)
Bandit Leader Lamud (RoM Quest)
Banksy's First Idea (RoM Quest)
Banksy's Fourth Idea (RoM Quest)
Banksy's Second Idea (RoM Quest)
Banksy's Third Idea (RoM Quest)
Banksy (RoM Mob)
Bantun Yadi (RoM Mob)
Barbecue Feast (RoM Quest)
Barbecue Firewood (RoM Object)
Bardomi's Shoulder Guards (RoM Item)
Bardomi (RoM Mob)
Bargain Purchase (RoM Quest)
Barkud's Helm (RoM Item)
Barkud's Shoulder Armor (RoM Item)
Bark Belt (RoM Item)
Barnaby (RoM Mob)
Barren Caves (RoM POI)
Barren Caves (RoM Zone)
Barren Cave (RoM POI)
Barren Mines (RoM POI)
Barrett's Drastic Action (RoM Quest)
Barrett's Reward (RoM Quest)
Barrett's Strategy (RoM Quest)
Barrett (RoM Mob)
Barrett Kota (RoM Mob)
Barrett Never Gives Up (RoM Quest)
Barrier (RoM Item)
Barrow (RoM POI)
Barsaleaf (RoM Item)
Barsaleaf (RoM Object)
Barsaleaf Bundle (RoM Item)
Barsaleaf Sap (RoM Item)
Barsaroot (RoM Object)
Barter (RoM Quest)
Barter 2 (RoM Quest)
Bar (RoM Wiki Icon)
Basante (RoM Mob)
Basics of Recovery (ROM Quest)
Basic Accessory Driller (RoM Item)
Basic Armor Driller (RoM Item)
Basic Back Slot Item Driller (RoM Item)
Basic Defense is just Beginning (RoM Quest)
Basic Magic Wand (RoM Item)
Basic Rations (RoM Item)
Basic Weapon Driller (RoM Item)
Basilisk Pit (RoM POI)
Basilisk Swamp (RoM POI)
Bass (RoM Item)
Battered Box (RoM Object)
Battlefield of Steel (RoM POI)
Battle Square (RoM POI)
Battle to Defend the Broken Bridge (RoM Quest)
Bat Saliva (RoM Quest)
Bat Witch Hat (RoM Item)
Bazzuer (RoM Quest)
Beaker (RoM Item)
Bear Fur Cap (RoM Quest)
Bear Fur Gloves (RoM Quest)
Bear Paw Stew (RoM Quest)
Beast Leg Guards (RoM Item)
Beaten to the Punch (RoM Quest)
Beautiful Fur (RoM Item)
Beautiful Jewelry (RoM Quest)
Beautiful Poisonous Mandibles (RoM Quest)
Beautiful Skeleton (RoM Quest)
Beautify Art (RoM Quest)
Beaver Lookout (RoM Mob)
Beck Shadowblaze (RoM Mob)
Beef Skewer (RoM Item)
Beetle (RoM Mob)
Beetle Body Fluid (RoM Item)
Beetle Legs (RoM Quest)
Beetle Leg (RoM Item)
Beetroot (RoM Item)
Beetroot (RoM Object)
Beetroot Bundle (RoM Item)
Beetroot Sap (RoM Item)
Behemoth (RoM Mob)
Behemoth Skull (RoM POI)
Behru Blood (RoM Item)
Behru Meat (RoM Quest)
Behru Specimen (RoM Quest)
Beil Shadowlaw (RoM Mob)
Beir Harl (RoM Mob)
Belintan (RoM Mob)
Belin Pursdon (RoM Mob)
Beli Bakd (RoM Mob)
Benevolent Wandering Doctor (RoM Mob)
Benjam (RoM Mob)
Benji Dittle's Notes (RoM Quest)
Benni (RoM Mob)
Benny Lawson (RoM Mob)
Berhus out of Control (RoM Quest)
Berol (RoM Mob)
beruda lize (rom mob)
Besta's Amulet (RoM Quest)
Beware Of Those Outsiders! (RoM Quest)
Be Prepared (RoM Quest)
Bhassa Tilondum (RoM Mob)
Biang Fenren (RoM Mob)
Bicks Jenry (RoM Mob)
Bierus Bol (RoM Mob)
Big Angel's Sigh (RoM Item)
Big Dennis (RoM Mob)
Big Fish Eat Big Worms (RoM Quest)
Big Iron Hammer (RoM Item)
Big Kuman (RoM Mob)
Big Lobster on the Sand Dunes (RoM Quest)
Bikadole's Gold Coins (RoM Quest)
Bila Aido (RoM Mob)
Bind Lifter (RoM Item)
Binken (RoM Mob)
Biolin Ironcauldron (RoM Mob)
Biological Specimens (RoM Quest)
Bird Feather Jewelry (RoM Quest)
Bird Meat (RoM Item)
Bird of Gloom (RoM Mob)
Bisang (RoM Mob)
Bison Grass (RoM Object)
Bitterleaf (RoM Object)
Blackie (RoM Mob)
Blackmane Archer (RoM Mob)
Blackmane Assailant (RoM Mob)
Blackmane Fox (RoM Mob)
Blackmane Leader Porker (RoM Mob)
Blackmane Prisoner (RoM Mob)
Blackout (RoM Quest)
Blacksmith's Commission (RoM Quest)
Blacksmithing Tools (RoM Object)
Blackwinged Raven (RoM Mob)
Black Blood Caravan (RoM POI)
Black Blood Caravan Member (RoM Mob)
Black Blood Merchants' Account Book (RoM Item)
Black Boar (RoM Mob)
Black Boar Bristle (RoM Item)
Black Bolton (RoM Mob)
Black Codex (RoM Faction)
Black Core Guardian (RoM Mob)
Black Hunt Season (RoM Quest)
Black Market Book (RoM Quest)
Black Perilla Herbal Pack (RoM Item)
Black Rock Scorpion (RoM Mob)
Black Rothrock Pearl (RoM Item)
Black Sail Camp (RoM POI)
Black Sail Cutthroat (RoM Mob)
Black Sail Helmsman (RoM Mob)
Black Sail Sailor (RoM Mob)
Black Shell Crab (RoM Mob)
Black Swamp Crocodile (RoM Mob)
Black Swamp Cylotok (RoM Mob)
Black Swamp Lake (RoM POI)
Black Swamp Lake Research Camp (RoM POI)
Black Swamp Ruins (RoM POI)
Black Swamp Temple (RoM POI)
Black Tree (RoM Quest)
Black Wind Scorpion (RoM Mob)
Blade of Misfortune (RoM Item)
Blade of the White Snow (RoM Item)
Blaine (RoM Mob)
Blake's Liquor Money (RoM Quest)
Blazing Kaiser (RoM Mob)
Bleach (RoM Item)
Blend Rune (RoM Item)
Blessed Bloodline (RoM Quest)
Blessed Longcoat (RoM Item)
Blessed Package (RoM Item)
Blessing for Life (RoM Quest)
Blessing of the Sage Necklace (RoM Item)
Blinsik (RoM Mob)
Block (RoM Item)
Block Dogamor's Construction (RoM Quest)
Block Help (RoM Quest)
Blood-Soaked Revenant (RoM Mob)
Bloodface Beetle (RoM Mob)
Bloodfang Clan (RoM POI)
Bloodfang Hunter (RoM Mob)
Bloodfang Running Wolf (RoM Mob)
Bloodfang Shaman (RoM Mob)
Bloodfang Warrior (RoM Mob)
Bloodhound Mountain (RoM POI)
Bloodlord Androth (RoM Quest)
Bloodrust Leg Guards (RoM Item)
Bloodstained Cape (RoM Item)
Bloodstained Pond (RoM POI)
Bloodstained Tar Beast (RoM Mob)
Bloodthirsty Claw (RoM Mob)
Bloodthirsty Demon Vine (RoM Mob)
Bloodthirsty Demon Vine King (RoM Mob)
Bloodthirsty Maggot (RoM Mob)
Bloodthirsty Rune (RoM Quest)
Bloodthirsty Stingtail Dragonfly (RoM Mob)
Bloodwing Butterfly (RoM Mob)
Bloodwyng Fruit Bat (RoM Mob)
Bloody Demon Sword (RoM Quest Series)
Bloody Earl Jacket (RoM Item)
Bloody Gallery (RoM POI)
Bloody Gallery (RoM Zone)
Bloody Murderer Chainmail (RoM Item)
Bloody Rune (RoM Quest)
Bloody Shadow Overcoat (RoM Item)
Blood Clawed Chupura (RoM Mob)
Blood Gathering (RoM Quest)
Blood Offering (RoM Quest)
Blood Palm Wood (RoM Object)
Blood Sacrifice (RoM Quest)
Blue Bicks Package (RoM Item)
Blue Butterfly (RoM Mob)
Blue Crystalline Seed (RoM Item)
Blue Gift Bag (RoM Item Icon)
Blue Heaven's Sword (RoM Item)
Blue Potion 1 (RoM Item Icon)
Blue Potion 2 (RoM Item Icon)
Blue Potion 3 (RoM Item Icon)
Blue Potion 4 (RoM Item Icon)
Blue Potion 5 (RoM Item Icon)
Blue Potion 6 (RoM Item Icon)
Blue Potion 7 (RoM Item Icon)
Blue Potion 8 (RoM Item Icon)
Blue Potion 9 (RoM Item Icon)
Blue Sky Fish Eagle (RoM Mob)
Blue Trout (RoM Item)
Boar (RoM Mob)
Boar Mane Ring (RoM Item)
Boar Tusk (RoM Item)
Bob Knate (RoM Mob)
Boca (RoM Mob)
Bocelli (RoM Mob)
Bodo Materials (RoM Quest)
Bodus Shadowhook (RoM Mob)
Boiling Blood Outpost (RoM POI)
Bokan Blastfurnace (RoM Mob)
Bolida Wood (RoM Mob)
Boneface Beetle (RoM Mob)
Bone Arrow Quiver (RoM Item)
Bone Chomper Beastling (RoM Mob)
Book Delivery (RoM Quest)
Boost Morale (RoM Quest)
Boots of Soft Juicy Fruit (RoM Item)
Boots of Soft Juicy Fruit - Common (RoM Item)
Bordon (RoM Mob)
Boro-boro's Battle Armor (RoM Item)
Boro-boro's Helm (RoM Item)
Boro-boro's Shoulder Guards (RoM Item)
Borrofar (RoM Mob)
Borst (RoM Mob)
Bottle (RoM Object)
Boulderwind Village (RoM POI)
Bouquet of Forgiveness (RoM Item)
Box for catching Balloon Monsters (RoM Item)
Brainstorm (RoM Quest)
Brains and Brawn Package (RoM Item)
Brain Protector Helm (RoM Item)
Brandy Manlin (RoM Mob)
Brand New Skills (RoM Quest)
Breaking the Curse (RoM Quest)
Breakout (RoM Quest)
Breakout - CoO (RoM Quest)
Breakthrough in Reputation (RoM Quest)
Breathable Silk (RoM Item)
Breathing Wood (RoM Item)
Breathtaking Chainmail Boots (RoM Item)
Breathtaking Cloth Shoes (RoM Item)
Breathtaking Leather Boots (RoM Item)
Breath of the Spring Goddess (RoM Item)
Breeches (RoM Item)
Breeding (RoM Quest)
Breeding Slot Ticket (RoM Item)
Brewing Poison (RoM Quest)
Bringing Back the Bomb (RoM Quest)
Bringing Ore for Repairs (RoM Quest)
Bringing the Dead Back to Life (RoM Quest)
Bring as much as you can (RoM Quest)
Bring Back the Repaired Weapons (RoM Quest)
Bring it Back (RoM Quest)
Bring Me Ash (RoM Quest)
Bring Me Mountain Demon Grass (RoM Quest)
Bring Me Zinc (RoM Quest)
Bring Me Zinc Ore (RoM Quest)
Broken Branches (RoM Object)
Broken Metal Sheet (RoM Item)
Broken Metal String (RoM Item)
Broken mystery device (RoM Quest)
Broken Needle Shoulder Armor (RoM Item)
Broken Spirit Element (RoM Item)
Broken Wand (RoM Item)
Broken Wooden Staff (RoM Item)
Bronze Chain Boots (RoM Item)
Bronze Shell Scooray (RoM Mob)
Brown Backpack (RoM Item)
Brown Bag (RoM Item Icon)
Brown Bicks Package (RoM Item)
Brown Horse (1 Day) (RoM Item)
Bubsitan (RoM Mob)
Budworm (RoM Mob)
Buffy's Treasure (RoM Quest)
Bukator (RoM Mob)
Bulimin (RoM Mob)
Bullfrog (RoM Mob)
Bullish Boars and Wicked Wolves (RoM Quest)
Bungamoo (RoM Mob)
Bunga Beastess (RoM Mob)
Bunga Beastology (RoM Quest)
Bunga Beast (RoM Mob)
Bunga Cub (RoM Mob)
Bunga Lake (RoM POI)
Bunga Lake Camp (RoM POI)
Bunrning Poison Crystal (RoM Mob)
Burial (RoM Quest)
Burial of the Fallen (RoM Quest)
Buried (RoM Quest)
Buried Treasure on the Beach (RoM Quest)
Buriz (RoM Mob)
Burjnaada Karsht (RoM Mob)
Burkhlee Oldbore (RoM Mob)
Burning Poison Crystal (RoM Mob)
Burn it up! (RoM Quest)
Burrow Beast (RoM Mob)
Burrow Cavy (RoM Mob)
Burst (RoM Item)
Burying the Dead (RoM Quest)
Burying the Hatchet (ROM Quest)
Burying the Victims (RoM Quest)
Bury the Remains (RoM Quest)
Buying Information (RoM Quest)
Cactus Flower (RoM Item)
Cactus Flower (RoM Quest)
Cactus Flower 1 (RoM Item)
Cactus Flower 2 (RoM Item)
Cactus Flower Nectar (RoM Quest)
Cactus Fruit (RoM Item)
Cactus Fruit (RoM Quest)
Cactus Fruit 1 (RoM Item)
Cactus Fruit 2 (RoM Item)
Cactus Fruit Nectar (RoM Quest)
Cactus Thorn (RoM Item)
Cactus Thorn (RoM Quest)
Calamus Manor (RoM POI)
Callous Restraint Plate Leggings (RoM Item)
Callous Subversion Plate Gauntlets (RoM Item)
Callous Subversion Plate Leggings (RoM Item)
Callous Wisdom Cape (RoM Item)
Calm the Dog (RoM Quest)
Calm the Fury (RoM Quest)
Calyoun's New Shoes (RoM Quest)
Calyoun's Request (RoM Quest)
Campfire Materials (RoM Quest)
Camp Package (RoM Item)
Canceling the Engagement (RoM Quest)
Candace's Gold Coins (RoM Quest)
Canine Earring (RoM Item)
Canvas Belt (RoM Item)
Can Pirates Hunt (RoM Quest)
Capability (RoM Item)
Capra Armor (RoM Item)
Captain's Brandy (RoM Item)
Captain Yngmur Is Looking For You (RoM Quest)
Capture Wild Fungi (RoM Quest)
Caracas (RoM Mob)
Card (RoM Item Icon)
Card - Akeli, the sage (RoM Item)
Card - Alert Apeman (RoM Item)
Card - Amias (RoM Item)
Card - Androlier's Prisoner (RoM Item)
Card - Androlier's Shadow (RoM Item)
Card - Androlier's Strength (RoM Item)
Card - Anglie (RoM Item)
Card - Anglo (RoM Item)
Card - Aris Dori (RoM Item)
Card - Armored Kasumille (RoM Item)
Card - Aromatic Swamp Bear (RoM Item)
Card - Aucloy Hugehorn (RoM Item)
Card - Ayal Chief (RoM Item)
Card - Ayam Chief (RoM Item)
Card - Ayat Chief (RoM Item)
Card - Ayelo (RoM Item)
Card - Ayson (RoM Item)
Card - Bambam Lom (RoM Item)
Card - Battlewolf Commander Axis (RoM Item)
Card - Behemoth (RoM Item)
Card - Beruda Lize (RoM Item)
Card - Bird of Gloom (RoM Item)
Card - Blackmane Assailant (RoM Item)
Card - Black Boar (RoM Item)
Card - Bronze Shell Scooray (RoM Item)
Card - Bubsitan (RoM Item)
Card - Carfcamoi (RoM Item)
Card - Chester Iron Armor (RoM Item)
Card - Copper Shell Beetle (RoM Item)
Card - Dead Tree Demon Spider (RoM Item)
Card - Dragonfang Boar (RoM Item)
Card - Dragonfang Grizzly (RoM Item)
Card - Dreamlands Demon (RoM Item)
Card - Elder Reindeer (RoM Item)
Card - Filthy Cave Rat (RoM Item)
Card - Flower Cactus (RoM Item)
Card - Fogland Lurker (RoM Item)
Card - Foul Dragonfly (RoM Item)
Card - Fruit Cactus (RoM Item)
Card - Furious Goblin (RoM Item)
Card - Furious Scalok (RoM Item)
Card - Hammertooth Operator (RoM Item)
Card - Ice Lizard (RoM Item)
Card - Inferno Guard Dog (RoM Item)
Card - Kal Turok Myrmex Queen (RoM Item)
Card - Magister Gumas (RoM Item)
Card - Man-Eating Bulrush (RoM Item)
Card - Marclaw Hammertooth (RoM Item)
Card - Minotaur Patrolman (RoM Item)
Card - Mischievous Gargoyle (RoM Item)
Card - Morcus Beast (RoM Item)
Card - Morrison (RoM Item)
Card - Mutated Swamp Mud (RoM Item)
Card - Mysterious Giant Wolf (RoM Item)
Card - Needle Cactus (RoM Item)
Card - Nightmare Androlier (RoM Item)
Card - Noisome Water Elemental (RoM Item)
Card - Perodia (RoM Item)
Card - Rainforest Hunter (RoM Item)
Card - Ravenous Kalod (RoM Item)
Card - Redeye Night Bear (RoM Item)
Card - River Monster (RoM Item)
Card - Ruins Cleaner (RoM Item)
Card - Sabinean Warrior (RoM Item)
Card - Shallow Lakoso (RoM Item)
Card - Sly Pirate (RoM Item)
Card - Small Desert Fox (RoM Item)
Card - Snake Charmer (RoM Item)
Card - Snowclaw Scout (RoM Item)
Card - Snow Claw Killer (RoM Item)
Card - Stampeding Scealok (RoM Item)
Card - Tattooed Boar (RoM Item)
Card - Taylin Fishbone (RoM Item)
Card - Tied-up Researcher (RoM Item)
Card - Wild Alligator Turtle (RoM Item)
Card - Winternight Ice Fairy (RoM Item)
Card - Ystra Ice Crab (RoM Item)
Card - Zombie (RoM Item)
Card - Zurhidon Killer (RoM Item)
Card of the Dragonfang Boar (RoM Item)
Careless Loss of Treasure (RoM Quest)
Carey's Doll (RoM Quest)
Carey (RoM Mob)
Carfcamoi's Apology (RoM Quest)
Carfcamoi's Crown (RoM Item)
Carfcamoi's earrings (RoM Item)
Carfcamoi's necklace (RoM Item)
Carfcamoi's Ring (RoM Item)
Carfcamoi's Treasure (RoM Quest)
Carfcamoi (RoM Mob)
Carforn (RoM POI)
Cargo List (RoM Quest)
Cargo Under Attack (RoM Quest)
Cargo Usage (RoM Quest)
Carlos Matteo (RoM Mob)
Carlyre's Ring (RoM Item)
Carpenter's Commission (RoM Quest)
Carpentry Tools (RoM Object)
Carphil's Report (RoM Quest)
Carphil (RoM Mob)
Carrion Eating Wolf (RoM Mob)
Carved Shield (RoM Item)
Casamiase (RoM Mob)
Cascade Path (RoM POI)
Castor's Gift Box (RoM Item)
Catching a Cactus (RoM Quest)
Catch Butterflies (RoM Quest)
Catherine's Secret (RoM Quest)
Cause of a Nightmare (RoM Quest)
Cautious Approach (RoM Quest)
Cavern Invader (RoM Quest)
Cavern of Trials (RoM Zone)
Cave of the Water Dragon (RoM Zone)
Cave Package (RoM Item)
Cave Researchers (RoM Quest)
Cave Rock Scorpion (RoM Mob)
Cave Sand Bug (RoM Mob)
Cecila Seline (RoM Mob)
Celery (RoM Item)
Celsia (RoM Mob)
Central Base Camp of the Revivers' Corridor (RoM POI)
Central Base Camp of the Royals' Refuge (RoM POI)
Central Plaza (RoM POI)
Certification Master (RoM Quest)
Certification Package (RoM Item)
Chachi Waka (RoM Mob)
Chailik's Help (RoM Quest)
Chailik (RoM Mob)
Chainmail Belt of Sadness (RoM Item)
Chainmail Leggings (RoM Item)
Chainmail Overcloak (RoM Item)
Chain Armor (RoM Item)
Chain Belt (RoM Item)
Chain Boots (RoM Item)
Chain Gloves (RoM Item)
Chalice Inscription (RoM Quest)
Challenge of the Arctic Training Battalion (RoM Quest)
Champion (RoM Class Icon)
Chanep's First Task (RoM Quest)
Chanep's Second Task (RoM Quest)
Chanep's Third Task (RoM Quest)
Changing Ancient Stone Tablet (RoM Object)
Channel (RoM)
Chantholl von Jura (RoM Mob)
Chaos in Kilanche Fungus Forest (RoM Quest)
Chaos Vortex- Evil (RoM Zone)
Chaotic Water Elemental Power (RoM Quest)
Chapeaunoir's Robe (RoM Item)
Chapeaunoir's Shoulder Guards (RoM Item)
Chapura's Doomsday (RoM Quest)
Charge! (RoM Quest)
Charge (RoM)
Charile Brown's Leg Armor (RoM Item)
Charlie Brown's Big Foot (RoM Item)
Charlie Brown's Body Armor (RoM Item)
Charm (RoM Item)
Chase Off the Troublemakers (RoM Quest)
Cheap Brown Ale (RoM Item)
Check in with the Adventurer's Guild (RoM Quest)
Chef's Worries (RoM Quest)
Chelon Breeding Nests (RoM POI)
Cheney Chanep (RoM Mob)
Chest of Mirrors from the Necropolis of Mirrors (RoM Quest)
Chime Wood (RoM Item)
Chime Wood (RoM Object)
Chime Wood Lumber (RoM Item)
Chime Wood Plank (RoM Item)
Chime Wood Timber (RoM Item)
Chocken (RoM Mob)
Christine (RoM Mob)
Chrysalia (RoM Quest Series)
Chrysalia (RoM Zone)
Chuanpo Gelan (RoM Mob)
Chupura Valley (RoM POI)
Cider (RoM Mob)
Cid (RoM Mob)
Claiming Armor (RoM Quest)
Claiming Weapons (RoM Quest)
Claim Your Potions (RoM Quest)
Claire Ferrous (RoM Mob)
Clan Caravan (RoM Quest)
Class Hall (RoM POI)
Claus Diersen (RoM Mob)
Claw-scratched Crystal (RoM Quest)
Clay Dragon Nest Seed (RoM Item)
Cleaning Up the Mess (RoM Quest)
Cleansed Blood (RoM Quest)
Cleansing Bad Smells (RoM Quest)
Cleansing Stone (RoM Quest)
Cleansing Tar Beasts (RoM Quest)
Cleansing Together (RoM Quest)
Cleansing Vermilion Newts (RoM Quest)
Clean Up the Environment (RoM Quest)
Clean Water (RoM Quest)
Clearing the Obstacles (RoM Quest)
Clear Mud From the Lake (RoM Quest)
Clear Shiny Crystal Balls (RoM Quest)
Cliff Rainbow Kite (RoM Mob)
Cloak Material (RoM Quest)
Clothes Store (RoM Quest)
Cloth Belt (RoM Item)
Cloth Leggings (RoM Item)
Cloth Shoes (RoM Item)
Clues on Heads (RoM Quest)
Clue About The Legendary Sword (RoM Quest)
Clue for an Ancient Treasure (RoM Quest)
Coagulant Creation (RoM Quest)
Coast of Opportunity (RoM Quest Series)
Coast of Opportunity (RoM Zone)
Coast of Opportunity - North (RoM Quest Series)
Coast of Opportunity - South (RoM Quest Series)
Cocoa (RoM Item)
Coded Message Stone Pile (RoM Object)
Code of Honor (RoM Quest)
Code Red (RoM Quest)
Cold Hairy Frog Body (RoM Item)
Cold Psilotum (RoM Object)
Colin, Leader of the Gnolls (RoM Quest)
Collaboration with the Tiktaalik (RoM Quest)
Collecting Ingredients (RoM Quest)
Collecting Stone Tablet Writings (RoM Quest)
Collect Boar Tusks (RoM Quest)
Collect Centaur Fortune Stones (RoM Quest)
Collect Herbs (RoM Quest)
Collect High-Class Ore (RoM Quest)
Collect Ore (RoM Quest)
Collect Wood (RoM Quest)
Colony Cloak (RoM Item)
Colony Package (RoM Item)
Colorful Feather (RoM Item)
Colorful Iron Sand (RoM Item)
Combat Effectiveness (RoM Quest)
Community Resources (RoM)
Compass Directions (RoM Quest)
Competent Delivery Staff (RoM Quest)
Complaints about the Meals (RoM Quest)
Complementary Property Darkness (RoM Quest)
Complementary Property Light (RoM Quest)
Complete Dark Core (RoM Item)
Complete Preparations (RoM Quest)
Complex Puzzle (RoM Quest)
Complimentary Guard (RoM Quest)
Comprehension (RoM Item)
Concerns (RoM Quest)
Concerns of the Heart (RoM Quest)
Confirming Materials (RoM Quest)
Confirm the Intelligence (RoM Quest)
Conflicting Stories (RoM Quest)
Confused Tusked Ice Plain Mammoth (RoM Mob)
Consolidate Vanguard (RoM Quest)
Conspiracy (RoM Quest)
Construction Manpower (RoM Quest)
Construction Materials (RoM Quest)
Contacting Lof (RoM Quest)
Contact (RoM Quest)
Contact Sequitee (RoM Quest)
Continent's Fishery (RoM Quest)
Continue cleaning out the Rock Galiduns (RoM Quest)
Continue Fighting the Harpies (RoM Quest)
Continuing Experimentation (RoM Quest)
Continuing Research (RoM Quest)
Controlling the Number of Multicolored Skippers (RoM Quest)
Control the Wolf Population (RoM Quest)
Conveying Good Intentions (RoM Quest)
Convincing Evidence (RoM Quest)
Cook's Commission (RoM Quest)
Cooking (RoM Craft Icon)
Cooking Utensils (RoM Object)
Copper Loop Boots (RoM Item)
Copper Nugget (RoM Item)
Copper Ore (RoM Item)
Copper Ore (RoM Object)
Copper Sand (RoM Item)
Copper Shell Beetle (RoM Mob)
Copper Spring Crossbow (RoM Item)
Copy (RoM Quest)
Core Conversion Guard (RoM Mob)
Corpse Carrier (RoM Mob)
Corpse Guardian (RoM Mob)
Corpse of an Ancient Creature (RoM Item)
Corpse of an Ancient Creature (RoM Quest)
Corpse Supplier (RoM Mob)
Corpse Transportation Supervisor (RoM Mob)
Corrupted Centaur Forest Patrolman (RoM Mob)
Corrupted Centaur Warrior (RoM Mob)
Corrupt Avano Knight (RoM Mob)
Cosmetic Materials (RoM Quest)
Cotton Cloth Belt (RoM Item)
Council's Request (Berol) (RoM Quest)
Council's Request (Salond) (RoM Quest)
Council Hall (RoM POI)
Council of Varanas (RoM Faction)
Counter-Attack (RoM Quest)
Counterattack (RoM Quest)
Countering the Energy of Fire (RoM Quest)
Countering the Energy of Light (RoM Quest)
Countering the Energy of Water (RoM Quest)
Countering the Energy of Wind (RoM Quest)
Count Hibara's Nemesis (RoM Title)
Count Hibara (RoM Mob)
Cowadunga (RoM Mob)
Cowgirl Boots (Female) (RoM Item)
Cowgirl Hat (RoM Item)
Cowgirl Jacket (Female) (RoM Item)
Cowgirl Shorts (Female) (RoM Item)
Cow Beetle (RoM Mob)
Cow Beetle Wing (RoM Item)
Coyle (ROM Mob)
Cracked Leather Belt (RoM Item)
Cracked Shell Scorpion (RoM Mob)
Crafting (RoM)
Crafting (RoM Quest Series)
Crafting Square (RoM POI)
Craftsman Guard (RoM Mob)
Craftsman Pledge - Premium (RoM Item)
Craftsman Tool (RoM Item)
Crafty Bernok (RoM Quest)
Craft Festival Celebration Certificate (RoM Item)
Craft Square (RoM POI)
Crawlers (RoM Quest)
Crazed Animals (RoM Quest)
Crazed Kaa Guard (RoM Mob)
Crazy Bulimin (RoM Quest)
Crazy Kiosade (RoM Mob)
Crazy Kiosade (RoM Quest)
Cream (RoM Item)
Creating Art (RoM Quest)
Creating a Scalok Suit (RoM Quest)
Creation (RoM Lore)
Creatures from the Sewers (RoM Quest)
Creatures of the Ruins (RoM Quest)
Creature Comforts (RoM Quest)
Creditor (RoM Quest)
Cremated Ashes (RoM Object)
Crested Pig's Mane (RoM Item)
Crested Pig (RoM Mob)
Crimson Devourer (RoM Mob)
Crimson Hog Hide (RoM Item)
Crimson Scorpion Shell Filled with Energy (RoM Quest)
Crisis at the Necropolis of Mirrors (RoM Quest)
Crisis Management (RoM Quest)
Critical Message (RoM Quest)
Croso Boar (RoM Mob)
Croso Lake (RoM POI)
Croso Lakoso (RoM Mob)
Croso Sharpro (RoM Mob)
Croso Woodland (RoM POI)
Crown of Policing (RoM Item)
Crow (RoM Mob)
Crucial Ingredient for a Legendary Recipe (RoM Quest)
Cruelty (RoM Item)
Cruel Fungus (RoM Mob)
Cruel Shadowmoon Sailor (RoM Mob)
Cruse Sorrun (RoM Mob)
Crushed Package (RoM Item)
Crushed Plain (RoM POI)
Crushed Purple Jade (RoM Item)
Crush the Harpy Plot (RoM Quest)
Crustacean Research Assistance (RoM Quest)
Crybaby Huck (RoM Mob)
Crystal 1 (RoM Item Icon)
Crystal 2 (RoM Item Icon)
Crystal 3 (RoM Item Icon)
Crystal 4 (RoM Item Icon)
Crystal 5 (RoM Item Icon)
Crystal 6 (RoM Item Icon)
Crystal Ball Grain (RoM Mob)
Crystal Lizard (RoM Mob)
Crystal Ore (RoM Object)
Cry of the Holy Tree (RoM Quest)
Currency (RoM)
Cursed Apparition (RoM Mob)
Cursed Compass (RoM Quest)
Cursed Dion (RoM Quest)
Curse (RoM Item)
Curse of the Ice Dwarf Priest (RoM Quest)
Cute and Slimy (RoM Quest)
Cutthroat's Shadow (RoM Mob)
Cut Off at the Source (RoM Quest)
Cyanide (RoM Item)
Cyanide (RoM Object)
Cyanide Ingot (RoM Item)
Cyanide Nugget (RoM Item)
Cyanide Sand (RoM Item)
Cyclops Berserker (RoM Mob)
Cyclops Horn (RoM Item)
Cyclops Lair (RoM Zone)
Cyclops Military Engineer (RoM Mob)
Cyclops Officer (RoM Mob)
Cyclops Stronghold (RoM POI)
Cyclops Stronghold (RoM Zone)
Cylotok (RoM Mob)
Cynthia (RoM Mob)
Dagger (RoM Item)
Dagger of Invasion (RoM Item)
Daily Patrol (RoM Quest)
Daily Quest Ticket (RoM Item)
Dajen Lege (RoM Mob)
Dalanis (RoM POI)
Dalanis Central District (RoM POI)
Dalanis Delegation Campsite (RoM POI)
Dalanis Dimlane District (RoM POI)
Dalanis Grand Palace (RoM POI)
Dalanis Old City District (RoM POI)
Dalanis Sewers (RoM Zone)
Daled (RoM Mob)
Daliff's Bounty (RoM Quest)
Dallas (RoM Mob)
Damaged Battle Axe (RoM Item)
Damaged Repeating Crossbow (RoM Item)
Damaging Alchemy Equipment (RoM Quest)
Damned Pirates (RoM Quest)
Dana Hodgins (RoM Mob)
Dancing Perfume (RoM Recipe)
Danger's Sweet Taste (RoM Quest)
Dangerous Mission (RoM Quest)
Dangerous Worm Eggs (RoM Quest)
Dangers of the Pass (RoM Quest)
Dannol Peacetree (RoM MOb)
Danny's Lunch (RoM Quest)
Danny (RoM Mob)
Daris (RoM Mob)
Dark Brown Mushroom (RoM Object)
Dark Crystal (RoM Item)
Dark Crystal Ore (RoM Object)
Dark Energy Bug (RoM Mob)
Dark Energy Puppet (RoM Mob)
Dark Fang Blade (RoM Item)
Dark Gargoylem (RoM Mob)
Dark Grained Gloves (RoM Item)
Dark Moon Fragment (RoM Item)
Dark Ritual of the Ancient Text (RoM Quest)
Dark Sage Trousers (RoM Item)
Dark Shark Mask (RoM Item)
Dark Souled Puppet Mage (RoM Mob)
Dark Terror (RoM Mob)
Dastardly Deckhand (RoM Mob)
Dazzling Pink Four-Leaf Clover (RoM Item)
Deadland Lizard (RoM Mob)
Deadland Sand Scorpion (ROM Mob)
Deadleaf Belt (RoM Item)
Deadly Poison Crystal (RoM Mob)
Deadly Venom (RoM Quest)
Deadman's Remains (RoM Item)
Deadwood Hunter (RoM Mob)
Deadwood Spider (RoM Mob)
Dead Tree Cave (RoM POI)
Dead Tree Cave Samples (RoM Quest)
Dead Tree Demon Spider (RoM Mob)
Dead Tree Package (RoM Item)
Dead Tree Plains (RoM POI)
Dealing with People (RoM Quest)
Dealing With Scouts (RoM Quest)
Dealing with the Ents (RoM Quest)
Deal with the Hard Bones (RoM Quest)
Deathtouch Iguana (RoM Mob)
Death (RoM)
Death Count (RoM Quest)
Death of the Brave One (RoM Quest)
Deciphering Witchcraft (RoM Quest)
Decoding Ballads (RoM Quest)
Deep Corridor (RoM POI)
Deep Mud Cytolok (RoM Mob)
Deep Thinking (RoM Quest)
Deerskin Boots (RoM Item)
Deer Horn Essence (RoM Item)
Deer Leg Provisions (RoM Quest)
Defeat the Dwarf Defenders (RoM Quest)
Defeat the Spiders (RoM Quest)
Defender Leg Guards (RoM Item)
Defend the Base (RoM Quest)
Defense (RoM Item)
Defensive Knife (RoM Item)
Defensive Preparation (RoM Quest)
Deformed Giant Ape (RoM Mob)
Degenerated Robber Baron (RoM Mob)
Degun (RoM Mob)
Delayed Supplies (RoM Quest)
Delaylo (RoM Mob)
Dela Norsis (RoM Mob)
Delicate Wing Earring (RoM Item)
Delicious Boar Leg (RoM Quest)
Delicious Fish Fillet (RoM Item)
Delicious Food (RoM Quest)
Delicious Liquor (RoM Item)
Delicious Liquor (RoM Quest)
Delicious Moss (RoM Quest)
Delicious Stew (RoM Quest)
Delicious Worm Meat (RoM Item)
Delintas Camp (RoM POI)
Delivering Important Supplies (RoM Quest)
Delivering the Dragonscales (RoM Quest)
Delivering the Neutralizer (RoM Quest)
Delivering the Remnants (RoM Quest)
Delivering the Ring (RoM Quest)
Delivering the Tools (RoM Quest)
Delivery (RoM Quest)
Delivery Boy (RoM Quest)
Delivery Cart, a good disguise (RoM Quest)
Delivery in a Limited Time (RoM Quest)
Delivery to the Door (RoM Quest)
Deliver Medicine to Ayak (RoM Quest)
Deliver Something to Somewhere (RoM Quest)
Deliver the Ice (RoM Quest)
Deliver the Research Documents (RoM Quest)
Deliver the Samples (RoM Quest)
Deliya's Realm (RoM POI)
Dell (RoM Mob)
Demon! (RoM Quest)
Demon's Scar (RoM POI)
Demon's Scar (RoM Quest)
Demon-mane Boar (RoM Mob)
Demonthorn Vine (RoM Mob)
Demon Beast Belt (RoM Item)
Demon Beast Leg Guards (RoM Item)
Demon Blood (RoM Item)
Demon Stronghold (RoM Zone)
Demon Vine (RoM Quest)
Demon Vine Seed (RoM Item)
Demon Witch Ancalon (RoM Mob)
Depleting the Naga's Energy (RoM Quest)
Depraved Comfort's Necklace (RoM Item)
Derek Ali (RoM Mob)
Derelict Mine (RoM POI)
Derelict Mine (RoM POI))
Derric's Gone Missing (RoM Quest)
Deserted Mine (RoM POI)
Desert Boshi (RoM Mob)
Desert Cactus (RoM Mob)
Desert Investigation Post (RoM POI)
Desert Waystation (RoM POI)
Desperate Measures (RoM Quest)
Despicable Vagrant (RoM Mob)
Dessert of Happiness (RoM Item)
Destroying the Naga's Stock (RoM Quest)
Destruction of the Gathering Magic (RoM Quest)
Destruction Raid (RoM Quest)
Determination Like a Flower (RoM Quest)
Detonation Energy Guardian (RoM MOb)
Devil's Mouth (RoM POI)
Devil (RoM Item)
Devourer (RoM Mob)
Devourer in the Dark (RoM Quest)
Devourer Light Boots of the Fort (RoM Item)
Deyta (RoM Mob)
Diary (RoM Quest)
Diary of a Ghost (RoM Quest)
Diboq Lien (RoM Mob)
Differences Between Brothers (RoM Quest)
Different Types of Rune (RoM Quest)
Difficult Supply Situation (RoM Quest)
Difficult Task (RoM Quest)
difficult terrain (rom quest)
Dig! For our power! (RoM Quest)
Digger's Summoning (RoM Quest)
Digger (RoM Mob)
Digging Deep (RoM Quest)
Dig Site Safety (RoM Quest)
Dilili Mushroom (RoM Object)
Dilothian (RoM Mob)
Dimarka (RoM POI)
Dimarka Village (RoM POI)
Dimar (RoM Mob)
Dimstar Bolmu (RoM Mob)
Dimstar Swamp (RoM POI)
Dimuphalat (RoM Mob)
Dingle (RoM Mob)
Dion (RoM Mob)
Dion and the Spear of Logar (RoM Quest)
Diplomat's Request (RoM Quest)
Dirty Cloth (RoM Quest)
Dirty Decryption Book (RoM Quest)
Dirty Things. (RoM Quest)
Dirt for Gold (RoM Quest)
Disappearance of the Crystal Balls (RoM Quest)
Disband band of thieves (RoM Quest)
Disease Cure (RoM Quest)
Disenchantment Material (RoM Quest)
Disenchant Rune (RoM Item)
Disguise of the Night Rose (RoM Quest)
Disgusting Bait (RoM Item)
Disheartened Adventurer (RoM Quest)
Dismantle the Traps (RoM Quest)
Dispenser Repair Guy (RoM Quest)
Disrupt the Command (RoM Quest)
Dissi's Comeuppance (RoM Quest)
Dissi's Extra Income (RoM Quest)
Dissi's Favor (RoM Quest)
Dissi's Gloomy Future (RoM Quest)
Dissi's Plan (RoM Quest)
Dissi's Plot (RoM Quest)
Dissi's Subordinates (RoM Quest)
Dissi's Task (RoM Quest)
Dissipating All Fortune (RoM Quest)
Dissi (RoM Mob)
Distine's Skeleton (RoM Quest)
Distine (RoM Mob)
Diversion (RoM Quest)
Divine Envoy - Narfas (RoM Quest)
Doctor Peter Myers' Concerns (RoM Quest)
Documents in Darkness (RoM Quest)
Document of the Order (RoM Quest)
Document Pile (RoM Object)
Dogamor (RoM POI)
Dog Tag (RoM Item)
Dog Tail Sickle Seed (RoM Item)
Doll Token (RoM Item)
Domatag's Secret (RoM Quest)
Domatag's Warning (RoM Quest)
Domatag (RoM Mob)
Domesticated Burrow Cavy (RoM Mob)
Domesticated Chupura (ROM Mob)
Domesticated Grove Boshi (RoM Mob)
Dom Spinner (RoM Mob)
Don't call it "stealing"... (RoM Quest)
Don't Eat Gazelle Meat For Now (RoM Quest)
Don't Let the Stew Get Cold (RoM Quest)
Don't Lose Another Second (RoM Quest)
Don't Tell Master Belintan (RoM Quest)
Don't Waste Money (RoM Quest)
Don't worry ... (RoM Quest)
Doomsayer (RoM Mob)
Doomsday (RoM Quest)
Doran Shadoweave (RoM Mob)
Dorian's Farm (RoM POI)
Dorian's Farm Guardian (RoM Title)
Dorian's Gift Bag (RoM Item)
Dorian's Package (RoM Item)
Dorlinga (RoM Mob)
Dormen Blackjaw (RoM Mob)
Double-action Hornet (RoM Mob)
Double-edged Sword (RoM Item)
Double-layered Belt (RoM Item)
Double Headed Hammer (RoM Item)
Dovetail Flower (RoM Object)
Dowen (RoM Mob)
Do Me Another Favor! (RoM Quest)
Dragonfang Boar (RoM Mob)
Dragonfang Grizzly (RoM Mob)
Dragonfang Hills (RoM POI)
Dragonfang Hills Village (RoM POI)
Dragonfang Ice Field (RoM POI)
Dragonfang Ice Plain (RoM POI)
Dragonfang Lake (RoM POI)
Dragonfang Ridge (RoM Quest Series)
Dragonfang Ridge (RoM Title Series)
Dragonfang Ridge (RoM Zone)
Dragonfang Valley (RoM POI)
Dragonheart Stone (RoM Quest)
Dragonlair Wood (RoM Object)
Dragonspout Grass (RoM Object)
Dragon Beard Root Wood (RoM Object)
Dragon Domestication Project (RoM Quest)
Dragon Heart Stone (RoM Object)
Dragon Horn Ingredients (RoM Quest)
Dragon Mallow (RoM Object)
Dragon Meat Feast (RoM Quest)
Dragon Skin (RoM Item)
Drake Angerfang (RoM Mob)
Dreamlands Demon (RoM Mob)
Dreamland and Reality (RoM Item)
Dreamland Crystal (RoM Quest)
Dreamland Package (RoM Item)
Dreamland Traveler's Boots (RoM Item)
Dreamland Traveler's Soft Boots (RoM Item)
Dreamland Traveler's War Boots (RoM Item)
Dried-up Bear Corpse (RoM Object)
Drifting Javias (RoM Mob)
Drifting Messages (RoM Quest)
Drifting Pango (RoM Mob)
Drive Off the Bats (RoM Quest)
Driving Off the Kobolds (RoM Quest)
Dropped Love Letter (RoM Quest)
Dropped Quill Pen (RoM Quest)
Dropped Sword Hilt (RoM Item)
Druid (RoM Class Icon)
Drunkard's Proverb (RoM Quest)
Drunken Gnolls (RoM Quest)
Dryleaf Mantis (RoM Mob)
Dry Demon Weed (RoM Mob)
Dry Grass Snail (RoM Mob)
Dual (RoM Mob)
Dumb Love (RoM Quest)
Duncan Rubin (RoM Mob)
Dungeon of Dalanis (RoM Zone)
Duo Bifish (RoM Mob)
Durability (RoM)
Dusk Orchid (RoM Object)
Dust-Covered Scroll (RoM Object)
Dusty Cup (RoM Object)
Dusty Wastelands (RoM POI)
Dust Devil Canyon (RoM Quest Series)
Dust Devil Canyon (RoM Title Series)
Dust Devil Canyon (RoM Zone)
Dust Energy Guardian (RoM MOb)
Dust of Sand (RoM Item)
Dwarf Ale Research (RoM Quest)
Dwarf Weapons for the Counterattack on the Dwarves (RoM Quest)
Dying Man (RoM Quest)
Earthsprings Village (RoM POI)
Earth Dragon Nest Seed (RoM Item)
Earth Guardian (RoM Quest)
Earth Pulse (RoM Skill)
Earth Shell Crab (RoM Mob)
Earth Spirit Crystal (RoM Item)
Easter (RoM)
Eccentric Researcher (RoM Quest)
Echo of the Shuma Valley (RoM Quest)
Ecology Research Team (RoM POI)
Eduth (RoM POI)
Eduth Chief (RoM Mob)
Eduth Commoner (RoM Mob)
Eduth Fighter (RoM Mob)
Eduth Hunter (RoM Mob)
Eduth Shaman (RoM Mob)
Egan (RoM Mob)
Ekme Bobo (RoM Mob)
Elaborate Red Book (RoM Item Icon)
Elder Bocelli (RoM Quest)
Elder Reindeer (RoM Mob)
Eleeya Heisther (RoM Mob)
Elegant Spatha (RoM Item)
Elemental Crystal (RoM Item)
Elemental Flame Robe (RoM Item)
Element Crystal (RoM Object)
Eliminate a Lurking Threat (RoM Quest)
Eliminate Cold (RoM Quest)
Eliminate the Danger (RoM Quest)
Eliminate the Dwarf Soldiers (RoM Quest)
Eliminate the Kobold Scouts (RoM Quest)
Eliminating the Kaa Guards (RoM Quest)
Eliminating the Source of the Curse (RoM Quest)
Eliot (RoM Mob)
Elite Certification (RoM Title)
Elite Skills (RoM Quest Series)
Ellen Night (RoM Mob)
Elven Academy (RoM Quest)
Elven Grandma (RoM Mob)
Elven Island (RoM Quest Series)
Elven Island (RoM Zone)
Elven Island Ecologist (RoM Title)
Elven Tear (RoM Object)
Ely Nausicaa (RoM Mob)
Emaciated Javias (RoM Mob)
Embedding Runes (RoM Quest)
Embedding Runes - YH (RoM Quest)
Embedding Studies (RoM Quest)
Embroidered Belt (RoM Item)
Emerald Scalok Scale (RoM Item)
Emergency! (RoM Quest)
Emergency Demand for Ore (RoM Quest)
Emergency Fuel (RoM Quest)
Emergency Harvest (RoM Quest)
Emergency Letter Delivery (RoM Quest)
Emergency Notice (RoM Quest)
Emergency Rescue (RoM Quest)
Emergency Rescue - Xaviera (RoM Quest)
Empty Coffin (RoM Quest)
Empty Wooden Box (RoM Object)
Encyclopedia of Taborean History (RoM Title)
Endless Night (RoM Quest)
Endurance (ROM Item)
Enduring Armor (RoM Quest)
Energy Converter (RoM Mob)
Energy Square (RoM Mob)
Engwor (RoM POI)
Enhanced Coarse Cloth Trousers (RoM Item)
Enhanced Mirrorflower (RoM Item)
Enhanced Scalelight Sword (RoM Item)
Enhanced Short Sword (RoM Item)
Enhancement Potion (RoM Item)
Enigmatic Seal (RoM Quest)
Enigma (RoM Item)
Enlightenment (RoM Item)
Eno's Test (RoM Quest)
Enough Courage to Survive (RoM Quest)
Eno (RoM Mob)
Enraged Ice Plain Mammoth (RoM Mob)
Ent's Dead Branches (RoM Quest)
Ent's Dead Branch (RoM Item)
Enter Dreamland (RoM Quest)
Entling (RoM Mob)
Entrusted by Anna (RoM Quest)
Ent Concerns (RoM Quest)
Ent Dust (RoM Quest)
Ent Research (RoM Quest)
Envoy of the Dragons (RoM Quest Series)
Epic Weapons (RoM)
Equipment Cleaner (RoM Quest)
Equipment Improvement (RoM Quest)
Equipment Lock (RoM Item)
Equipment Release (RoM Item)
Equipment Repair (RoM Quest)
Equipment Return (RoM Quest)
Equipment Sealing Device (RoM Item)
Equipment Unsealing Device (RoM Item)
Equipment Upgrade (RoM Quest)
Eradicate the Traitors (RoM Quest)
Erekat's Whip-Sword (RoM Item)
Eric (RoM Mob)
Ersatz Steel (RoM Quest)
Escape Pants (RoM Item)
Esmond (RoM Mob)
Essence of Dark Flame Vapor Stone (RoM Item)
Eternal Guilt (RoM Quest)
Eternal Protection (RoM Quest)
Ethan (ROM Mob)
Eulogy of Spring (RoM Quest)
Evening Gown Costume Potion (Female) (RoM Item)
Even Heat Needed (RoM Quest)
Even Minotaurs Have Commanders (RoM Quest)
Even More Enormous (RoM Quest)
Even More Mysterious Essence (RoM Quest)
Even The Kulang Are Bullies! (RoM Quest)
Every Picture Tells a Story (RoM Quest)
Evidence (RoM Quest)
Evil Balloon Monster (RoM Mob)
Evil Dragon Gown (RoM Item)
Evil Farmhand from Maidge's Farm (RoM Mob)
Evil Servant from Maidge's Farm (RoM Mob)
Evil Shade (RoM Mob)
Examine Mysterious Crystal (RoM Quest)
Examine the Situation (RoM Quest)
Excite (ROM Item)
Executioner Puppet (RoM Mob)
Exhilarating Chainmail Shoulders (RoM Item)
Exhilarating Cloth Shoulders (RoM Item)
Exhilarating Leather Shoulders (RoM Item)
Expedition 60 (RoM)
Expedition Bulletin Board (RoM Object)
Expedition Package (RoM Item)
Experienced Hunter's Cloth Coat (RoM Item)
Experience (RoM)
Experience (RoM Item)
Experience Potion (RoM Item)
Experiment No. 203 (RoM Mob)
Expert's Sampling Tool (RoM Item)
Expert in Material Distribution (RoM Quest)
Exploration Package (RoM Item)
Explore the Nature of Nightmares (RoM Quest)
Explore the Ruins of Bymorsh (RoM Quest)
Explore the Sealed Mine (RoM Quest)
Exploring Ape Mountain (RoM Quest)
Exploring the Nature of Nightmares (RoM Quest)
Explosive Trap (RoM Quest)
Exposing a Conspiracy (RoM Quest)
Express Mail (RoM Quest)
Exquisite Firm Plate (RoM Item)
Extinguish the Flame Trap (RoM Quest)
Extra Recycling (RoM Quest)
Extra Supplies (RoM Quest)
Eye for an Eye (RoM Quest)
Eye of Wisdom's Request (RoM Quest)
Eye of Wisdom's Speculation (RoM Quest)
Eye of Wisdom (RoM Faction)
Eye of Wisdom Leader (RoM Quest)
Eye of Wisdom Materials (RoM Item)
Faded Splendor (RoM POI)
Fadiya Omeiya (RoM Mob)
Failed Experiment (RoM Quest)
Failure will not Speak of Courage (RoM Quest)
Fairywood (RoM Object)
Fairy Present (RoM Quest)
Fallen Elf Girl (RoM Quest)
Fallen Leaves Pants (RoM Item)
False Tooth (RoM Quest)
Famanti Sica (RoM Mob)
Family (RoM Quest)
Family Quarrel (RoM Quest)
Fancy Ribbon (RoM Item)
Fanger's Makeshift Camp (RoM POI)
Fanger's Old Camp (RoM POI)
Fantastic Crisis Response (RoM Quest)
Fantastic Material (RoM Quest)
Fantasy Staff (RoM Item)
Fares Mitten (RoM Mob)
Farm Plague (RoM Quest)
Fastan Banyan (RoM Object)
Fatal (RoM Item)
Fathers Know Their Daughters (RoM Quest)
Faulty Equipment (RoM Quest)
Favorite Meal (RoM Item)
Favorite of Lady and Miss (RoM Quest)
Faydaan (RoM Mob)
Fay Akjad (RoM Mob)
Fearlessness of the Arkana-Repeatable (RoM Quest)
Fearlessness of the Arkana (RoM Quest)
Fearless (RoM Item)
Fear of Shadows (RoM Quest)
Feathered Pirate Spies (RoM Quest)
Feathers of a Harpy (RoM Quest)
Feed "It" (RoM Quest)
Felicia's Present (RoM Quest)
Felix's Relic (RoM Quest)
Female Bone Chomper (RoM Mob)
Female Ferdhoof Gazelle (RoM Mob)
Female Manticore (RoM Mob)
Female Tergothen Horned Beast (RoM Mob)
Female Withered Soul (RoM Mob)
Fendt Shoulder Guards (RoM Item)
Ferdhoof Gazelle Horn (RoM Item)
Ferdhoof Male Gazelle (RoM Mob)
Ferdhoof Mountain Scorpion (RoM Mob)
Ferocious Manticore (RoM Mob)
Ferocious Pirate (RoM Mob)
Ferocious Windrider (RoM Mob)
Ferocity (ROM Item)
Fertile Soil (RoM Object)
Festival Hall Totem Pole (RoM Object)
Feyenloth's Tranquility (RoM Recipe)
Fey Copperstove (RoM Mob)
Fey Woram (RoM Mob)
Fierce Battle (RoM Quest)
Fierce Mallen Bandit (RoM Mob)
Fierce Pirate Revenant (RoM Mob)
Fierce Plunderer (RoM Mob)
Fiergen Tundra (RoM POI)
Fighting Fire with Fire (RoM Quest)
Fighting Fire with Fire - Daily (RoM Quest)
Filthy Cave Rat (RoM Mob)
Filthy Giant Roach (RoM Mob)
Final Battle Messenger (RoM Title)
Final Clue (RoM Quest)
Final Materials (RoM Quest)
Finding Tablet - III (RoM Quest)
Finding Tablet - II (RoM Quest)
Finding Tablet - IV (RoM Quest)
Finding the Adventurer (RoM Quest)
Finding the Needle (RoM Quest)
Finding the Tablet - I (RoM Quest)
Find Airleir (RoM Quest)
Find Felix (RoM Quest)
Find Missing Horses (RoM Quest)
Find the Gap (RoM Quest)
Find the Lost Guard (RoM Quest)
Find the Poachers (RoM Quest)
Find the Treasure (RoM Quest)
Fine Chain Leg Guards (RoM Item)
Fine Long Sword (RoM Item)
Fine Short Wand (RoM Item)
Fine Wand (RoM Item)
Fine Wooden Bow (RoM Item)
Fin Scale (RoM Item)
Fire-eyed Snow Ferret (RoM Mob)
Fire-mane Boar (RoM Mob)
Fireboot Underground Fortress (RoM Zone)
Firewood (RoM Item)
Firewood Needed (RoM Quest)
Fire Core (RoM Object)
Fire Core (RoM Quest)
Fire Crystal Sand (RoM Item)
Fire Essence Vapor Stone (RoM Item)
Fire Guardian (RoM Quest)
Fire Lizard (RoM Mob)
Fire Manticore - Pet Egg (RoM Item)
Fire Spirit Prayers (RoM Quest)
Fire the Temp (RoM Quest)
Firm Plate (RoM Item)
First-Aid Expert (RoM Quest)
First Light (RoM Quest)
First Line of Defense (RoM Quest)
First Step Towards Reconciliation (RoM Quest)
First Time (RoM Quest)
Fishermen's Tale (RoM Quest)
Fishing-SJF (RoM Quest)
Fishing (RoM Quest)
Fishmouth Bay (RoM POI)
Fishmouth Bay Guard Camp (RoM POI)
Fishmouth Stone Crab (RoM Mob)
Fiss Gordon in Hiding (RoM Quest)
Fistful of Plains Wolf Fur (RoM Item)
Five-Leaf Markings (RoM Quest)
Fix it! The Strange Thing (RoM Quest)
Flame Candle (RoM Quest)
Flame Charm Knight (RoM Mob)
Flame Core Guardian (RoM Mob)
Flame Crystal Sand (RoM Item)
Flame Devil Stone (RoM Item)
Flame Dust (RoM Item)
Flame Dust (RoM Object)
Flame Dust Nugget (RoM Item)
Flame Dust Sand (RoM Item)
Flame Grass (RoM Object)
Flame Red Mushroom (RoM Object)
Flame Red Ring of Stone (RoM Item)
Flame Rune Knight (RoM Mob)
Flaming Gnoll (RoM Mob)
Flaming Wing (RoM Mob)
Flashing Scale Iguana (RoM Mob)
Flashing Scale Iguana Leather (RoM Quest)
Floating Balloon Monster (RoM Mob)
Flood Wood Stack (RoM Object)
Flora (RoM Mob)
Flour (RoM Item)
Flowers for Farisa (RoM Quest)
Flower Cactus (RoM Mob)
Flower God Shoulder Guards (RoM Item)
Fluid Extraction (RoM Quest)
Fluorescent Water Plant (RoM Item)
Flu Poisoned! (RoM Quest)
Flyers (RoM Quest)
Flying Institute's Closest Ally (RoM Title)
Flying Reed Seed (RoM Item)
Flying Rune Disk (Permanent) (RoM Item)
Fogland Evil Necklace (RoM Item)
Fogland Lurker (RoM Mob)
Fogland Spirit Necklace (RoM Item)
Fogur Marsh (RoM POI)
Folk Medicine Prescription (RoM Quest)
Following Orders (RoM Quest)
Foloin Nuts (RoM Object)
Foloin Nut (RoM Object)
Food Counterattack (RoM Quest)
Food Problem (RoM Quest)
Food Supplies (RoM Quest)
Food Thieves (RoM Quest)
Fooling the Nose (RoM Quest)
Foolish Ganoda (RoM Quest)
Forbidden Experimental Area (RoM POI)
Forbidden Love (RoM Quest)
Forbidden Preserver (RoM Mob)
Forbidden Protector (RoM Mob)
Foreigner (RoM Quest)
Forest Fairy Legend (RoM Quest)
Forest Fox (RoM Mob)
Forest Leopard (RoM Mob)
Forest Skeleton (RoM Object)
Forest Survey Camp (RoM POI)
Forgotten Earring (RoM Item)
Forgotten Laboratory (RoM POI)
Forgotten Place (RoM POI)
Forgotten Son (ROM Quest)
Forsaken Abbey (RoM POI)
Forsaken Abbey (RoM Zone)
Fortress on Alert (RoM Quest)
Fortune Stone (RoM Item)
Fort Supplies (RoM Quest)
Forward the Intelligence (RoM Quest)
Forward to the Abandoned Fortress (RoM Quest)
Foul-mouthed Cudder (RoM Mob)
Foul-mouthed Cudder (RoM Quest)
Foul Dragonfly (RoM Mob)
Foul Orc Trench-Digger (RoM Mob)
Foul Orc Warrior (RoM Mob)
Fountain (ROM Item)
Four Winged Vulture (RoM Mob)
Foxtrack Cave (RoM POI)
Fragile Life (RoM Quest)
Fragmented Bone Sword (RoM Item)
Fragment of a Crown (RoM Item)
Fragment of a Wand (RoM Item)
Fra Grey (RoM Mob)
Freedom Fighters (RoM Quest)
Free Pango (RoM Mob)
Frenzied Apeman (RoM Mob)
Frequently Asked Questions (RoM)
Fresh Bait (RoM Quest)
Fresh Crab Leg (RoM Item)
Fresh Feed (RoM Quest)
Fresh Moss (RoM Object)
Friend's Morals (RoM Quest)
Friendly Response (RoM Quest)
Friendly Trade (RoM Quest)
Friendship (RoM Quest)
Friendship Package (RoM Item)
Friends Facing Difficulty (RoM Quest)
Friend or Foe-SL (RoM Quest)
Friend or Foe (RoM Quest)
Frightening Giant Mosquitoes (RoM Quest)
Frightening Scene (RoM Quest)
Frogster Interactive Pictures AG
Frog Coin (RoM Item)
Frog Leg (RoM Item)
Frog Meat (RoM Item)
Frontline Camp (RoM POI)
Frontline Fighters (RoM Quest)
Frontline Scout (RoM Quest)
Front Base Camp of the Guards' Corridor (RoM POI)
Front Base Camp of the Revivers' Corridor
Front Base Camp of the Revivers' Corridor (RoM POI)
Front Base Camp of the Royals' Refuge (RoM POI)
Front Line Aid Camp (RoM POI)
Front Line Expedition Team (RoM Quest)
Front Line Report (RoM Quest)
Front Line Support (RoM Quest)
Frostwood Valley's Records from the Past (RoM Quest)
Frostwood Valley (RoM POI)
Frostwood Valley Cyclops (RoM Mob)
Frost Charm Guardian (RoM Mob)
Frost Core Guardian (RoM Mob)
Frost Crystal (RoM Object)
Frost Dragon Scale (RoM Item)
Frost Energy Block (RoM Item)
Frost Energy Guardians (RoM Mob)
Frost Rune (RoM Item)
Frost Rune Guard (RoM Mob)
Frost White (RoM Mob)
Frozen Crystal Ore (RoM Quest)
Frozen Elf (RoM Quest)
Frozen Flowers (RoM Quest)
Frozen Shade (RoM Mob)
Fruits and Cheese (RoM Item)
Fruit Cactus (RoM Mob)
Fruit Eaten by Mistake (RoM Quest)
Fruit of Angels (RoM Quest)
Fruit of Extra Experience (RoM Item)
Fuling (RoM Mob)
Full-Stomach Warrior (RoM Title)
Fully Entrusted (RoM Quest)
Functional Erudite Adept's Iron Chest (RoM Item)
Funerary Bracelet (RoM Item)
Fungus (RoM Mob)
Fungus garden (RoM POI)
Fungus Garden (RoM Zone)
Fungus Guardian (RoM Mob)
Fungus Guard (RoM Mob)
Fungus Habitat (RoM Zone)
Fungus King (RoM Mob)
Fungus Pet (RoM Quest)
Fungus Pet - Summoning Book (RoM Item)
Fuquash's 2-Hand Sword (RoM Item)
Fuquash's Defeat (RoM Quest)
Fuquash's Justice (RoM Quest)
Fuquash's Revenge (RoM Quest)
Fuquash's Strategy (RoM Quest)
Fuquash's Subordinates (RoM Quest)
Fuquash's Surrender (RoM Quest)
Fuquash (RoM Mob)
Furganda (RoM Mob)
Furious Blaze Weed (RoM Mob)
Furious Dead (RoM Mob)
Furious Goblin (RoM Mob)
Furious Hanz (RoM Mob)
Furious Kyle (RoM Mob)
Furious Nax (RoM Mob)
Furious Researcher (RoM Quest)
Furious Rudd (RoM Mob)
Furious Scalok (RoM Mob)
Further Study (RoM Quest)
Fur Trade (RoM Quest)
Fusion Stone (RoM Item)
G. Moa (RoM Mob)
Gaia Wabbit (ROM Mob)
Gain Back the Control over the Skies (RoM Quest)
Galaxy Fragment (RoM Item)
Gale Charm Sage (RoM Mob)
Gale Harpy (RoM Mob)
Gale Rune Sage (RoM Mob)
Galis Faidley (RoM Mob)
Game in Plenty (RoM Quest)
Gamunhan (RoM Mob)
Gang Leader Tonk (RoM Mob)
Gannalisa (RoM Mob)
Garbage Can't Be Recycled (RoM Quest)
Garlic (RoM Item)
Gathering (RoM Quest)
Gathering Diary (RoM Title)
Gathering Kobold Poison (RoM Quest)
Gathering Medicinal Materials (RoM Quest)
Gathering Opinions (RoM Quest)
Gathering Spider Venom (RoM Quest)
Gather Food (RoM Quest)
Gellis Beetle (RoM Mob)
Gel Powder (RoM Item)
Gem From a Mask (RoM Item)
General's Room (RoM Zone)
General Supplies (RoM Item)
Generous Gift (RoM Item)
Gennis Oil Fruit (RoM Item)
Gennon's Last Wish (RoM Quest)
George (RoM Mob)
Gestero's Shrine (RoM POI)
Getting Started Is the Hardest Part (RoM Quest)
Getting to Know Yourself (RoM Quest)
Getting to the Bottom of Things (RoM Quest)
Get Back on Schedule (RoM Quest)
Get Ready for Battle (RoM Quest)
Get Some Fresh Water (RoM Quest)
Get the Secret Information Back (RoM Quest)
Ghost Mother Spider (RoM Mob)
Ghost Town (RoM POI)
Ghost Town Resident (RoM Mob)
Ghost Village (RoM POI)
Ghuherr Shadowhammer (RoM Mob)
Giant's Gloves (RoM Item)
Giant's Heart (RoM Item)
Giant Antler Reindeer (RoM Mob)
Giant Bone Sample (RoM Quest)
Giant Caterpillar Steaks (RoM Quest)
Giant Flower Cactus (RoM Mob)
Giant Frost Wolf (RoM Mob)
Giant Fruit Cactus (RoM Mob)
Giant Guardian (RoM Mob)
Giant Hoof Reindeer (RoM Mob)
Giant Horn Fragment (RoM Item)
Giant Ice Plain Bear (RoM Mob)
Giant Marsh Wolf (RoM Mob)
Giant Needle Cactus (RoM Mob)
Giant Pincer Ferdhoof Mountain Scorpion (RoM Mob)
Giant Polar Bear (RoM Mob)
Giant Rat Pouch (RoM Quest)
Giant Rune Guard (RoM Mob)
Giant Sewer Cockroach (RoM Mob)
Giant Sewer Rat (RoM Mob)
Giant Sewer Spider (RoM Mob)
Giant Sharptooth (RoM Mob)
Giant Stone Pit (RoM POI)
Giant Tempest Wolf (RoM Mob)
Giant Wilderness Wolf (RoM Mob)
Giant Wolf's Hair Follicle (RoM Item)
Giant Wolf Claws (RoM Quest)
Giant Wolf Claw (RoM Item)
Giant Wolf Poop (RoM Quest)
Gift Bag (RoM Item)
Gift Box - Red (RoM Item Icon)
Gift Box - White (RoM Item Icon)
Gift for an Admirer (RoM Quest)
Gift for a Servant (RoM Quest)
Gift from your Pet (RoM Item)
Gil's New Miner (RoM Quest)
Gil (RoM Mob)
Gino (RoM Mob)
Give Him Joy! (RoM Quest)
Give me a Courage Elixir (RoM Quest)
Give this Bottle to Aysus (RoM Quest)
Giving Proof (RoM Quest)
Giving Way to Reality (RoM Quest)
Gjudir (RoM Mob)
Gleim (RoM Mob)
Glenraebor (RoM POI)
Glen Copperlatch (RoM Mob)
Glinboz (RoM Mob)
Glinville (RoM POI)
Glin Shadowrule (RoM Mob)
Glittering Ore (RoM Item)
Glittering Ore (RoM Object)
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Gloomy Crystal Sand (RoM Item)
Glory and Dishonor (RoM Quest)
Glory of the Elves (RoM Title)
Glory Square (RoM POI)
Glowing Herbs (RoM Quest)
Gnawing Beaver (RoM Mob)
Gnoll's Stones (RoM Quest)
Gnoll Badge (RoM Item)
Gnoll Bracelet (RoM Item)
Gnoll Eyeball (RoM Item)
Gnoll Necklace (RoM Item)
Gnoll Recipe (RoM Item)
Gnoll Stone (RoM Item)
Goblin Egg Thief (RoM Mob)
Goblin Grass (RoM Object)
Goblin Miner (RoM Mob)
Goblin Mines (RoM POI)
Goblin Mines (RoM Zone)
Goblin Patrolman (RoM Mob)
Goblin Patrolmen (RoM Mob)
Goblin Village (RoM POI)
Goblin Warning (RoM Quest)
Goeny (RoM Mob)
Going For It (RoM Quest)
Going to Dragonfang Ridge (RoM Quest)
Going to the Tiktaalik Village (RoM Quest)
Gojko Dogen (RoM Mob)
Golante (RoM Mob)
Golden Brilliance (RoM Item)
Golden Egg (RoM Item)
Golden Flour (RoM Item)
Golden Green Balloon Monster (RoM Mob)
Golden Lasso (RoM Item)
Golden Snowflake Festival Boots (Female) (RoM Item)
Golden Snowflake Festival Gloves (Female) (RoM Item)
Golden Snowflake Festival Hat (Female) (RoM Item)
Golden Snowflake Festival Pants (Female) (RoM Item)
Golden Snowflake Festival Shoulder Guards (Female) (RoM Item)
Golden Statue Auction (RoM Quest)
Golden Statue letter (RoM Quest)
Gold Strange Stem (RoM Mob)
Golo (RoM Mob)
Gooding (RoM Mob)
Good Drinks are Just the Start (RoM Quest)
Good God! The Stench... (RoM Quest)
Good Medicine for Healing Wounds (RoM Quest)
Good News for the Farm (RoM Quest)
Gordan Shadowblade (RoM Mob)
Gorn (RoM Mob)
Go to Issac Camp (RoM Quest)
Go to Kandor (RoM Quest)
Go to the Woodcutter's Camp (RoM Quest)
Grace (RoM Mob)
Gradually Petrifying Soldier (RoM Item)
Gradual Advance (RoM Quest)
Grafu's Helm (RoM Item)
Grafu Castle (RoM POI)
Grafu Castle (RoM Zone)
Grafu Patrolman (RoM Mob)
Grafu Soldier (RoM Mob)
Grafu Suppressor (RoM MOb)
Grandfather's Blessing (RoM Quest)
Grape (RoM Item)
Grasp (RoM Item)
Grasp of Craving (RoM Item)
Grasp of Emancipation (RoM Item)
Grasp of Friendliness (RoM Item)
Grasp of Kindness (RoM Item)
Grasp of Longing (RoM Item)
Grasp of Protection (RoM Item)
Grassa Gordon (RoM Mob)
Grassland Drifter (RoM Mob)
Grassland Hyena (RoM Mob)
Grassland Mushroom (RoM Object)
Grassland Mushroom Soup (RoM Quest)
Grass Seed (RoM Item)
Grass Tree Seed (RoM Item)
Gratitude of the Eye of Wisdom (RoM Quest)
Graveyard Carrion (RoM Mob)
Great Ape Wound Hair (RoM Quest)
Great Barrier (RoM Quest Series)
Great Instruction (RoM Quest)
Great Throat (RoM Mob)
Green-spotted Fungus Investigation (RoM Quest)
Green-winged Black Kite (RoM Mob)
Green Bicks Package (RoM Item)
Green Crystalline Seed (RoM Item)
Green Field Panzilla (RoM Mob)
Green Forest Deer (RoM Mob)
Green Forest Deer Meat (RoM Quest)
Green Frog (RoM Mob)
Green Lakoso (RoM Mob)
Green Moss Monster (RoM Mob)
Green Mud (RoM Item)
Green Potion (RoM Quest)
Green Slime Pathogen (RoM Mob)
Green Spotted Fungus (RoM Mob)
Green Thistle (RoM Object)
Green Tower (RoM POI)
Green Valley Ring (RoM Item)
Greetings of Respect (RoM Quest)
Grievous Losses (RoM Quest)
Griffith Blackstar the Corrupted Centaur (RoM Mob)
Griffith Camp (RoM POI)
Grilled Fish Feast (RoM Quest)
Grinning Beetle (RoM Mob)
Grove Package (RoM Item)
Guardian's Glory Cape (RoM Item)
Guardian's Mission (RoM Quest)
Guardian's Warning (RoM Quest)
Guardians of the Ore (RoM Quest)
Guardian (RoM Quest)
Guardian Long Staff (RoM Item)
Guards' Corridor (RoM Zone)
Guards' Corridor Entrance Hall (RoM POI)
Guard Control (RoM Quest)
Guard the Woodcutters (RoM Quest)
Gubuth (ROM Mob)
Gudisen (RoM Mob)
Guild (RoM Quest Series)
Guild Castle (RoM Zone)
Guild Castle Transport Stone (RoM Item)
Guild Gardening Tool (RoM Item)
Guild Hall (RoM POI)
Guild Quest Board (RoM Object)
Guild Quest Package (RoM Item)
Guild Rune (RoM Item)
Guild Smelting Tool (RoM Item)
Guild Woocutting Tool (RoM Item)
Gujab (RoM Mob)
Gulondemite (RoM Mob)
Gumas' Fate (RoM Quest)
Gunpowder Keg (RoM Object)
Gunston (RoM Mob)
Gurla's Beloved Son (RoM Quest)
Gurla's Benevolence (RoM Quest)
Gurla's Caravan (RoM POI)
Gurla's disciplinary action (RoM Quest)
Gurla (RoM Mob)
Gurla Caravan (RoM POI)
Gutch, Leader of the Gnolls (RoM Quest)
Guts (RoM Item)
Gyor (RoM Mob)
Habits of the Kobolds (RoM Quest)
Hadley (RoM Mob)
Hairy Frog Stirrer (RoM Item)
Hal's Decision (RoM Quest)
Hall of Dwarven Glory (RoM POI)
Hall of Survivors (RoM POI)
Hall of Survivors (RoM Zone)
Hall of the Demon Lord (RoM Zone)
Hall of the Eye of Wisdom (RoM POI)
Halo Burst (RoM Item)
Hal (RoM Mob)
Haman (RoM Mob)
Hammertooth Guard (RoM Mob)
Hammertooth Noisemaker (RoM Mob)
Hammertooth Operator (RoM Mob)
Hammertooth Roughneck (RoM Mob)
Hammertooth Ruffian (RoM Mob)
Hammertooth Sage (RoM Mob)
Hammertooth Tools (RoM Quest)
Hammur Sorrun (RoM Mob)
Handicraft Supplies (RoM Quest)
Handy Knife (RoM Item)
Hand of Truth Researcher (RoM Mob)
Hangrar Ore Mine (RoM Object)
Hanis (RoM Mob)
Haniya (RoM Quest)
Hanning (RoM Mob)
Hansen (RoM Mob)
Hans (RoM Mob)
Happiness of the Ents (RoM Quest)
Happy Memories (RoM Quest)
Hardscale Sawmouth (RoM Mob)
Hardshell Crawler (RoM Mob)
Hardskull Cheetah (RoM Mob)
Hardskull Clan (RoM POI)
Hardskull Hunter (RoM Mob)
Hardskull Shaman (RoM Mob)
Hardskull Warrior (RoM Mob)
Hardworking Sous Chef (RoM Quest)
Hard Cotton Seed (RoM Item)
Hard Horn Tissue (RoM Item)
Hard Insect Wings (RoM Quest)
Hard Leather Armor (RoM Item)
Hard on the Outside, Soft on the Inside (RoM Quest)
Hard Profit is Good Profit (RoM Quest)
Harf Trading Post (RoM POI)
Harf Trading Post Bulletin Board (RoM Object)
Harlem (RoM Mob)
Harm (RoM Item)
Harnidy (RoM Mob)
Harpies' Way of Life (RoM Quest)
Harry Largekettle (RoM Mob)
Harsh Sea of Snow (RoM Quest)
Harvesting (RoM Quest)
Hate Bugs (RoM Quest)
Hate List
Hatka Saltpeter (RoM Mob)
Hatred (RoM Item)
Hatred Crystal (RoM Mob)
Hatte Bured (RoM Mob)
Haunted Forest (RoM Quest)
Haven of Departure (RoM POI)
Hawk's Cliff (RoM POI)
Haz (RoM POI)
Haz Defender (RoM Mob)
Haz Shaman (RoM Mob)
Heading for the Sub-Human Camp (RoM Quest)
Headless Specter (RoM Mob)
Headless Warrior (RoM Mob)
Head Supervisor Shaman Chia (RoM Mob)
Head to Fiergen (RoM Quest)
Healing (RoM Quest)
Health Potions (RoM Item)
Heartbroken Again (RoM Quest)
Heart of Nature's Seed (RoM Quest)
Heart of the Ocean (RoM Zone)
Heat-Powered Battle Drug (RoM Quest)
Heat Reduction Recipe (RoM Quest)
Heaven's Wrath Executor (RoM Mob)
Heaven's Wrath Warrior (RoM Mob)
Heavy Forging Hand Guards (RoM Item)
Heavy Loop Leg Guards (RoM Item)
Heavy Sword (RoM Item)
Hebron Shadoweave (RoM Mob)
Heffner Camp (RoM POI)
Heiger's Test (RoM Quest)
Helen's Farm (RoM POI)
Helmet of the Wasteland (RoM Item)
Helping on the Front (RoM Quest)
Helping on the Second Front (RoM Quest)
Helping Sange's Research (RoM Quest)
Helping Them Grow (RoM Quest)
Helping Yashitosh (RoM Quest)
Help from the Order (RoM Quest)
Help Furious Kade (RoM Quest)
Help Sinther (RoM Quest)
Help with the Collecting (RoM Quest)
Hemming Sword (RoM Item)
Hending Coast (RoM POI)
Hending Desert (RoM POI)
Hending Harbor (RoM POI)
Herbalism Skills (RoM Quest)
Herbalist's Thanks (RoM Quest)
Herbalist Camp (RoM POI)
Herbs 1 (RoM Item Icon)
Herbs 2 (RoM Item Icon)
Herbs 3 (RoM Item Icon)
Herbs 4 (RoM Item Icon)
Herbs 5 (RoM Item Icon)
Herb 6 (RoM Item Icon)
Herb Gathering Skills (RoM Quest)
Herdali's Gold Coins (RoM Quest)
Here Comes the Rain! (RoM Quest)
Hermit's Invitation (RoM Quest)
Hermit Crab Pet Plan (RoM Quest)
Hermit of the Lake of Magic Mist (RoM Quest)
Hero's Bones (RoM Item)
Hero's Tomb (RoM POI)
Heroic Cunning Necklace (RoM Item)
Heroic Defense (RoM Quest)
Hero of Silverspring (RoM Title)
Heruton's Helm (RoM Item)
Heurton's Chain Gloves (RoM Item)
Heurton's Chain Leggings (RoM Item)
Hexagonal Stone Seal Mechanism (RoM Object)
Hidden Intentions (RoM Quest)
Hidden in the Forest (RoM Quest)
Hidden Laboratory (RoM POI)
Hidden Message (RoM Quest)
Hidden Panther (RoM Mob)
Hidden Pukari (RoM Mob)
Hidden Valley (RoM POI)
Hidden Valley Mines (RoM POI)
Hide and Seek (RoM Quest)
High-temperature Reaction Research (RoM Quest)
Highlands Demon Weed (RoM Mob)
Highlands Iguana (RoM Mob)
Highlands Threat II (RoM Quest)
Highlands Threat I (RoM Quest)
Highland Iguana (RoM Mob)
Highland Lizard (RoM Mob)
Highly-skilled Doctor (RoM Mob)
Highly Efficient Investment (RoM Quest)
High Quality Antler (RoM Item)
High Quality Flour (RoM Item)
High Quality Meat Stew (RoM Quest)
High Quality Silk (RoM Quest)
Hinhus (RoM Mob)
History of the Elves (RoM Lore)
Hochim Soldier's Boots (RoM Item)
Hochim Soldier's Chainmail (RoM Item)
Hochim Soldier's Helmet (RoM Item)
Hochim Soldier's Leggings (RoM Item)
Hogan (ROM Mob)
Holles (RoM Mob)
Holly Gordon (RoM Mob)
Holly Wood (RoM Object)
Holyspring Ring (RoM Item)
Holy Angel's Wings (RoM Item)
Holy Charm Priest (RoM Mob)
Holy Cosmetics (RoM Quest)
Holy Flower (RoM Quest)
Holy Relic Reappears (RoM Quest)
Holy Rune Priest (RoM Mob)
Holy Spring Amulet (RoM Quest)
Holy Tribal Object (RoM Quest)
Home-sweet-home (RoM Item)
Home Delivery (RoM Quest)
Honorarium and Request (RoM Quest)
Honoring the King (RoM Quest)
Honorless Knight (RoM Mob)
Honor Shop (RoM Quest)
Honor Shop Registration (RoM Quest)
Honor Title (RoM Quest)
Hork (RoM Mob)
Hormone Crystal (RoM Item)
Horned Deer (RoM Mob)
Horned Guardian (RoM Mob)
Horn of a Cyclops (RoM Item)
Horror Crystal (RoM Mob)
Horsehoof Seed (RoM Item)
Horseshoe Crab Recipe (RoM Quest)
Hosea Klongen (RoM Mob)
Hot on the Trail (RoM Quest)
Hot Spring Turtle (RoM Mob)
Hounds of the Earth (RoM Quest)
House Angel (RoM Quest)
House Maid (RoM Mob)
Howey Mingstun (RoM Mob)
Howling Mountain's Biggest Treasure (RoM Quest)
Howling Mountains (RoM Quest Series)
Howling Mountains (RoM Zone)
Howling Package (RoM Item)
Howling Wolves (RoM Quest)
How could there be no tools. (RoM Quest)
Hruda Quickblade (RoM Mob)
Huck (RoM Mob)
Huge Horn Essence (RoM Quest)
Huge Lizard Annoqua (RoM Quest)
Huge Two-handed Sword (RoM Item)
Hugo (RoM Mob)
Hungry as a Bear (RoM Quest)
Hungry Greyce (RoM Mob)
Hungry Plunderer (RoM Mob)
Hunter's Camp (RoM POI)
Hunter's Greed (RoM Quest)
Hunters Camp (RoM POI)
Hunters in the Sky (RoM Quest)
Hunting (RoM Quest)
Hunting Behrus (RoM Quest)
Hunting Ferret Cubs (RoM Quest)
Hunting for Food (RoM Quest)
Hunting Khazor Reindeer (RoM Quest)
Hunting Leather Armor (RoM Item)
Hunting Prayer Ritual (RoM Quest)
Hunting Trainee (RoM Quest)
Huntsman's Trap (RoM Item)
Hurry (RoM Quest)
Hylun Leard (RoM Mob)
I've Got a Bad Feeling About This... (RoM Quest)
Icebound Talisman (RoM Quest)
Ice Beast Pearl (RoM Item)
Ice Burst Locklay (RoM Mob)
Ice Cold Body Fluid (RoM Item)
Ice Crystal Necklace (RoM Quest)
Ice Delivery! (RoM Quest)
Ice Dwarf Garrison (RoM POI)
Ice Dwarf Gladiator (RoM Mob)
Ice Dwarf Guard Leader (RoM Mob)
Ice Dwarf Outpost (RoM POI)
Ice Dwarf Priest (RoM Mob)
Ice Dwarf Soldier (RoM Mob)
Ice Dwarf Valley (RoM POI)
Ice Dwarf Valley (RoM Zone)
Ice Dwarf Worker (RoM Mob)
Ice Dwarves that are up to no good (RoM Quest)
Ice Fairy Powder Dust (RoM Quest)
Ice Lizard (RoM Mob)
Ice Plain Sabretooth Tiger (RoM Mob)
Ice Witch Puppet (RoM Quest)
Icy Galidun Metal (RoM Item)
Icy Galidun Metal (RoM Quest)
Identification of the Data (RoM Quest)
Idle Soldiers (RoM Quest)
If Master Could Respond (RoM Quest)
If There Were Less Lizards... (RoM Quest)
If The Road Won't Turn, Change Your Path (RoM Quest)
Iguana Leather (RoM Quest)
III (RoM Title Icon)
II (RoM Title Icon)
Illusionary Ceremony Priest (RoM Mob)
Illusion Crystal (RoM Item)
Illusion Herbs (RoM Quest)
Ima Hal (RoM Mob)
Impart Information (ROM Quest)
Important Goals (RoM Quest)
Important Information (RoM Quest)
Important Intelligence (RoM Quest)
Important News (RoM Quest)
Important Patrol Work (RoM Quest)
Impossible Path (RoM Quest)
Imprisonment (RoM Quest)
Inauspicious Effect (RoM Quest)
Incomplete Bloody Beast (RoM Mob)
Increase Production Volume (RoM Quest)
Inescapable Fate (RoM Quest)
Inferno Gardens (RoM POI)
Inferno Guard Dog (RoM Mob)
Infiltrating Zurhidon (RoM Quest)
Influencing Factors (RoM Quest)
Information! (RoM Quest)
Information Collection (RoM Quest)
Information Exchange (RoM Quest)
Information Loss (RoM Quest)
Inform Rodiie (RoM Quest)
Inform the Captain (RoM Quest)
Ingham's Forest (RoM POI)
Ingredients for a Neutralizer (RoM Quest)
Inherited Treasures (RoM Quest)
Injured Chelons (RoM Quest)
Injured Friend (RoM Quest)
Inmakat (RoM Mob)
Inner Central Base Camp of the Guards' Corridor (RoM POI)
Inner Trouble (RoM Quest)
Insect Repellent (RoM Item)
Insect Shell Necklace (RoM Item)
Insipid Return (RoM Quest)
Inspect the Nameless Port (RoM Quest)
Instructional Letter (RoM Item)
Instructions (RoM Item)
Instrument Construction - Guitar (RoM Quest)
Instrument Construction - Lute (RoM Quest)
Instrument Recovery (RoM Quest)
Insufficient Repair Materials (RoM Quest)
Insufficient Supplies (RoM Quest)
Intact Piece of Meat (RoM Item)
Intact Treasure Hunter Skull (RoM Item)
Intelligence Expert Kaiza (RoM Quest)
Into the Hall of Survivors (RoM Quest)
Into the Hardskull Troll Lair (RoM Quest)
Intumescent Snowdrift (RoM Object)
Invaders from the Sea (RoM Quest)
Investigate Moongorge (RoM Quest)
Investigate No More (RoM Quest)
Investigate the Demon-mane Boars (RoM Quest)
Investigate the Menace (RoM Quest)
Investigating Legends (RoM Quest)
Investigating Once Again (RoM Quest)
Investigating the Dwarf Outpost (RoM Quest)
Investigating the Source (RoM Quest)
Investigating the Totem Notches (RoM Quest)
Investigation Cut Short (RoM Quest)
Investigation Suspicion (RoM Quest)
Investigator's Short Staff (RoM Item)
Invitation Courier (RoM Quest)
Invitation From Zurhidon (RoM Quest)
In Hiding (RoM Quest)
In Search of a Scroll (RoM Quest)
In Wine There is Truth (RoM Quest)
Iron-clawed Harpy (RoM Mob)
Iron Combat Belt (RoM Item)
Iron Heel Ayren (RoM Mob)
Iron Ingot (RoM Item)
Iron Nugget (RoM Item)
Iron Ore (RoM Item)
Iron Ore (RoM Object)
Iron Rune Warrior Incarnation (RoM Mob)
Iron Sand (RoM Item)
Iron Tooth Archer (RoM Mob)
Iron Tooth Sentry (RoM Mob)
Irrigate the Water Bone Leaves. (RoM Quest)
Irritable Otto (RoM Quest)
Issac Camp (RoM POI)
Isyeh Grass (RoM Object)
Is It A Ghost (RoM Quest)
Is it so Tasty (RoM Quest)
It's moist and cold. (RoM Quest)
Item Aggregator (RoM)
Item Shop (RoM)
Ittihad Pisen (RoM Mob)
Ivann Forgenail (RoM Mob)
IV (RoM Title Icon)
I (RoM Title Icon)
I Can't Forgive This! (RoM Quest)
I Can Do Better Than Him! (RoM Quest)
I Hate That Flavor (RoM Quest)
I Hope the Gods Will Bless You (RoM Quest)
I think I need a Pillow (RoM Quest)
I Want Revenge! (RoM Quest)
Jacob (RoM Mob)
Jaden Angus (ROM Mob)
Jade Gift Bag (RoM Item)
Jade Package (RoM Item)
Jade Valley (RoM POI)
Jade Warrior's Boots (RoM Item)
Jaffia (RoM Mob)
Jalin Polly (RoM Mob)
Janice's Wish (RoM Quest)
Janost Cypress Plank (RoM Item)
Janost Cypress Wood (RoM Object)
Janost Lizard (RoM Mob)
Janost Pango (RoM Mob)
Janost Sharptooth (RoM Mob)
Jasper Chimera Mount (7 Days) (RoM Item)
Jatos' Handwritten Proof (RoM Item)
Jatos (RoM Mob)
Javias (RoM Mob)
Jaydna Steelsand (RoM Mob)
Jenny's Helm (RoM Item)
Jenny's Power (RoM Item)
Jente Pilis (RoM Mob)
Jerrylin Sharpspade (RoM Mob)
Jerry (RoM Mob)
Jifand (RoM Mob)
Jiner Bighead (RoM Mob)
Jinners Camp (RoM POI)
Joblid the Giant Flower (RoM Mob)
Joblid the Giant Flower (RoM Quest)
Johnny Walk (RoM Mob)
Johor (RoM Mob)
Joining the Battle (RoM Quest)
Joining the Delivery Team (RoM Quest)
Joseph's Drastic Action (RoM Quest)
Joseph's Failure (RoM Quest)
Joseph's Strategy (RoM Quest)
Joseph Kota (RoM Mob)
Journey Earring (RoM Item)
Journey Package (RoM Item)
Journey together (RoM Quest)
Joyce (RoM Mob)
Judge (RoM Item)
Juggler Necklace (RoM Item)
Juggler Ring (RoM Item)
Julia's Present (RoM Quest)
Julia (RoM Mob)
Jumping Grass (RoM Mob)
Jump Training (RoM Quest)
Juneer (RoM Mob)
Jungle Hunting Thorn (RoM Item)
Jungle Lurker (RoM Mob)
Jungle Marsh (RoM POI)
Justin (RoM Mob)
Just Like That (RoM Quest)
Just Want To Sleep (RoM Quest)
Jyr'nathon Forest (RoM POI)
Jyr'na Druid Assistant (RoM Mob)
Jyr'na Elven Archer (RoM Mob)
Jyr'na Elven Druid (RoM Mob)
Jyr'na Elven Mage (RoM Mob)
Jyr'na Elven Maid (RoM Mob)
Jyr'na Elven Warden (RoM Mob)
Jyr'na Elven Warrior (RoM Mob)
Kaa Agent (RoM Mob)
Kaa Captain (RoM Mob)
Kaa Guard (RoM Mob)
Kaa Iron Guard (RoM Mob)
Kaa Marchers Must Die (RoM Quest)
Kaa Marcher (RoM Mob)
Kaa Warrior (RoM Mob)
Kabbah's Treasure Chest (RoM Quest)
Kabbah (RoM Mob)
Kabelin's Rapid Crossbow (RoM Item)
Kabisa (RoM Mob)
Kaboo (RoM Mob)
Kabuki Tabuki (RoM Mob)
Kadmos Commander (RoM Mob)
Kadmos Trading Post (RoM POI)
Kafas Degan (RoM Mob)
Kagasi Plains Chupura (ROM Mob)
Kain (RoM Mob)
Kaisvair (RoM Mob)
Kaiza Kent (RoM Mob)
Kajiazan (RoM Mob)
Kal'Turssi (RoM Mob)
Kal'Turstan (RoM Mob)
Kalen is Safe (RoM Quest)
Kalin Shrine (RoM Zone)
Kalish the Ice Frog (RoM Mob)
Kalon Priest (RoM Mob)
Kalon Warrior (RoM Mob)
Kal Turok Hive (RoM POI)
Kal Turok King Myrmex (ROM Mob)
Kal Turok Myrmex (ROM Mob)
Kal Turok Myrmex Queen (RoM Mob)
Kal Turok Soldier Myrmex (ROM Mob)
Kal Turok Worker Myrmex (ROM Mob)
Kami Mushroom Whiskey (RoM Quest)
Kampel Plains (RoM POI)
Kampel Town (RoM POI)
Kandor (RoM POI)
Kannil Deeprut (RoM Mob)
Kants Maymof (RoM Mob)
Kapuliton (RoM Item)
Kargee Fusecryst (RoM Mob)
Karia's House (RoM POI)
Karia (RoM Quest)
Karin Blackhammer (RoM Mob)
Karj Goodly (RoM Mob)
Karkadesh (RoM Mob)
Karkushee Searstove (RoM Mob)
Karros Canyon (RoM Zone)
Karzak's Response (RoM Quest)
Karzak Camp (RoM POI)
Katrina (RoM Mob)
Kawa's Ring (RoM Item)
Kawak's Belt (RoM Item)
Kawak's Earring (RoM Item)
Kawak's Gloves (RoM Item)
Kawak's Tomb (RoM Zone)
Kawa Mushroom (RoM Object)
Kayya Antsz (RoM Mob)
Keenness (ROM Item)
Kekai Wabbit (RoM Mob)
Kelly Cindai (RoM Mob)
Keluo Red Flowers (RoM Quest)
Keluo Red Flower Bush (RoM Object)
Kelvin's Drastic Action (RoM Quest)
Kelvin's Failure (RoM Quest)
Kelvin's Strategy (RoM Quest)
Kelvin Kota (RoM Mob)
Kemo Silvering (RoM Mob)
Kept Promise (RoM Quest)
Kess Jess (RoM Mob)
Key Making (RoM Quest)
Khalara Plateau (RoM POI)
Khalara Watchtower (RoM POI)
Khant (RoM POI)
Khazor's Watchtower (RoM POI)
Khazor Reindeer (RoM Mob)
Kilanche Fungus Forest (RoM POI)
Killing the Hunter (RoM Quest)
Killing the Kobold Leader (RoM Quest)
Kill Hydra (RoM Quest)
Kill the Giant Bat King (RoM Quest)
Kill the Giant Sharptooth (RoM Quest)
Kill the Worms (RoM Quest)
Kimoran (RoM Mob)
Kingdom of Kalon (RoM POI)
Kingdom of Limon (RoM POI)
Kinger (ROM Mob)
King Callaway "Toni" Kalume (RoM Mob)
King Callaway (RoM Mob)
King of the Water's Blessing (RoM Quest)
King of the Water (RoM Quest)
King Sathkur's Treasure (RoM Quest)
Kipos (RoM Mob)
Kirk's Poison Arrow (RoM Quest)
Kirolo (RoM Mob)
Kiss a Girl (RoM Quest)
Klimt (RoM Mob)
Klionde Huntclaw (RoM Mob)
Kneel Before Barrack (RoM Quest)
Knight (RoM Class Icon)
Knowledge of Rare Minerals (RoM Quest)
Knowledge of the Ancestors (RoM Quest)
Kobold Destruction Conspiracy Informant (RoM Title)
Kobold Expert Digger (RoM Mob)
Kobold Gatherer (RoM Mob)
Kobold Genius (RoM Mob)
Kobold Guardian (RoM Mob)
Kobold Leader's Plans (RoM Quest)
Kobold Marauder (RoM Mob)
Kobold Medic (RoM Mob)
Kobold Mutation (RoM Quest)
Kobold Scout (RoM Mob)
Kobold Shade Walker (RoM Mob)
Kobold Shaman (RoM Mob)
Koke Palsi (RoM Mob)
Kolanda (RoM Mob)
Kondos Whiskey (RoM Mob)
Korlee Nachsie (RoM Mob)
Krugman's Idea (RoM Quest)
Krugman's Problem (RoM Quest)
Kuinde Huntclaw (RoM Mob)
Kurami (RoM Mob)
Kusa (RoM Mob)
Kuta Shadowblade (RoM Mob)
Kuti Zetez (RoM Mob)
Kyrm Hammertooth (RoM Mob)
Labor Shortage (RoM Quest)
Labur's Gold Coins (RoM Quest)
Labur (RoM Mob)
Labyrinth Belt of Rebirth (RoM Item)
Lack of Fuel (RoM Quest)
Lacy Egg Hat (RoM Item)
Laertes (RoM Mob)
Laif Cindai (RoM Mob)
Lair of the Demon Dragon (RoM POI)
Lair of the Demon Dragon (RoM Zone)
Lair of the Water Dragon (RoM Zone)
Lajos Halka (RoM Mob)
Lajos Halka (RoM Quest)
Lakebed Samples (RoM Quest)
Lakeside Graveyard (RoM POI)
Lake Heron (RoM POI)
Lake Kandor (RoM POI)
Lake Master Yusalian (RoM Quest)
Lake of Eternal Silence (RoM POI)
Lake of Magic Mist (RoM POI)
Lake Ousul's Unusualness (RoM Quest)
Lake Ousul (RoM POI)
Lake Qilana (RoM POI)
Lake Qilana Water Sample (RoM Quest)
Lame Aysus (RoM Mob)
Lamisa Faidley (RoM Mob)
Lanaik's Leather Gloves (RoM Item)
Lance Natal's Habit (RoM Quest)
Lander Hahok (RoM Mob)
Land of Malevolence (RoM Quest Series)
Land of Malevolence (RoM Zone)
Langford Baggins (RoM Mob)
Langlokee Gardener (RoM Mob)
Langlokee Guardian (RoM Mob)
Lanorske Mountains (RoM POI)
Lanress (RoM Mob)
Large Claw Bone (RoM Item)
Large Universal Potion (RoM Item)
Large Wooden Hammer (RoM Item)
Larsus (RoM Mob)
Last Gift (RoM Quest)
Last Wish (RoM Quest)
Laurana's Discovery (RoM Quest)
Laurana (RoM Mob)
Laura (RoM Mob)
Lausan (RoM Mob)
Lava Blessing (RoM Item)
Lava Collector (RoM Mob)
Lava Crystal Iron (RoM Item)
Lava Goblin Armageddon (RoM Quest)
Lava Laborer (RoM Mob)
Lava Operator (RoM Mob)
Lava Protector (RoM Mob)
Lava Supervisor (RoM Mob)
Lava Transporter (RoM Mob)
Lava Transport Chief (RoM Mob)
Law Enforcer's Belt (RoM Item)
Laylan Winejar (RoM Mob)
Layod Plains (RoM POI)
Layod Wild Boar (RoM Mob)
Layod Wolf (RoM Mob)
Layren's Whereabouts (RoM Quest)
Layren (RoM Mob)
Layren Bomb (RoM Quest)
Leader's Ring (RoM Item)
Leander Pulini (RoM Mob)
Learn about our Friends Here (RoM Quest)
Learn From Wood (RoM Quest)
Learn Herbalism (RoM Quest)
Learn Mining (RoM Quest)
Learn Woodcutting (RoM Quest)
Leather Armor (RoM Item)
Leather Boots (RoM Item)
Leather Boots of Fruits and Oily Seeds (RoM Item)
Leather Leg Guards (RoM Item)
Leather of "Weighty" Importance (RoM Quest)
Leather Vest (RoM Item)
Leaving this Crazy Land (RoM Quest)
Leeching Bat (RoM Mob)
Leeching Bat Saliva (RoM Item)
Legacy of Inheritance (RoM Quest)
Legendary Creatures (RoM Quest)
Legends of Taborea, Chapter 1 (RoM Item)
Legends of Taborea, Chapter 2 (RoM Item)
Legends of Taborea, Chapter 3 (RoM Item)
Legends of Taborea, Page 10 (RoM Item)
Legends of Taborea, Page 13 (RoM Item)
Legends of Taborea, Page 14 (RoM Item)
Legends of Taborea, Page 15 (RoM Item)
Legends of Taborea, Page 16 (RoM Item)
Legends of Taborea, Page 1 (RoM Item)
Legends of Taborea, Page 21 (RoM Item)
Legends of Taborea, Page 22 (RoM Item)
Legends of Taborea, Page 23 (RoM Item)
Legends of Taborea, Page 24
Legends of Taborea, Page 24 (RoM Item)
Legends of Taborea, Page 4 (RoM Item)
Legends of Taborea, Page 5 (RoM Item)
Legends of Taborea, Page 6 (RoM Item)
legends of taborea (rom item)
Legends of Taborea Pages (RoM Item)
Legend of Titans' Hill (RoM Quest)
Leighton (RoM Mob)
Leig (RoM Mob)
Leig in Deep Slumber (RoM Quest)
Lekani's Light Boots (RoM Item)
Lekani's Shoulder Armor (RoM Item)
Lekani's Strength (RoM Item)
Lemislive (RoM Mob)
Leo (RoM Mob)
Lethal Sting (RoM Item)
Letter for Pannisa (RoM Quest)
Letter of Appreciation from the Phirius Workshops (RoM Item)
Letting Him Down Easy (RoM Quest)
Lettuce (RoM Item)
Let the Stone Regain Energy (RoM Quest)
Let The Wind Break Down Trouble (RoM Quest)
Level Cap
Lewis Tani (RoM Mob)
Liam Pierre (RoM Mob)
Liana Omeija (RoM Mob)
Liej Ashlar (RoM Mob)
Lieve (RoM Mob)
Life-Saving Medicine (RoM Quest)
Lifesaving Medicine (RoM Quest)
Lifesaving Protector (RoM Quest)
Life (ROM Item)
Life Crystal (RoM Item)
Life Earring (RoM Item)
Light Breastplate (RoM Item)
Light Chainmail (RoM Item)
Light Energy Crystal (RoM Item)
Light Hands and Feet (RoM Quest)
Light In A Dark Cave (RoM Quest)
Light Long Robe (RoM Item)
Light Shield (RoM Item)
Light Short Sword (RoM Item)
Light Wooden Scepter (RoM Item)
Lijao Bochness (RoM Mob)
Lijao Bocknass (RoM Mob)
Lijinda (RoM Mob)
Lik's Vexation (RoM Quest)
Lik (RoM Mob)
Limo Desert (RoM Quest Series)
Limo Desert (RoM Zone)
Lina (RoM Mob)
Lina Wabbit (ROM Mob)
Lingering Black Sail Helmsman (RoM Mob)
Linked Code 1 (RoM Item)
Links in a Chain (RoM Quest)
Link (RoM Item)
Link Rune (RoM Item)
Lionde Huntclaw (RoM Mob)
Lionheart Knights (RoM Faction)
Liri (RoM Mob)
Lishathalon (RoM Mob)
Lisha Ditket (RoM Mob)
Listana Falls (RoM POI)
Listi Pursdon (RoM Mob)
List of Hard-to-Get Materials (RoM Quest)
Little Devil's Wings (RoM Item)
Little Girl Bessie (RoM Quest)
Lively Reward (RoM Quest)
Living Cultural Relics (RoM Quest)
Liv Plumflower (RoM Mob)
Loca Roco (ROM Mob)
Locface Dragon Design Helmet (RoM Item)
Lock (RoM Quest)
Locota (RoM Mob)
Locus Path (RoM POI)
Logar (RoM POI)
Logar Bulletin Board (RoM Object)
Logar Champion Robe (RoM Item)
Logar Cotton Trousers (RoM Item)
Logar Earring (RoM Item)
Logar Package (RoM Item)
Logar Soft Silk Boots (RoM Item)
Logden Darkstove (RoM Mob)
Lola's Earring (RoM Item)
Lola's Recommendation (RoM Quest)
lola's recommendation letter (rom item)
Lola's Treasure Map (RoM Item)
Lola (RoM Mob)
Loley Yingli (RoM Mob)
Lolin Caffey (RoM Mob)
Loluka Nilo (RoM Mob)
Lomgart (RoM POI)
Lomgart Camp (RoM POI)
Lomgart Pass (RoM POI)
Lonely Lament (RoM Quest)
Loner Kid (RoM Quest)
Longbow (RoM Item)
Long Beech Table (RoM Item)
Long Club (RoM Item)
Long Iron Stick Seed (RoM Item)
Long Jet-Black Feather (RoM Item)
Long Sword (RoM Item)
Long Sword of the Noble Soul (RoM Item)
Looking for a Retired Soldier (RoM Quest)
Looking for Louie (RoM Quest)
Looking for Stolen Objects (RoM Quest)
Lookout Luke (RoM Mob)
Lookout Luke (RoM Quest)
Looped Belt (RoM Item)
Loose Cotton Trousers (RoM Item)
Loose Workpants (RoM Item)
Loot (RoM Item)
Loot Whore
Lordelain (RoM Mob)
Lorei (RoM Mob)
Lori Hellakar (RoM Mob)
Los'hudanel (RoM Mob)
Losing a Personal Letter (RoM Quest)
Lost and Found (RoM Quest)
Lost Blackie (RoM Quest)
Lost Book (RoM Quest)
Lost Bow (RoM Quest)
Lost Clues (RoM Quest)
Lost Company Member (RoM Quest)
Lost Fishing Rod (RoM Quest)
Lost For Words... (RoM Quest)
Lost Fox (RoM Mob)
Lost Goods (RoM Quest)
Lost Group Member (RoM Quest)
Lost Heirloom (RoM Quest)
Lost Keepsake Box (RoM Quest)
Lost Lover (RoM Quest)
Lost Luck (RoM Quest)
Lost Material (RoM Quest)
Lost Mimi (RoM Quest)
Lost Necklace (RoM Quest)
Lost Notes (RoM Quest)
Lost Supply Goods (RoM Quest)
Lost Sword (ROM Quest)
Lost Wabbit (RoM Mob)
Lotus (RoM Mob)
Loudmouthed Adventurer (RoM Quest)
Louie's Tent (RoM Quest)
Louie and Phil's Invitation (RoM Quest)
Louie August (RoM Mob)
Lovely Leathers (RoM Quest)
Lover's Blessing (RoM Quest)
Lover's Concern (RoM Quest)
Love Express (RoM Quest)
Lower City East (RoM POI)
Lower City West (RoM POI)
Low Magic Element (RoM Item)
Loyal Golden Marmoset - Pet Egg (RoM Item)
Loyal Little Angel - Pet Egg (RoM Item)
Loyal Little Death - Pet Egg (RoM Item)
Loyal Little Demon - Pet Egg (RoM Item)
Loyal Little Goat of War - Pet Egg (RoM Item)
Loyal Orange Ball - Pet Egg (RoM Item)
Loyal Pink Ball - Pet Egg (RoM Item)
Loyal Tropical Toucan - Pet Egg (RoM Item)
Loyal William (RoM Quest)
Lualine Fleur (RoM Mob)
Lucha Redhat (RoM Mob)
Lucia Billings (RoM Mob)
Lucky Charm (RoM Item)
Luck is the Antidote (RoM Quest)
Luke (RoM Mob)
Lunga Plepler (RoM Mob)
Lurbuding's Gold Coins (RoM Quest)
Lurking Scalok (RoM Mob)
Luzan (RoM POI)
Luzan Chief (RoM Mob)
Luzan Fighter (RoM Mob)
Luzan Hunter (RoM Mob)
Luzan Shaman (RoM Mob)
Lydia Lum (RoM Mob)
Lyk (RoM Object)
Lyk (RoM POI)
Lynn Binpike (RoM Mob)
Lyonsyde Tribe (RoM POI)
Lyrera (RoM Mob)
Machi Yoda (RoM Mob)
Macros (RoM)
Madden (RoM Mob)
Mafrur's Reaction (RoM Quest)
Magalan (RoM Mob)
Mage's Corpse (RoM Object)
Mage (RoM Class Icon)
Mage Weapon Amplifier Fragment (RoM Item)
Mage Weapon Fragment (RoM Item)
Mage Weapon Hilt Fragment (RoM Item)
Mage Who did not return (RoM Quest)
Magic-Filled Crystal (RoM Quest)
Magical Crystal Sand (RoM Item)
Magical Energy of Fire (RoM Quest)
Magical Energy of Water (RoM Quest)
Magical Energy of Wind (RoM Quest)
Magical Material (RoM Quest)
Magical Reconstruction (RoM Quest Series)
Magic (ROM Item)
Magic Bottle (RoM Item)
Magic Cavy (RoM Mob)
Magic Circle of Light (RoM Quest)
Magic Coloring (RoM Quest)
Magic Cunning Necklace (RoM Item)
Magic Gathering Point (RoM POI)
Magic Gift Bag (RoM Item)
Magic Guitar (3 Days) (RoM Item)
Magic Hormone (RoM Item)
Magic Light Power (RoM Quest)
Magic Lute - Prototype (RoM Item)
Magic Package (RoM Item)
Magic Ring (RoM Item)
Magic Turmoil Ring (RoM Item)
Magic Vine Seed (RoM Item)
Magister Gumas (RoM Mob)
Magnork Gold Coins (RoM Quest)
Maiden's Prayer (RoM Quest)
Maidge's Farm (RoM POI)
Maidge's Farm Guardian (RoM Title)
Maidge's Gift Bag (RoM Item)
Maidge's Package (RoM Item)
Mailed Reports (RoM Quest)
Maintaining the Ecological Balance (RoM Quest)
Main Party's Journal (RoM Item)
Main Tank
Majority Opinion (RoM Quest)
Major First Aid Potion (RoM Item)
Majoshat Oley (RoM Mob)
Make a Bet With Brave Bill (RoM Quest)
Making an Epic Mage Weapon (RoM Quest)
Making a Necklace of Hope (RoM Quest)
Making a Tool to Catch Them (RoM Quest)
Making Mouthwatering Morsels (RoM Quest)
Making Myrmex Poison (RoM Quest)
Making Peace (RoM Quest)
Making the Cure (RoM Quest)
Making Winter Clothes (RoM Quest)
Malatina's Course of Terror (RoM Minigame)
Malatina's Survival Game (RoM Minigame)
Malevolence Fox (RoM Mob)
Malevolence Giant Bear (RoM Mob)
Malevolence Giant Scorpion (RoM Mob)
Malevolence Wasp (RoM Mob)
Male Bone Chomper (RoM Mob)
Male Tergothen Horned Beast (RoM Mob)
Male Withered Soul (RoM Mob)
Mallor (RoM Mob)
Maltina's Dungeon (RoM Zone)
Maluke (RoM Mob)
Mammoth Calf (RoM Mob)
Mammoth King (RoM Quest)
Mammoth Mother (RoM Mob)
Man-eating Plant (RoM Mob)
Mana Bat (RoM Mob)
Mana Potions (RoM Item)
Mana Potion (RoM Item)
Mana Stones (ROM)
Mana Stone Tier 5 (RoM Item)
Mandala Flower (RoM Item)
Maneating Mosto (RoM Mob)
Mangy Hogs (RoM Mob)
Man on the Barrel (RoM Quest)
Maple Wood (RoM Object)
Marclaw Hammertooth (RoM Mob)
Marisus' Misgivings (RoM Quest)
Marisus (RoM Mob)
Marking Ink (RoM Item)
Mark (RoM Mob)
Marlow Rhodes (RoM Mob)
Marl (RoM Mob)
Marl Outpost (RoM POI)
Marl Outpost (RoM Quest)
Marl Outpost Support Troop (RoM Title)
Marriage Counselor (RoM Quest)
Marsh Fern (RoM Item)
Marsh Fern (RoM Object)
Marsh Moss Monster (RoM Mob)
Martial Guard of the Relics (RoM Mob)
Martial Protector of the Relics (RoM Mob)
Martin (RoM Mob)
Masked Ball Costume Potion Package (RoM Item)
Massacre (RoM Item)
Mastermind of Mutation (RoM Quest)
Master Craftsman's Helper (RoM Quest)
Master Craftsman Aide (RoM Title)
Master Key (RoM Quest)
Master of Earth, Fire and Darkness Seals (RoM Title)
Master Package (RoM Item)
Master Vahtos' Talisman (RoM Quest)
Materials for a Body Amulet (RoM Quest)
Materials for Mending (RoM Quest)
Materials for Revealing the Prayer (RoM Quest)
Materials Needed for Construction (RoM Quest)
Material for a Wallet (RoM Quest)
Material Gathering (RoM Quest)
Material Inspection (RoM Quest)
Material Package for Magical Instruments (RoM Item)
Material Source Scroll (RoM Item)
Mature Ent (RoM Mob)
Mature Water Bone Leaf (RoM Quest)
Mavate Daviny (RoM Mob)
Maybeli Mamila (RoM Mob)
Mayhem (RoM Item)
Mayor's Golden Staff (RoM Item)
Mayweather Lichada (RoM Mob)
Meaning Behind the Rune (RoM Quest)
Means of Shifting the Focus (RoM Quest)
Meaty Tooth of the River Fish Monster (RoM Quest)
Meat in the Sand is Especially Delicious (RoM Quest)
Medanor (RoM POI)
Medicinal Ingredients (RoM Quest)
Medicine Analysis (RoM Quest)
Medicine Supplies (RoM Quest)
Meek Angelina (RoM Mob)
Meeting at the Gates (RoM Quest)
Meeting for the First Time (RoM Quest)
Meet the Instructor (RoM Quest)
Megaphone (RoM Item)
Melody (RoM Mob)
Melody Darkforge (RoM Mob)
Member of the Mallen Brothers Gang (RoM Mob)
Memories Retained (RoM Quest)
Memory of Woodspring Village (RoM Quest)
Mending Bridges (RoM Quest)
Menk Virtulos (RoM Mob)
Menqid Beman (RoM Mob)
Mentha's Best Companion (RoM Title)
Mentha (RoM Mob)
Mentha Caravan (RoM POI)
Mercenary's Duty (RoM Quest)
Mercenary Square (RoM POI)
Mercenary Trouble (RoM Quest)
Mercenary with Broken Legs (RoM Quest)
Meryl (RoM Mob)
Mesa of the Fallen (RoM POI)
Message (RoM Quest)
Message Delivery (RoM Quest)
Message in a Bottle (RoM Item)
Messenger's Boots (RoM Item)
Messy Beast Pelt (RoM Item)
Mestro Woodlands (RoM POI)
Metal Catalyst (RoM Item)
Metal Ring of Health (RoM Item)
Metal Ring of Mana (RoM Item)
Methods of Hunting (RoM Quest)
Meticulous Chop (RoM Item)
Meticulous Slash (RoM Item)
Meticulous Strike (RoM Item)
Meydo (RoM Mob)
Mica (RoM Object)
Michael's Request (RoM Quest)
Michael's Trick (RoM Quest)
Michaelo (RoM Mob)
Michael Habin (RoM Mob)
Mickles (RoM Mob)
Mighty Phoenix Wings (RoM Item)
Might (RoM Item)
Migrating Bird (RoM Mob)
Mikael Blackjaw (RoM Mob)
Mike's Package (RoM Item)
Mike (RoM Mob)
Milasso Foresat (RoM POI)
Milasso Forest (RoM POI)
Milasso Gulo (RoM Mob)
Milaya's Origin (RoM Quest)
Milaya (RoM Mob)
Miller's Ranch (RoM Zone)
Miller's Special Cake (RoM Item)
Milya's Origin (RoM Quest)
Mimir's Message (RoM Quest)
Mimi (RoM Mob)
Mimi Boul (RoM Mob)
Mind (RoM Item)
Mineral Scorpion (RoM Mob)
Mine More Iron Ore (RoM Quest)
Mine Package (RoM Item)
Mining Skills (RoM Quest)
Mining Skills - YH (RoM Quest)
Minotaur's Soul (RoM Item)
Minotaur Altar Guard (RoM Mob)
Minotaur Commander (RoM Mob)
Minotaur Friend (RoM Quest)
Minotaur Guard (RoM Mob)
Minotaur Ornament (RoM Item)
Minotaur Patrolman (RoM Mob)
Minotaur Priest (RoM Mob)
Minotaur Soldiers (RoM Quest)
Minotaur Territory (RoM Quest)
Minotaur Trinkets (RoM Quest)
Miracle (ROM Item)
Miraculous Bloodclotting Effect (RoM Quest)
Miraculous Potion (RoM Item)
Miraculous Water Bone Leaf Ointment (RoM Quest)
Mirak (RoM Quest)
Mirdor Camp (RoM POI)
Mirrorflower (RoM Item)
Mirror Essence (RoM Item)
Mirror Sedge (RoM Object)
Mischievous Gargoyle (RoM Mob)
Mise (RoM Mob)
Mispel Marsh (RoM POI)
Missing Ecologist (RoM Quest)
Missing Hunter (RoM Quest)
Missing Lover (RoM Quest)
Missing Parts (RoM Quest)
Missing Researcher (RoM Quest)
Missing Weapon (RoM Quest)
Missing Woodcutter (RoM Quest)
Miss Headstrong (RoM Quest)
Miss Immature (RoM Quest)
Mistakenly Delivered Sample (RoM Quest)
Misty Grove (RoM POI)
Misty Rh'anka Hunter (RoM Mob)
Misty Rh'anka Scout (RoM Mob)
Misty Rotworm (RoM Mob)
Mist Emerald (RoM Item)
Mist Emerald (RoM Object)
Mithra (RoM Mob)
Mithril (RoM Object)
Mithril Ingot (RoM Item)
Mithur Ruins (RoM POI)
Miuzi (RoM Mob)
Mixing Wild Herbs (RoM Quest)
Moa's Core of Art (RoM Item)
Moa's Devotion Long Staff (RoM Item)
Moar (RoM Mob)
Modest Support (RoM Quest)
Mog Feilis (RoM Mob)
Mollick Valley (RoM POI)
Monkatula (RoM Mob)
Monks (RoM Mob)
Monthly Research Report (RoM Quest)
Moongorge (RoM POI)
Moonlight Circus (RoM POI)
Moonshadow Boshi (RoM Mob)
Moonshadow Forest (RoM POI)
Moonshadow Gulo (RoM Mob)
Moonshadow Pukari (RoM Mob)
Moonshadow Sib (RoM Mob)
Moonspring Gift Bag (RoM Item)
Moonspring Necklace (RoM Item)
Moonspring Package (RoM Item)
Moon Hills (RoM POI)
Moon Jewel - Basic (RoM Item)
Moon Jewel - Blessing (RoM Item)
Moon Jewel - Class III (RoM Item)
Moon Jewel - Class II (RoM Item)
Moon Jewel - Class I (RoM Item)
Moon Jewel - Protection (RoM Item)
Moon Jewel - Revelation (RoM Item)
Moon Orchid (RoM Object)
Moon Silver Ingot (RoM Item)
Moon Silver Ore (RoM Item)
Moon Silver Ore (RoM Object)
Morcus Beast (RoM Mob)
More Heads (RoM Quest)
More Help (RoM Quest)
More Pieces of Solid Energy (RoM Quest)
More Power (RoM Quest)
More Runes (RoM Quest)
More Supplies (RoM Quest)
Morfantas City (RoM POI)
Morfantas Guard (RoM Mob)
Morfantas Resident (RoM Mob)
Morrison (RoM Mob)
Mosseth (RoM Mob)
Moss Monster Sap (RoM Quest)
Mother Earth Ceremony (RoM Quest)
Motley Crew Archer (RoM Mob)
Motley Crew Axeman (RoM Mob)
Motley Crew Occupier (RoM Mob)
Motley Crew Patrol (RoM Mob)
Motley Crew Plunderer (RoM Mob)
Motley Crew Robber (RoM Mob)
Motley Crew Spearman (RoM Mob)
Moulton Farm (RoM POI)
Mound Lurker (RoM Mob)
Mountain Demon Grass (RoM Item)
Mountain Demon Grass (RoM Object)
Mountain Demon Grass Bundle (RoM Item)
Mountain Demon Grass Sap (RoM Item)
Mountain Poplar (RoM Object)
Mountain Refugees (RoM Quest)
Mountain Scorpion Stinger (RoM Item)
Moving Fragile Art (RoM Quest)
Moxa (RoM Object)
Moxa Sap (RoM Item)
Mrs. Helen (RoM Mob)
Mrs. Marian (RoM Mob)
Mud-rolling Wheezer (RoM Mob)
Muddy Moss Monster (RoM Mob)
Muddy Wheezer (RoM Mob)
Mudpond Village (RoM POI)
Mudpond Village also Needs Medicine (RoM Quest)
Mudpond Village Outpost (RoM POI)
Mud Lord's Slobbery Beard (RoM Quest)
Mud Lord (RoM Mob)
Mud Newt (RoM Mob)
Mufasa's Discovery (RoM Quest)
Multicolored Skipper (RoM Mob)
Mummified Man (RoM Mob)
Mummified Woman (RoM Mob)
Musa (RoM Mob)
Mushrooms Not Muttering (RoM Quest)
Mushroom (RoM Item)
Mushroom Caps (RoM Item)
Mushroom Fiber Sample (RoM Item)
Mushroom Stem (RoM Item)
Mutant Tergothen Tree Frog (RoM Mob)
Mutated Budworm (RoM Mob)
Mutated Carrion (RoM Mob)
Mutated Sand Scorpion (RoM Mob)
Mutated Wolf (RoM Mob)
Muttering Forest (RoM POI)
Mycenya City (RoM POI)
Mykologist Ring (RoM Item)
Mynarvis (RoM Mob)
Myrmex Diagram (RoM Quest)
Myrmex Poison Experiment (RoM Quest)
Myrmex Research (RoM Quest)
Myrmex Sugar Crystals (RoM Quest)
Mysteries of the Mine (RoM Quest)
Mysterious Essence (RoM Item)
Mysterious Essence (RoM Quest)
Mysterious Fruit (RoM Item Icon)
Mysterious Giant Wolf (RoM Mob)
Mysterious Grave (RoM Object)
Mysterious Lucky Frog Egg (RoM Item)
Mysterious Magical Formula (RoM Quest)
Mysterious Mushrooms (RoM Object)
Mysterious Mushrooms (RoM Quest)
Mysterious Music Box (RoM Item)
Mysterious Necklaces (RoM Quest)
Mysterious Powder (RoM Quest)
Mysterious Rune Fragment (RoM Item)
Mysterious Runic Scroll (RoM Item)
Mysterious Scroll (RoM Quest)
Mysterious Silver Coin (RoM Quest)
Mysterious Stone Tablets (RoM Quest)
Mysterious Stone Tablet (RoM Object)
Mysterious Sword (RoM Quest)
Mysterious Tough Meat (RoM Item)
Mysterious Treasure Chest (RoM Quest)
Mysterious Valley Ore (RoM Quest)
Mysterious Visitor (RoM Mob)
Mystery Fragment (RoM Item)
Mystery Juice (RoM Quest)
Mystical Pot (RoM Quest)
Mysticite (RoM Item)
Mysticite (RoM Object)
Mystic Altar (RoM POI)
Mystic Altar (RoM Zone)
Mystic Crystal Ball (RoM Item)
Mystic Package (RoM Item)
Mystic Species (RoM Quest)
My Honor (RoM Quest)
Nacy's Rescue Mission (RoM Quest)
Nadal Wisteria Wood (RoM Object)
Nadaseez (RoM Mob)
Nadil Steelaxis (RoM Mob)
Naga Berserker (RoM Mob)
Naga Burner (RoM Mob)
Naga Camp (RoM POI)
Naga Commander's Plan (RoM Quest)
Naga Defender (RoM Mob)
Naga Expeller (RoM Mob)
Naga Feeder (RoM Mob)
Naga Firestarter (RoM Mob)
Naga Guard (RoM Mob)
Naga Lunatic (RoM Mob)
Naga Outpost (RoM POI)
Naga Priestess (RoM Mob)
Naga Scout (RoM Mob)
Naga Supply Line (RoM POI)
Naga Suppressor (RoM Mob)
Naga Surveillance (RoM Mob)
Naga Tamer (RoM Mob)
Naga Vanquisher (RoM Mob)
Nake (RoM Mob)
Nameless Gem (RoM Item)
Nameless Port (RoM POI)
Nameless Threat (RoM Quest)
Nanbo Sathkur (RoM Mob)
Nanum Alluya (RoM Mob)
Narfas (RoM Mob)
Nata (RoM Mob)
Natural Pet Egg (RoM Item)
Nauseating Lanait (RoM Mob)
Nax (RoM Mob)
Nax the Holy Tree (RoM Mob)
Naya Shupulo (ROM Mob)
Naylodas (RoM Mob)
Nearby Material (RoM Quest)
Nebula Jewel (RoM Item)
Necklace or Pocket Watch (RoM Quest)
Necklace Search (RoM Quest)
Necropolis of Mirrors (RoM POI)
Necropolis of Mirrors (RoM Zone)
Ned Shadoweave (RoM Mob)
Needed Analysis Equipment (RoM Quest)
Needle Cactus (RoM Mob)
Needs more focus (RoM Quest)
Need More Fungus Stems (RoM Quest)
Need to Focus (RoM Quest)
Neep (RoM Mob)
Neglected Duties (RoM Quest)
Nest Guardian (RoM Mob)
Net Making Material (RoM Quest)
Neutralization Bar (RoM Item)
Never-ending Blaze Weed (RoM Quest)
Never Too Late to Mend (RoM Quest)
Newbie Pet Egg (RoM Item)
News from Kolydia (RoM Quest)
Newt's Liquid (RoM Quest)
Newt (RoM Mob)
New Content (RoM)
New Content Archives (RoM)
New Era (RoM Lore)
New Food (RoM Quest)
New Hangrar Ore Mine (RoM POI)
New Moon Camp (RoM POI)
New Moon Ent (RoM Mob)
New Moon Forest (RoM POI)
New Moon Pond (RoM POI)
New Study Materials (RoM Quest)
Nicolas (RoM Mob)
Nicole (RoM Mob)
Nidus Linnu (RoM Mob)
Nier Wabbit (ROM Mob)
Nightmare (RoM Quest)
Nightwalker Seed (RoM Item)
Night Raid (RoM Item)
Niko's Last Wish (RoM Quest)
Nimble Swordswoman (RoM Mob)
Nini Asher (RoM Mob)
Niwana (RoM Mob)
Nobodies' Rum (RoM Item)
Nocturnal Lantern Grass (RoM Object)
Noisome Water Elemental (RoM Mob)
Nolan Shadoweave (RoM Mob)
Nolika's Experiment (RoM Item)
Nolika's Research (RoM Quest)
Non-disclosure Agreement (RoM Quest)
Non-existent Clues (RoM Quest)
Non-Harmonious Water Elemental (RoM Quest)
Nora Hodgins (RoM Mob)
Normal Boat (RoM Item)
Normal Coin (RoM Item)
Normal Hangrar Ore (RoM Item)
Normal Lasso (RoM Item)
Normal Pink Four-Leaf Clover (RoM Item)
Norrhu Shadowcliff (RoM Mob)
Norsca (RoM Mob)
Northern Janost Forest (RoM Quest Series)
Northern Janost Forest (RoM Zone)
North Camp (RoM POI)
North Sascilia Steppes (RoM Quest Series)
Norzen Camp (RoM POI)
Notification (RoM Quest)
Not For Free (RoM Quest)
Not Your Grandmother's Soup (RoM Quest)
Novice Adventurer (RoM Title)
Novice Short Wand (RoM Item)
Noxious Blood Wraith (RoM Mob)
No Plan Left (RoM Quest)
No Sister to be Found (RoM Quest)
No Turning Back (RoM Quest)
Nutritious Cheese (RoM Item)
Nyngh Flaor (RoM Mob)
Oak Lumber (RoM Item)
Oak Wood (RoM Object)
Oasis (RoM POI)
Oasis Boshi (RoM Mob)
Oasis Scorpion (RoM Mob)
Oblivion Shrine (RoM POI)
Obscure Ancient Text (RoM Quest)
Obscure Knowledge Shoulder Guards (RoM Item)
Obscure Power Shoulder Armor (RoM Item)
Obscure Vision Shoulder Guards (RoM Item)
Obsessive Shadow (RoM Mob)
Obsidian Soldier Skeleton (RoM Item)
Obsidian Stronghold (RoM POI)
Obsidian Stronghold Bulletin Board (RoM Object)
Obtaining Magic Books (RoM Quest)
Obtaining Strange Material (RoM Quest)
Obtain Blessing (RoM Quest)
Obtain Investigation Information (RoM Quest)
Obtain the Rune (RoM Quest)
Occasionally one needs to relax (RoM Quest)
Oddleg's Crafty Ring (RoM Item)
Oddleg (RoM Mob)
Oder (RoM Mob)
Off Tank
Of all the Places... (RoM Quest)
Okander "Mad Man" Mallen (RoM Mob)
Old Bag (RoM Item)
Old Battles (RoM Quest)
Old Friend (RoM Quest)
Old Gold Coins (RoM Item)
Old Hangrar Ore Mine (RoM POI)
Old Lady Turtle (RoM Quest)
Old Man Bolton (RoM Mob)
Old Man Bolton (RoM Quest)
Old Man in the Snow (RoM Quest)
Old Spare Parts (RoM Quest)
Olias (RoM Mob)
Olute (RoM Mob)
Ominous Blood Spider (RoM Mob)
Ominous Piece of Bone (RoM Item)
Omyr (RoM Mob)
Ondas Chanep (RoM Mob)
One Thousand Years of Slavery (RoM Quest Series)
Only I Am Great (RoM Quest)
Only the Mushroom King... (RoM Quest)
Ooze Fertilizer (RoM Quest)
Opening the Secret Passageway (RoM Quest)
Open the Seal (RoM Quest)
Ordered Equipment (RoM Quest)
Order of Dark Glory (RoM Faction)
Order of Dark Glory Garrison (RoM POI)
Order of Dark Glory Vanguard (RoM POI)
Order of the Dark Glory Steel Emblem (RoM Item)
Oreng (RoM Mob)
Ore Fragments (RoM Item)
Ore Fragments (RoM Object)
Organize Peace (RoM Quest)
Oriental Tea Leaves (RoM Item)
Original Research Journal (RoM Item)
Origin of Berries (RoM Quest)
Origin of Myrmekes (RoM Quest)
Orkui (RoM Mob)
Ostrich Tailbone Meat (RoM Item)
Ostrich Tail Feather (RoM Item)
Other Requirements (RoM Quest)
Other Secrets (RoM Quest)
Ottade (RoM Mob)
Outdoors Homework (RoM Quest)
Outer Central Base Camp of Guards' Corridor (RoM POI)
Outer Central Base Camp of the Guards' Corridor (RoM POI)
Outiles (RoM Mob)
Overall Fatigue (RoM Quest)
Overthrow Those in Your Way. (RoM Quest)
Owen Steelhammer (RoM Mob)
Owen Steelshield (RoM Mob)
Owner of the Backpack (RoM Quest)
O (RoM Title Icon)
Pacification of the Ancient Guardians (RoM Quest)
Pada Teo (RoM Mob)
Padded Crystal Package (RoM Quest)
Pafrake (RoM Mob)
Paicha (RoM Mob)
Paide's Remnant (RoM Item)
Paiji (RoM Mob)
Painful Memory (RoM Quest)
Paladin's Sword (RoM Quest)
Pango Meat (RoM Item)
Pannisa's Treasure (RoM Quest)
Panzilla (RoM Mob)
Pan (RoM Mob)
Particle Leather Belt (RoM Item)
Parting Message (RoM Quest)
Parts for the Apolli Mishi (RoM Quest)
Parts for the Lyma Shapo (RoM Quest)
Parts for the Mishia Poly (RoM Quest)
Parts for the Polymesia (RoM Quest)
Parts for the Shira Polymi (RoM Quest)
Pasper's Shrine (RoM POI)
Pasper's Shrine (RoM Zone)
Passing Information (RoM Quest)
Passing Love (RoM Quest)
Passing on a Note (RoM Quest)
Passion (ROM Item)
Password Paper (RoM Item)
Patch 1827 (RoM)
Patch 4.0.0 Summer Event Overview (RoM)
Patch 4.0.10 Spring Rain Festival Overview (RoM)
Patch 4.0.11 Music Festival Overview (RoM)
Patch 4.0.1 Colorweave Festival Overview (RoM)
Patch Fairy Tale Event Overview (RoM)
Patch 4.0.3 Juice Festival Overview (RoM)
Patch 4.0.5 Autumn Banquet Overview (RoM)
Patch 4.0.5 New Recipes (RoM)
Patch 4.0.7 Festival of Fire Overview (RoM)
Patch 4.0.8 Flower Festival Overview (RoM
Patch 4.0.9 RoM 3 Years Anniversary Event Overview (RoM)
Patch 5.0.0 Craft Festival Overview (RoM)
Patch 5.0.1 Colorweave Festival Overview (RoM)
Patch 5.0.2 Fairy Tale Festival Overview (RoM)
Patch 5.0.3 Juice Festival Overview (RoM)
Patch 5.0.5 Autumn Banquet Overview (RoM)
Patterns Everywhere (RoM Quest)
Payback (RoM Item)
Pay Attention to the Mound Under your Feet (RoM Quest)
Pay a Visit to Instructor Imengala (RoM Quest)
Pazac (RoM Mob)
Peace in the Camp (RoM Quest)
Pearl Earrings (RoM Quest)
Peculiar Eating Habits (RoM Quest)
Peculiar Potion (RoM Quest)
Peeno (RoM Mob)
Peerston's Farm (RoM POI)
Peerston's Package (RoM Item)
Peerston Farm (RoM POI)
Peerston Farm Guardian (RoM Title)
Peggy Raffa (RoM Mob)
Pelards Sookla (RoM Mob)
Pendock (RoM Mob)
Pendreen Copperspade (RoM Mob)
Penny Shadoweave (RoM Mob)
Pepper Mushroom (RoM Mob)
Perfectly Matched Spices (RoM Quest)
Perfect Enhanced Star Jewel - Revelation (RoM Item)
Perfect Enhanced Sun Jewel - Revelation (RoM Item)
Perilous (RoM Quest)
Perodia (RoM Mob)
Perseverance (RoM Quest)
Pest Control Potion (RoM Quest)
Pest Extermination (RoM Quest)
Peter's Homemade Hammer (RoM Item)
Peter (HM) (RoM Mob)
Peter (OS) (RoM Mob)
Peter (RoM Mob)
Pete (RoM Mob)
Petitioning the Lake Master (RoM Quest)
Pets (RoM)
Pet Domestication Class (RoM Quest)
Phantomweave Boots (RoM Item)
Phantomweave Leg Guards (RoM Item)
Phantom Hunter (RoM Mob)
Philistanen (RoM Mob)
Philosopher's Egg (RoM Item)
Phil August (RoM Mob)
Phirius Potion (RoM Item)
Phirius Potion - Type D (RoM Item)
Phirius Token Coin (RoM Item)
Phirius Workshops (RoM Faction)
Picking on Chickens (RoM Quest)
Pick III (RoM Quest)
Pick II (RoM Quest)
Pick IV (RoM Quest)
Pick I (RoM Quest)
Piecing Together the Truth (RoM Quest)
Pile of Stones (RoM Object)
Pillager Hali (RoM Mob)
Pillager Tustuli (RoM Mob)
Pillars of Morfan (RoM Zone)
Pineapple (RoM Item)
Pine Wood (RoM Object)
Pink Four-Leaf Clover (RoM Object)
Pink Skipper (RoM Mob)
Pioneer's Mine (RoM POI)
Pioneers Colony (RoM POI)
Pioneers Colony Bulletin Board (RoM Object)
Pioneers Earring (RoM Item)
Pioneers Hunting Scimitar (RoM Item)
Pioneers Package (RoM Item)
Pioneer Trousers (RoM Item)
Pirates' Developing Agent (RoM Quest)
Pirate Appraiser (RoM Quest)
Pirate Crate (RoM Object)
Pirate Deckhand (RoM Mob)
Pirate Superstition (RoM Quest)
Pirate Veteran (RoM Mob)
Pirate Work (RoM Quest)
Plague-Infested Teeth (RoM Item)
Plains of Silent Screams (RoM POI)
Plains Wolf (RoM Mob)
Planting Demon Vines (RoM Quest)
Planting Tools (RoM Object)
Plants of the Tundra (RoM Quest)
Plants That Absorb Energy (RoM Quest)
Plant Mutations (RoM Quest)
Please Do Not Feed (RoM Quest)
Please help me... (RoM Quest)
Pliers (RoM Object)
Plight of the Sub-humans (RoM Quest)
Plinston (RoM Mob)
Plunder Research Data (RoM Quest)
Pnor (RoM Mob)
Poaching is not permitted! (RoM Quest)
Pocket Watch Power (RoM Quest)
Poisoned Adventurer (RoM Quest)
Poisonous Bite (RoM Mob)
Poisonous Cave Scorpion (RoM Mob)
Poisonous Dragonfly (RoM Mob)
Poisonous Gas Energy Guardian (RoM MOb)
Poisonous Red Frog (RoM Mob)
Poisonous Rotworm (RoM Mob)
Poisonous Scalok (RoM Mob)
Poison Anteater Sac (RoM Item)
Poison Bottle (RoM Item)
Poison Powder (RoM Item)
Poison Recipe (RoM Quest)
Poison Research (RoM Quest)
Poison Symptoms (RoM Quest)
Pokdo (RoM Mob)
Polite War Boots (RoM Item)
Pollen Stew (RoM Quest)
Polluted Dew Sample (RoM Quest)
Polluted Newt (RoM Mob)
Polluting Mutation (RoM Quest)
Polython (RoM Mob)
Popular Ingredients (RoM Quest)
Poren's Belief (RoM Quest)
Porgy's Cure (RoM Quest)
Porgy's Fate (RoM Quest)
Porgy's Safety (RoM Quest)
Porgy's Savior (RoM Quest)
Porgy's Whereabouts (RoM Quest)
Port (RoM Mob)
Port Bandit (RoM Mob)
Port Rascal (RoM Mob)
Port Robber (RoM Mob)
Posting Quests (RoM Quest)
Potential (ROM Item)
Potions (RoM)
Potion - Rare (RoM Item Icon)
Potion of Earth Elemental Affinity (RoM Item)
Potion of Forgetfulness (RoM Quest)
Potion of Holy Power (RoM Item)
Powerful and Ancient Man-Eaters (RoM Quest)
Powerful Pet Growth Potion (RoM Item)
Powerful Spirit Potion (RoM Item)
Powerless (RoM Quest)
Power for a Thousand Miles (RoM Quest)
Power of the Jade Valley (RoM Quest)
Power of the King of the Water (RoM Quest)
Pradush Blacknail (RoM Mob)
Preparations (RoM Quest)
Preparations for the Treasure Hunt (RoM Quest)
Preparation (RoM Quest)
Prepare the Medicinal Items (RoM Quest)
Prepare to Enter the Mine (RoM Quest)
Preparing for Departure (RoM Quest)
Prescription to Dispel the Curse (RoM Quest)
Presenting a Bouquet-WC (RoM Quest)
Presenting a Bouquet (RoM Quest)
Preservation Act (RoM Quest)
Preventing the Army Assembly (RoM Quest)
Prevention (RoM Quest)
Priceless Treasure (RoM Quest)
Price of a Necklace (RoM Quest)
Priest (RoM Class Icon)
Primary Supplies (RoM Quest)
Princess of Morfantas Stone Statue (RoM Item)
Prisoner's Shadow (RoM Mob)
Prison Flame Devil (RoM Mob)
Problems Inside and Outside Fanger's Camp (RoM Quest)
Processed Forging Components (RoM Item)
Procurement Grunt Gone AWOL (ROM Quest)
Production Rune (RoM Item)
Product Development (RoM Quest)
Professionals (RoM Quest)
Profit and Loss (RoM Quest)
Progress Update (RoM Quest)
Promise Not to Offend Again! (RoM Quest)
Proof of a Warrior (RoM Quest)
Proof of Power (RoM Quest)
Proof of Strength (RoM Quest)
Protecting Ayesha (RoM Quest)
Protecting Fun (RoM Quest)
Protecting the Hunting Grounds (RoM Quest)
Protection of the King of the Water (RoM Quest)
Protective Gear (RoM Quest)
Protect Fiss Gordon (RoM Quest)
Protect My Throat (RoM Quest)
Proud Buck Horn (RoM Item)
Prove Your Strength (RoM Quest)
Provide Shelter (RoM Quest)
Psychodelic Fungus (RoM Mob)
Public Event Points (RoM Item)
Pulin Shadowhammer (RoM Mob)
Pulin Steelhammer (RoM Mob)
Pulli (RoM Mob)
Punishing Rainforest Hunters (RoM Quest)
Punishing the Thieves (RoM Quest)
Punish Food Thieves (RoM Quest)
Punish Food Thieves - Daily (RoM Quest)
Puppet Crystal Powder (RoM Item)
Purchase Spider Silk (RoM Quest)
Pure Bred Naga (RoM Mob)
Pure Core (RoM Quest)
Pure White Snowdrift (RoM Object)
Purification Ritual (RoM Quest)
Purified Fusion Stone (RoM Item)
Purifying Ritual (RoM Quest)
Purify Rune (RoM Item)
Purlani Soulforge (RoM Mob)
Purlin Copperlatch (RoM Mob)
Purple Dragonfly (RoM Mob)
Purple Pumpkin Jacket (Female) (RoM Item)
PvP (RoM)
PvP Requirements (RoM Quest)
Pykesile (RoM Mob)
Qilana Camp (RoM POI)
Qilana Holy Stone (RoM Quest)
Queen's Chamber (RoM Zone)
Quellian Dashasker (RoM Mob)
Quest Hub
Quicker Than a Snow Ferret (RoM Quest)
Quickness (ROM Item)
Quill Pen (RoM Item)
Quodate Plains (RoM POI)
Rabbit Fur (RoM Quest)
Rachel Greng (RoM Mob)
Radulov (RoM Mob)
Ragemane Archer (RoM Mob)
Ragemane Shaman (RoM Mob)
Ragemane Warrior (RoM Mob)
Raich Sanburs (RoM Mob)
Raid (ROM Item)
Rainbow Bag - Full (RoM Item Icon)
Rainbow Egg (RoM Item Icon)
Rainbow Egg Gift Box (RoM Item)
Rainbow Falcon (RoM Mob)
Rainforest Hunter (RoM Mob)
Rain Nahills (RoM Mob)
Raksha's Belt (RoM Item)
Raksha (RoM Mob)
Raksha Temple (RoM POI)
Raksha Temple (RoM Zone)
Ranch Package (RoM Item)
Random Number Generator
Rare Animal Meat (RoM Item)
Rare Hangrar Ore (RoM Item)
Rare Magic Stone (RoM Item)
Rare Treasures (RoM Quest)
Rash Relief Prescription (RoM Quest)
Rations Delivery (RoM Quest)
Ration (RoM Object)
Rat Tail Rattan Seed (RoM Item)
Ravenfell's Living History (RoM Quest)
Ravenfell (RoM Quest Series)
Ravenfell (RoM Zone)
Ravenfell Historical Timeline
Ravenous Kalod (RoM Mob)
Ravine Spider (RoM Mob)
Ravine Spider King (RoM Mob)
Rayjinth (RoM Mob)
Rayji Bunifens (RoM Mob)
Razor Toothed Chupura (RoM Mob)
Reagent Ring (RoM Item)
Real and Fake (RoM Quest)
Reappearing on the Old Battlefield (RoM Quest)
Reap Without Sowing (RoM Quest)
Rear Base Camp of the Guards' Corridor (RoM POI)
Rear Base Camp of the Revivers' Corridor (RoM POI)
Rear Base Camp of the Royals' Refuge (RoM POI)
Reasonable Exchange (RoM Quest)
Reason (RoM Item)
Reason Behind the Kobold Survival (RoM Quest)
Reason for Delay (RoM Quest)
Reason for Suspicion (RoM Quest)
Reason for Wearing the Black Cloak (RoM Quest)
Reassert Skills (RoM Quest)
Rebecca (RoM Mob)
Rebirth (RoM Quest)
Receiver's Arrow (RoM Quest)
Recipe - Sealed Guitar (3 Days) (RoM Item)
Recipe for Destruction (RoM Quest)
Recognition (RoM Quest)
Reconciliation (RoM Item)
Recovered Cooking Tools (RoM Quest)
Recovering Lost Love (RoM Quest)
Recovery (RoM Quest)
Recover the Grain (RoM Quest)
Recover the Needle (RoM Quest)
Recruitment (RoM Quest)
Recycle (RoM Quest)
Red-speckled Crab (RoM Mob)
Red-tailed Frog (RoM Mob)
Redemption Breastplate (RoM Item)
Redeye Night Bear (RoM Mob)
Redhill Mountains (RoM Quest Series)
Redhill Mountains (RoM Zone)
Redleaf Gulo (RoM Mob)
Redsnow Kloka (RoM Mob)
Reduce Casualties to a Minimum! But... (RoM Quest)
Reduce the Cave Crab Population (RoM Quest)
Reduce the number of Kobold Shamans (RoM Quest)
Reduce the Threat (RoM Quest)
Reducing the Kaa Guards (RoM Quest)
Reducing the Naga's Defense (RoM Quest)
Redwing Kulang (RoM Mob)
Redwood (RoM Object)
Redwood Sapling (RoM Item)
Red Bulletin Board (RoM Object)
Red Crystalline Seed (RoM Item)
Red Feather Ostrich (RoM Mob)
Red Flame Scalok (RoM Mob)
Red Frog (RoM Mob)
Red Gift Bag (RoM Item Icon)
Red Glitterdust (RoM Quest)
Red Grease (RoM Quest)
Red Lotus (RoM Mob)
Red Potion 1 (RoM Item Icon)
Red Potion 2 (RoM Item Icon)
Red Potion 3 (RoM Item Icon)
Red Potion 4 (RoM Item Icon)
Red Potion 5 (RoM Item Icon)
Red Potion 6 (RoM Item Icon)
Red Potion 7 (RoM Item Icon)
Red Potion 8 (RoM Item Icon)
Red Potion 9 (RoM Item Icon)
Red Potion C (RoM Item Icon)
Red Potion D (RoM Item Icon)
Red Skipper (RoM Mob)
Red Snowberry (RoM Item)
Red Valley (RoM POI)
Red Winged Harpy (RoM Mob)
Reeta Purnash (RoM Mob)
Refined Fire Essence Fragment (RoM Item)
Refined Spice Mix (RoM Quest)
Refined Water Essence Fragment (RoM Item)
Refining Yellow Juice (RoM Quest)
Reforming of the Skeleton's Body (RoM Quest)
Refreshing Spring Water (RoM Quest)
Refreshing the Mind (RoM Quest)
Refugee Camp (RoM POI)
Refugee Requests (RoM Quest)
Refuge Totem Pole (RoM Object)
Regifting (RoM Quest)
Registering Your Transport Portal (RoM Quest)
Regrets of the Dead (RoM Quest)
Regular Observations (RoM Quest)
Regular Report on Pioneers Colony (RoM Quest)
Reideen (RoM Mob)
Reifort Bulletin Board (RoM Object)
Reifort Camp (RoM POI)
Reigniting the Fire of Life (RoM Quest)
Reinforcements (ROM Quest)
Reisman, the Dog Lover (RoM Quest)
Reisman (RoM Mob)
Rejuvenation Helm (RoM Item)
Releasing Ancalon (RoM Quest)
Relic Collecting (RoM Quest)
Relic of the Ancient Kingdoms (RoM Quest)
Remembered Face (RoM Quest)
Remorseful Ayak (RoM MOb)
Removing Obstacles (RoM Quest)
Removing the Smell of Blood (RoM Quest)
Removing the Traps (RoM Quest)
Repairing the Boat (RoM Quest)
Repair Equipment (RoM Quest)
Repair Hammer (RoM Object)
Repair Job (RoM Quest)
Repaying Kindness (RoM Quest)
Repaying Shamar (RoM Quest)
Repentant Cup (RoM Item)
Replacement (RoM Quest)
Replacing Traps (RoM Quest)
Replanting (RoM Quest)
Replying to Sadera (RoM Quest)
Reporting the Results (RoM Quest)
Reporting to Sheor (RoM Quest)
Report (RoM Quest)
Report - Xaviera (RoM Quest)
Report after report (RoM Quest)
Report Back (RoM Quest)
Report Confirmation (RoM Quest)
Report Delivery (RoM Quest)
Report In (RoM Quest)
Report on the Kobold Situation (RoM Quest)
Report to Instructor of the Fifth Stage (RoM Quest)
Report to Instructor of the Fourth Stage (RoM Quest)
Report to Instructor of the Second Stage (RoM Quest)
Report to Instructor of the Third Stage (RoM Quest)
Report to Marisus (RoM Quest)
Report to the First Lieutenant (RoM Quest)
Report to the Vanguard! (RoM Quest)
Reproduction Research (RoM Quest)
Request Assistance (RoM Quest)
Request Assistance - WC (RoM Quest)
Request Assistance - YH (RoM Quest)
Request Rescue (RoM Quest)
Requirements for the Protector (RoM Quest)
Rescue (RoM Quest)
Rescue Operation (RoM Quest)
Rescue the Captured Guard (RoM Quest)
Rescue the Injured (RoM Quest)
Rescue the Musical Angel (RoM Quest)
Rescuing Melody (RoM Quest)
Researcher's Revenge (RoM Quest)
Researching Craftsmanship (RoM Quest)
Researching Diet (RoM Quest)
Researching Wine (RoM Quest)
Research Analysis (RoM Quest)
Research Exchange (RoM Quest)
Research Journal Copy (RoM Item)
Resentful Mandara (RoM Mob)
Reserve Tool Maintenance Oil (RoM Quest)
Residual Energies (RoM Item)
Resistance (ROM Item)
Resistor (RoM Item)
Resist Foreign Enemies (RoM Quest)
Resonating with Energy (RoM Quest)
Resource Management (RoM Quest)
Resource Supplies (RoM Item)
Response to the Investigation (RoM Quest)
Restarting the Compass (RoM Quest)
Rest in Peace (RoM Quest)
Retaliation (RoM Quest)
Retrieval (RoM Quest)
Retrieved Legends of Taborea (RoM Quest)
Retrieve Dragon Eggs (RoM Quest)
Retrieve Herbalism Tools (RoM Quest)
Retrieve Rations (RoM Quest)
Retrieve the Ancient Fragments (RoM Quest)
Retrieve the Loot (RoM Quest)
Retrieving Legends - Chapter One (RoM Quest)
Retrieving Legends - Chapter Three (RoM Quest)
Retrieving Legends - Chapter Two (RoM Quest)
Returning (RoM Quest)
Returning Legends of Taborea (RoM Quest)
Returning Quickly (RoM Quest)
Returning Safely (RoM Quest)
Returning the "Politeness" Cape (RoM Quest)
Returning the Necklace (RoM Quest)
Return and Request Replacement (RoM Quest)
Return Gift (RoM Quest)
Return of the Golden Statue (RoM Quest)
Return of the Hero (RoM Quest)
Return of the Letter (RoM Quest)
Return the Glory (RoM Quest Series)
Return the Goods (RoM Quest)
Revealing the Prayer (RoM Quest)
Revenge for the Dead (RoM Quest)
Revivers' Corridor (RoM POI)
Revivers' Corridor (RoM Zone)
Revivers' Corridor Entrance Hall (RoM POI)
Revive the Economy! (RoM Quest)
Revolution (ROM Item)
Rewards (RoM Quest)
Rewards for Students (RoM Quest)
Rewards of Revenge (RoM Quest)
Reward - Ghoul Drake (RoM Quest)
Reward Dorlos (RoM Quest)
Reward for Rune Craftsmen (RoM Quest)
Rey's Toy (RoM Quest)
rey (rom mob)
Rezibi (RoM Mob)
Rh'anka Salt Raider (RoM Mob)
Rh'anka Village (RoM POI)
Rh'anka Wanderer (RoM Mob)
Rhyst (RoM Mob)
Ribbed Axe (RoM Item)
Rick Mallen (RoM Mob)
Riddle of the Shrine (RoM Quest)
Ridged Iron Club (RoM Item)
Ridiculous! (RoM Quest)
Riding Boots (RoM Item)
Rift Gesphar (RoM Mob)
Ringard Narse (RoM Mob)
Ring and Revenge (RoM Quest)
Ring of Carfcamoi (RoM Quest)
Ring of Demonic Destruction (RoM Item)
Ring of Fortune Grass (RoM Item)
Ring of the Ravenous (RoM POI)
Rita Mushroom (RoM Object)
Rite Ceremony (RoM Quest)
Rite of Hope (RoM Quest)
Rite of Passage (RoM Quest)
River Monster (RoM Mob)
Roasted Fish (RoM Item)
Roasted Pork Feast (RoM Quest)
Roasted Salty Fish (RoM Item)
Robber Baron Leader Fendus (RoM Mob)
Robest Red Bear Hide (RoM Quest)
Robe of the Cursed Face (RoM Item)
Robin (RoM Mob)
Roche's Book (RoM Quest)
Rochefort (RoM Mob)
Roche (RoM Mob)
Rock Crystal (RoM Item)
Rock Crystal (RoM Object)
Rock Galidun (RoM Mob)
Rock Salt Mosto (RoM Mob)
Rock Salt Village (RoM POI)
Rodiie (RoM Mob)
Rogue (RoM Class Icon)
Roland Ebon (RoM Mob)
Roland Ironfist (RoM Mob)
Romanji (RoM Object)
ROM Anniverary Package (RoM Item)
RoM Template Users Guide
Rose's Able Assistant (RoM Title)
Rose's Business (RoM Quest)
Rose's Helper (RoM Quest)
Rose's Methods (RoM Quest)
Rose's Return letter (RoM Quest)
Rose's Stance (RoM Quest)
Rosemary (RoM Item)
Rosemary (RoM Object)
Rosemary Bundle (RoM Item)
Rosemary Sap (RoM Item)
Rose (RoM Mob)
Rose - CoO (RoM Mob)
Rose Caravan (RoM POI)
Rose Westwood (RoM Mob)
Ross Bete (RoM Mob)
Rotten-nose Porgy (RoM Mob)
Rotten Entling (RoM Mob)
Rotting Flesh Chupura (ROM Mob)
Rotwood Bug (RoM Mob)
Rough Cloth Garment (RoM Item)
Rough Cloth Pants (RoM Item)
Rough Wooden Bow (RoM Item)
Rouse (ROM Item)
Route Blocked (RoM Quest)
Royal's Refuge (RoM Zone)
Royals' Refuge (RoM Zone)
Royals' Refuge Entrance Hall (RoM POI)
Rubbish of a Valley Dwarf (RoM Item)
Rudro (RoM Mob)
Rufa (RoM POI)
Rufa Commoner (RoM Mob)
Rufa Fighter (RoM Mob)
Rufa Hunter (RoM Mob)
Rufa Shaman (RoM Mob)
Ruined Appetite (RoM Quest)
Ruins Bandit (RoM Mob)
Ruins Cleaner (RoM Mob)
Ruins Investigation Team Medal (RoM Item)
Ruins of Bymorsh (RoM POI)
Ruins of the Great Gate (RoM POI)
Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom (RoM Zone)
Ruins of the Magnork Kingdom (RoM Zone)
Ruins Research Camp (RoM POI)
Ruins Vagrant (RoM Mob)
Ruin Researchers' Camp (RoM POI)
Rumors Stop at a Wise Man (RoM Quest)
Rumpus Mine (RoM POI)
Rumpus Mine (RoM POI))
Runestone Energy (RoM Quest)
Runestone Guardian (RoM Mob)
Runestone Guardian Swordsman (RoM Mob)
Runestone Recovery (RoM Quest)
Runestone Rock Guardian (RoM Mob)
Runes of Magic
Runes of Magic Links
Runewalker Entertainment Corporation
Rune Armaments (RoM Quest)
Rune Charger (RoM Object)
Rune Circle (RoM POI)
Rune Circle (RoM Quest)
Rune Fragments (RoM Quest)
Rune Gift Bag II (RoM Item)
Rune Gift Bag I (RoM Item)
Rune Identification Scroll (RoM Item)
Rune Obsidian Ore (RoM Object)
Rune of Wind (RoM Quest)
Rune Pet Egg (RoM Item)
Rune Pet Egg - Common (RoM Item)
Rune Pet Egg - Epic (RoM Item)
Rune Pet Egg - Rare (RoM Item)
Rune Pet Egg - Superior (RoM Item)
Rune Power Test - Part 2 (RoM Quest)
Rune Structure (RoM Quest)
Rune Throne (RoM POI)
Rune Transmutation (RoM)
Rural Life in Sley (RoM Quest)
Rush the Pumpkin Harvest (RoM Quest)
Rusted Axe (RoM Item)
Rusty Weapons (RoM Quest)
Ruthless Fungus (RoM Mob)
Ruzio, the Expedition Donkey (Permanent) (RoM Item)
Ryan Glin (RoM Mob)
Saatchi's Cup (RoM Item)
Saatchi's Cup (RoM Quest)
Saatchi Shadoweave (RoM Mob)
Saatchi Shadowweave (RoM Mob)
Sabelia's Decision (RoM Quest)
Sabelia (RoM Mob)
Saber (RoM Item)
Sabinean Cave (RoM POI)
Sabinean Shaman (RoM Mob)
Sabinean Warrior (RoM Mob)
Sack of Ore (RoM Item)
Sacred Ground of the Titan (RoM POI)
Sacred Soil (RoM Quest)
Sacrifice of Fresh Blood (RoM Quest)
Sacrificial Chalice (RoM Quest)
Sacrificial Lambs (RoM Quest)
Safety Fundamentals (RoM Quest)
Safety of the Camp (RoM Quest)
Safe and Sound (RoM Quest)
Safe Arrival (RoM Quest)
Safe Return (RoM Quest)
Sagewood (RoM Object)
Sage Magic (RoM Quest)
Sailin Pan (RoM Mob)
Sailor's Ghost (RoM Mob)
Sailor's Graveyard (RoM POI)
Sailor's Warning (RoM Quest)
Sai Kasrate (RoM Mob)
Sakuchi Blackhammer (RoM Mob)
Salioca Basin (RoM Zone)
Salioca Elephant (RoM Mob)
Salley Shadowblade (RoM Mob)
Sally Iceberg (RoM Mob)
Salmon (RoM Item)
Salond (RoM Mob)
Salve (RoM Item)
Samek (RoM Mob)
Same as it Always Is (RoM Quest)
Samirat (RoM Mob)
Samoge (RoM Mob)
Sample Analysis (RoM Quest)
Sample of Mutated Blood (RoM Quest)
Sampling (RoM Quest)
Sam Ironshield (RoM Mob)
Sanbur's Support (RoM Quest)
Sanburs Camp (RoM POI)
Sanctuary of Jyr'na (RoM POI)
Sand-ripple Tortoise (RoM Mob)
Sandbank Chelon (RoM Mob)
Sandbank Guardian (RoM Mob)
Sander Hachak (RoM Mob)
Sandlord Sephiroth (RoM Mob)
Sandstone Bat (RoM Mob)
Sandstone Messenger (RoM Mob)
Sandstone Snake (RoM Mob)
Sandstorm Yasheedee (RoM Mob)
Sandy Scalok (RoM Mob)
Sand Manticore - Pet Egg (RoM Item)
Sand Scorpion Neep (RoM Quest)
Sand Scorpion Plains (RoM POI)
Sand Vortex (RoM Zone)
Sanguis (RoM Mob)
Sano Shadowdagger (RoM Mob)
Sardo's Leg Guards (RoM Item)
Sardo Castle (RoM POI)
Sardo Castle (RoM Zone)
Sardrath Corridor (RoM POI)
Sarlo (RoM Quest Series)
Sarlo (RoM Zone)
Sascilia Steppes (RoM Quest Series)
Sascilia Steppes (RoM Title Series)
Sascilia Steppes (RoM Zone)
Sascilia Steppes III (RoM Title)
Satenando (RoM Mob)
Sathkur Ruins (RoM POI)
Sathkur Thieves' Cave (RoM POI)
Saul Leighton's Bag (RoM Object)
Saul Leighton (RoM Mob)
Savage (ROM Item)
Savage Lands (RoM Quest Series)
Savage Lands (RoM Zone)
Savage Power (RoM Item)
Savage Power (RoM Quest)
Savage Revenge (RoM Quest)
Save Our Faith (RoM Quest)
Save the Captives (RoM Quest)
Save the Villagers (RoM Quest)
Saving a Life (RoM Quest)
Saving a Love Affair (RoM Quest)
Saving Filodik (RoM Quest)
Saving Gubuth (RoM Quest)
Saving Miffy (RoM Quest)
Saving the Seeds (RoM Quest)
Saying Hi (RoM Quest)
Scabby Paper (RoM Item)
Scalok Blood (RoM Quest)
Scaly Anteater (RoM Mob)
Scaly Giant Spider (RoM Mob)
Scared Mimi Boul (RoM Quest)
Scarlet Sharptooth (RoM Mob)
Scarlet Snake Guard Detail (RoM Quest)
Scar of Despair (RoM POI)
Scattered Jewelry (RoM Item)
Scattered Resources (RoM Quest)
Scattered Supplies (RoM Item)
Scavenger Newt (RoM Mob)
Scheming Yuri (RoM Quest)
Scorpion (RoM Quest)
Scorpion Antidote (RoM Quest)
Scorpion Hollow (RoM POI)
Scorpion Pincer Powder (RoM Quest)
Scorpion Pupa Surprise! (RoM Quest)
Scorpion Shell Specimen (RoM Quest)
Scorpion Tail Powder (RoM Quest)
Scorpion Tail Venom (RoM Quest)
Scout (RoM Class Icon)
Screaming Gargoyle (RoM Mob)
Scribbled Map (RoM Quest)
Seafood Style Leg Meat (RoM Quest)
Sealed Guitar (3 Days) (RoM Item)
Seal (RoM Quest)
Seal of Zurhidon (RoM Item)
Seal Preparation (RoM Quest)
Seal the Magic Stone Circle (RoM Quest)
Seaman's Yarn (RoM Quest)
Sean Jadis (RoM Mob)
Sean Kauppinen
Searching for a Ray of Hope (RoM Quest)
Searching for Lorei's Message (RoM Quest)
Searching for the Other Half (RoM Quest)
Search for a Scout (RoM Quest)
Search for Tatasha (RoM Quest)
Search for the Fishing Rod's Owner (RoM Quest)
Search for the Legendary Sword (RoM Quest)
Sea of Snow (RoM POI)
Sea of Snow Behru (RoM Mob)
Sea of Snow Behru Hunt (RoM Quest)
Sea of Snow Camp (RoM POI)
Sea of Snow Cyclops (RoM Mob)
Sea of Snow Package (RoM Item)
Sea of Snow Supply (RoM Item)
Sea Salt Crystal (RoM Object)
Secondary Supplies (RoM Quest)
Second Line of Defense (RoM Quest)
Secrets of the Dragon (RoM Quest)
Secret Agent Lola (RoM Quest)
Secret Aid (RoM Quest)
Secret Book of the Minotaurs (RoM Quest)
Secret Card Deck (RoM Item)
Secret Concealment Leg Guards (RoM Item)
Secret Deal (RoM Quest)
Secret Friend (RoM Quest)
Secret Grove Anteater (RoM Mob)
Secret Grove Boshi (RoM Mob)
Secret Grove Boshi Hard Horn (RoM Item)
Secret Grove Woodroach Hard Shell (RoM Item)
Secret Guardian's Belt (RoM Item)
Secret Help (RoM Quest)
Secret Human Testing Facility (RoM Quest)
Secret Investigation (RoM Quest)
Secret Mage Recipe Anti-Snake Incense (RoM Quest)
Secret Manipulator of Lathrofea (RoM Quest)
Secret Mission (Phil August) (RoM Quest)
Secret Mission (RoM Quest)
Secret Note (RoM Item)
Secret of the Blood (RoM Quest)
Secret of the Mystic Altar (RoM Quest)
Secret of the Pocket Watch (RoM Quest)
Secret of the Ruins (RoM Quest)
Secret of the Rune Throne (RoM Quest)
Secret Operation (RoM Quest)
Secret Spice (RoM Item)
Secret Spider Weapon (RoM Quest)
Secret Treasure Box (RoM Quest)
Secret Treasure Box - RF (RoM Quest)
Secret Treasure Box - YH (RoM Quest)
Secure the Supply Line (RoM Quest)
Seeing Loran Yates (RoM Quest)
Seeking Assistance (RoM Quest)
Seek Pan's Help (RoM Quest)
Seemingly Normal Bottle (RoM Item)
Seige War (RoM Zone)
Selected Mushroom (RoM Item)
Self-defense Ability (RoM Quest)
Selling Like Hot Cakes (RoM Quest)
Selling Materials (RoM Quest)
Selling Water Bone Leaves (RoM Quest)
Sergarth Outpost (RoM POI)
Serious Gardening (RoM Quest)
Serious Trouble (RoM Quest)
Setting Things Straight (RoM Quest)
Setting Tigers Fighting (RoM Quest)
Sevaida Woods (RoM POI)
Severe Twist (RoM Quest)
Seward (RoM Mob)
Sewer Knight Copper Coin (RoM Item)
Sewer Mud Monster (RoM Mob)
Sewing the Scalok Suit (RoM Quest)
Shabby Kobold Shoe (RoM Item)
Shabby Shoes (RoM Quest)
Shabby Wooden Shield (RoM Item)
Shackle Coast (RoM POI)
Shadoj (RoM Mob)
Shadoj Gloves (RoM Item)
Shador (RoM POI)
Shadowfall Street (RoM POI)
Shadowforge Breastplate (RoM Item)
Shadowforge Iron Boots (RoM Item)
Shadowforge Leg Guards (RoM Item)
Shadowmoon Cove (RoM POI)
Shadowmoon Wanderer (RoM Mob)
Shadows (RoM Quest)
Shadow (RoM Mob)
Shadow Newt (RoM Mob)
Shadow Thunder Leather Boots (RoM Item)
Shad Shink (RoM Mob)
Shaggy Bear (RoM Mob)
Shaggy Bear Threat (RoM Quest)
Shaggy Snow Bear (RoM Mob)
Shaggy Snow Bear Paw (RoM Item)
Shallows Scealok (RoM Mob)
Shallow Lakoso (RoM Mob)
Shalson (RoM Mob)
Shaman's Diagnosis (RoM Quest)
Shaman Eno (RoM Quest)
Shaman Fogg (RoM Mob)
Shaman Yeda (RoM Mob)
Shamar (RoM Mob)
Shamilod (RoM Mob)
Shamp (RoM Mob)
Shana's Sweet Spot (RoM Quest)
Shana (RoM Mob)
Shape of the Intruder (RoM Quest)
Sharktooth (RoM Mob)
Sharleedah (RoM Mob)
Sharlin's Report (RoM Quest)
Sharlin (RoM Mob)
Sharp-Horned Gulo (RoM Mob)
Sharp-toothed Boar (RoM Mob)
Sharpclaw Bear (RoM Mob)
Sharpwing Dragonfly (RoM Mob)
Sharp Bear Claw (RoM Quest)
Sharp Blade Annihilator (RoM Mob)
Sharp Fang (RoM Item)
Sharp Gravel (RoM Item)
Sharp Horn (RoM Item)
Sharu (RoM Mob)
Shawy Sanburs (RoM Mob)
Sheekai (RoM Mob)
Sheesimos' Last Will and Testament (RoM Quest)
Sheetreg (RoM Mob)
Shellacy's Present (RoM Quest)
Shellacy (RoM Mob)
Shelly Wright (RoM Mob)
Shell (RoM Item)
Shems Bowen (RoM Mob)
Sheor (RoM Mob)
Shiani Alian (RoM Mob)
Shidograce (RoM Mob)
Shield (RoM Item)
Shikha (RoM Mob)
Shikude (RoM Mob)
Shink Mafu (RoM Mob)
Shint's Leather Armor (RoM Item)
Shiny Rune (RoM Item)
Shirley Higgins (RoM Mob)
Shorn Cape (RoM Item)
Shortcut Home (RoM Quest)
Short Cloak (RoM Item)
Short Staff of Superstition (RoM Item)
Short Sword (RoM Item)
Shoulder Armor of the Night King (RoM Item)
Should be Liquid (RoM Quest)
Showing Reverence (RoM Quest)
Shrine Ruins (RoM Quest)
Shuma Gazelle (RoM Mob)
Shuma Tortoise (RoM Mob)
Shuma Valley (RoM POI)
Shut Them Up (RoM Quest)
Sibwok (RoM Mob)
Siege Wars (RoM)
Siege War Invitation Letter (RoM Quest)
Sifted Ore (RoM Item)
Sigg Lurker (RoM Mob)
sigils (rom)
Sigil of the Lucky Green Frog (RoM Item)
Sigil of the Lucky Red Frog (RoM Item)
Signal (RoM Quest)
Sign Up for Title Training (RoM Quest)
Sikas Shorthair (RoM Mob)
Silas Dardeh (RoM Mob)
Silent Concern (RoM Quest)
Silent Scream Condor (RoM Mob)
Silent Scream Dread Wolf (RoM Mob)
Silverfall (RoM POI)
Silverfall Bulletin Board (RoM Object)
Silvermane Hound (RoM Mob)
Silvershadow (RoM Faction)
Silvershadow Adventurer (RoM Mob)
Silverspring (RoM Quest Series)
Silverspring (RoM Zone)
Silverspring Blue Bulletin Board I (RoM Object)
Silverspring Bulletin Board (RoM Object)
Silverspring Enforcers Leggings (RoM Item)
Silverspring Everyday Light Boots (RoM Item)
Silverspring Green Bulletin Board III (RoM Object)
Silverspring Green Bulletin Board II (RoM Object)
Silverspring Green Bulletin Board IV (RoM Object)
Silverspring Green Bulletin Board I (RoM Object)
Silverspring Guardian Jacket (RoM Item)
Silverspring Guardian Leather Coat (RoM Item)
Silverspring Investigation Gloves (RoM Item)
Silverspring Investigation Scale Gauntlets (RoM Item)
Silverspring Red Bulletin Board (RoM Object)
Silverspring Yellow Bulletin Board I (RoM Object)
Silverstar Camp (RoM POI)
Silvervein Leaves (RoM Object)
Silvervein Leave (RoM Item)
Silver Corona Wings (RoM Item)
Silver Feather Silk (RoM Item)
Silver Ore (RoM Item)
Silver Ore (RoM Object)
Simone (RoM Mob)
Simple Crossbow (RoM Item)
Simple Leather Breast Plate (RoM Item)
Simple Repair Hammer (RoM Item)
Simple Self-Defense Tool (RoM Quest)
Simple Sheperd Staff (RoM Item)
Sinaf (RoM Mob)
Singing Passion (RoM Quest)
Sinking into Mud (RoM Quest)
Sinners Palm (RoM Object)
Sinther Camp (RoM POI)
Sinther Shadowrule (RoM Mob)
Sisileena Chab (RoM Mob)
Sita's Dolls (RoM Quest)
Sita (RoM Mob)
SiteMap (RoM)
Skeletal Belt (RoM Item)
Skeletal Hand Guards (RoM Item)
Skeletal Plate Armor (RoM Item)
Skeletal Ring (RoM Item)
Skeleton (RoM Item)
Skill Potion (RoM Item)
Skill Training Certificate (RoM Item)
Skincare Materials (RoM Quest)
Skinning and Peeling (RoM Quest)
Slave Hole (RoM POI)
Slaying the Giant Antler Reindeer (RoM Quest)
Slay the Elder Reindeer (RoM Quest)
Slender Scimitar (RoM Item)
Sley (RoM POI)
Sley Farms (RoM POI)
Sloan Shuder (RoM Mob)
Sloborn Steelhorn (RoM Mob)
Slow Breakdown Method (RoM Quest)
Sly Beetle (RoM Mob)
Small Buckler (RoM Item)
Small Empty Bottle (RoM Item)
Small Fish (RoM Item)
Small Hand Axe (RoM Item)
Small Hatchet (RoM Item)
Small Hoe (RoM Item)
Small Spade (RoM Item)
Small Wand (RoM Item)
Smash! (RoM Quest)
Smashed Fire Essence Fragment (RoM Item)
Smashed Water Essence Fragment (RoM Item)
Smelly Dirt (RoM Object)
Smelly Gatherer (RoM Quest)
Smelly Offal (RoM Item)
Smoke Screen Fragment (RoM Item)
Smooth Newt Skin (RoM Item)
Smuggler Camp (RoM POI)
Smuggling Businessman (RoM Quest)
Snakebite Antidote (RoM Quest)
Snake Poison Cure Recipe (RoM Quest)
Snake Valley (RoM POI)
Snatching the Treasure (RoM Quest)
Snoop the Stubborn (RoM Mob)
Snowclaw Defender (RoM Mob)
Snowclaw Gnoll Leader Colin (RoM Mob)
Snowclaw Gnoll Leader Gutch (RoM Mob)
Snowclaw Inspector (RoM Mob)
Snowclaw Poisoner (RoM Mob)
Snowclaw Scout (RoM Mob)
Snowclaw Spear Holder (RoM Mob)
Snowfield Thieves (RoM Quest)
Snowhorn (RoM POI)
Snowmoon (RoM Mob)
Snow Blake (RoM Mob)
Snow Ferret Pelts (RoM Quest)
Snow Ferret Tails (RoM Quest)
Snow Mountain Logging Area (RoM POI)
Snow Mountain Logging Camp (RoM POI)
Snow Ornamental Cape (RoM Item)
Snow White Flowers (RoM Quest)
Soft and Cozy (RoM Quest)
Soft Boots (RoM Item)
Soft Brush (RoM Quest)
Soft Cotton Cloth Boots (RoM Item)
Soft Cotton Trousers (RoM Item)
Soft Fox Pelt (RoM Item)
Soft Leather Trousers (RoM Item)
Soft Robe (RoM Item)
Soft Shoes (RoM Item)
Soft Travelers' Boots (RoM Item)
Soldier's Provocation (RoM Quest)
Soldier's Revenge (RoM Quest)
Soldiers After the Battle (RoM Quest)
Sold the Farm (RoM Quest)
Solins (RoM Mob)
Solving the Problem (RoM Quest)
Sonar Fork (RoM Quest)
Song of Julia (RoM Item)
Song of the Forest (RoM Quest)
Sonora (RoM Mob)
Soothing Water (RoM Quest)
Sorcery (RoM Item)
Sore Guard (RoM Mob)
Sorrowful Request (RoM Quest)
Sorrow Crystal (RoM Mob)
Sorry, You Dropped Something (RoM Quest)
Souless Androlier (RoM Item)
Souless Warrior (RoM Mob)
Soulless Androlier (RoM Item)
Soulless Soldier (RoM Mob)
Soul Container (RoM Quest)
Soul Loser (RoM Quest)
Sound of Wailing Wind (RoM Quest)
Sound of Wind (RoM Item)
Sources of Energy Needed (RoM Quest)
Source of Pollution (RoM Quest)
Southern Barrier (RoM POI)
Southern City Package (RoM Item)
Southern Fern (RoM Item)
Southern Janost Forest (RoM Quest Series)
Southern Janost Forest (RoM Zone)
South Sascilia Steppes (RoM Quest Series)
So This is Goodbye (RoM Quest)
Special Attacks (RoM)
Special Bracelets (RoM Quest)
Special Cheese Soup (RoM Item)
Special Contributor (RoM Quest)
Special Delicatessen Package (RoM Quest)
Special Elven Food (RoM Quest)
Special Food (RoM Quest)
Special Gift (RoM Quest)
Special Herbs (RoM Quest)
Special Medicine (RoM Quest)
Special Potion (RoM Quest)
Special Sauce (RoM Quest)
Special Sediment (RoM Quest)
Special Venom Sample (RoM Quest)
Specter Captain (RoM Mob)
Specter Guardian Creator (RoM Mob)
Spell (ROM Item)
Spider Egg Sac (RoM Object)
Spider King's Venom (RoM Item)
Spider Priestess Mandara (RoM Mob)
Spider Venom (RoM Quest)
Spiny Lobster (RoM Item)
Spiritwood Branch (RoM Item)
Spirit Compass (RoM Quest)
Spirit Gathering Circles (RoM Quest)
Spirit of Tempest Height (RoM Zone)
Spirt Hand Bow (RoM Item)
Spore Grove (RoM POI)
Spore Grove Resource War (ROM Quest)
Spore Guard (RoM Mob)
Spore Mage (RoM Mob)
Spore Problems (RoM Quest)
Spot Check (RoM Quest)
Sprier (RoM Quest)
Spring Water Delivery (RoM Quest)
Spring Water from Moongorge (RoM Quest)
Spring Water Sample (RoM Quest)
Spring Water Sample of the Upper Reaches (RoM Quest)
Spy's Adaptation Gloves (RoM Item)
Spy's Investigation Gloves (RoM Item)
Spy's Reasoning Gloves (RoM Item)
Squirming Corpse (RoM Object)
Stabbed Cape (RoM Item)
Stable Request (RoM Quest)
Stamina (RoM Item)
Stampeding Scealok (RoM Mob)
Standard Aggregator (RoM Item)
Staring Eye (RoM Item)
Start Again (RoM Quest)
Start a Fire (RoM Quest)
Starving Wolves (RoM Quest)
Star Jewel - Basic (RoM Item)
Star Jewel - Blessing (RoM Item)
Star Jewel - Class III (RoM Item)
Star Jewel - Class II (RoM Item)
Star Jewel - Class I (RoM Item)
Star Jewel - Protection (RoM Item)
Star Jewel - Revelation (RoM Item)
Static Lathrofea (RoM POI)
Station (RoM Quest)
Steady Heart Earring (RoM Item)
Steady Heart Necklace (RoM Item)
Stealing the Locked Box (RoM Quest)
Stealth is Everything (RoM Quest)
Steal Anything (RoM Quest)
Steal Medical Supplies (RoM Quest)
Steaming Hot Hardshell Hot Pot (RoM Quest)
Stedman's Mischief (RoM Quest)
Stedman (RoM Mob)
Steed of Dread (RoM Mob)
Steel Bridge of Cremation (RoM POI)
Sternhorn (RoM POI)
Steyathe (RoM Mob)
Sticky Gum (RoM Item)
Still Missing a Flavor (RoM Quest)
Stingtail Scorpion (RoM Mob)
Stitching Craftsman (RoM Mob)
Stolen Book (RoM Quest)
Stolen Chicken (RoM Quest)
Stolen Goods (RoM Quest)
Stolen Honor (RoM Quest)
Stolen Merchandise (RoM Quest)
Stolen Mushrooms (RoM Quest)
Stolen Rainbow Egg (RoM Item)
Stolen Tools (RoM Quest)
Stomach (RoM Item)
Stone-Clawed Dragon (RoM MOb)
Stone (RoM Item)
Stone Armored Rhino (RoM Mob)
Stone Bag (RoM Item)
Stone Bridge Protection Team Report (RoM Quest)
Stone Corridor (RoM POI)
Stone of Truth (RoM Quest)
Stone Pine (RoM Object)
Stone Rotan Wood (RoM Object)
Stone Tablet with Vague Writing (RoM Item)
Stone Tooth (RoM Item)
Stone Totem Fragment (RoM Item)
Stop (RoM Quest)
Stop it! (RoM Quest)
Stop the Ceremony (RoM Quest)
Stop the Noise (RoM Quest)
Stop the Pain (RoM Quest)
Storage Chest (RoM Item)
Store Emergency Rations (RoM Quest)
Storm Energy Guardian (RoM Mob)
Storm Pass (RoM POI)
Story Time (RoM Quest)
Strange Brew (RoM Quest)
Strange But Necessary Materials (RoM Quest)
Strange Chest (RoM Quest)
Strange Crystal (RoM Item)
Strange Dirt Pile (RoM Object)
Strange Gnolls (RoM Quest)
Strange Machine (RoM Quest)
Strange Man in a Black Cloak (RoM Quest)
Strange Medicine (RoM Quest)
Strange Pot (RoM Object)
Strange Relic (RoM Object)
Strange Request (RoM Quest)
Strange Rock Pillar (RoM Quest)
Strange Runes (RoM Quest)
Strange Scales (RoM Quest)
Strange Shining Material (RoM Item)
Strange Shining Metal (RoM Item)
Strange Substance (RoM Item)
Strange Things in the Village (RoM Quest)
Strange Unity (RoM Quest)
strategy game
Straw Mushroom (RoM Object)
Straying Black Sail Sailor (RoM Mob)
Stray Boshi (RoM Mob)
Stray Rotworm (RoM Mob)
Street Sweeping (RoM Quest)
Strengthening the Defense Line (RoM Quest)
Strength of the Elves (RoM Title)
Strength of the Seal (RoM Quest)
Strict Deputy Captain (RoM Quest)
Strike (RoM Item)
Striking First (RoM Quest)
Stripping Pelts (RoM Quest)
Stripy Sawmouth (RoM Mob)
Strongholds, Morale and Rumors (RoM Quest)
Strong Boars (RoM Quest)
Strong Medicine (RoM Quest)
Strong Resistance (RoM Quest)
Strong Stimulant (RoM Item)
Studded Wooden Club (RoM Item)
Student Certificate (RoM Quest)
Study Essence (RoM Item)
Subdue the Ice Witch (RoM Quest)
Suborde Huntclaw (RoM Mob)
Subordinate's Regards (RoM Quest)
Suffering Puppet Soldier (RoM Mob)
Summer Oak (RoM Object)
Sunset Mirror Falls (RoM POI)
Sun Jewel - Basic (RoM Item)
Sun Jewel - Blessing (RoM Item)
Sun Jewel - Class III (RoM Item)
Sun Jewel - Class II (RoM Item)
Sun Jewel - Class I (RoM Item)
Sun Jewel - Protection (RoM Item)
Sun Jewel - Revelation (RoM Item)
Superior Chaincoat (RoM Item)
Superior Coat (RoM Item)
Superior Equipment Package (RoM Item)
Superior Traveling Robe (RoM Item)
Super Healing Potion (RoM Recipe)
Supplementary Research Material (RoM Quest)
Supplying the Sea of Snow (RoM Quest)
Supplying Winternight Valley (RoM Quest)
Supply (RoM Item)
Supply Captain (RoM Mob)
Supply Guard (RoM Mob)
Supply Kit (RoM Item)
Supply Officer's Angst (RoM Quest)
Supply of Clean Water (RoM Quest)
Supply Status (RoM Quest)
Supporting the Big Dig (RoM Quest)
Supporting the Bridge Team (RoM Quest)
Supporting the Front (RoM Quest)
Supporting the Front Line (RoM Quest)
Supporting the Guard (RoM Quest)
Supporting the Water Source Survey Team (RoM Quest)
Support Camp Infirmary (RoM Quest)
Support the Front Lines Eliminate the Gargoyles (RoM Quest)
Support the Front Line Aid Camp (RoM Quest)
Support War with War (RoM Quest)
Surprise Attack (ROM Quest)
Surviving the Desert (RoM Quest)
Suspicion (ROM Quest)
Suspicious-looking Mail (RoM Quest)
Suspicious Farmers (RoM Quest)
Suspicious Flash (RoM Quest)
Suspicious Stone Tablet (RoM Object)
Suspicious Wooden Box (RoM Object)
Swallowed Pearl (RoM Quest)
Swallow Walker (RoM Mob)
Swamp Kulang (RoM Mob)
Swamp Salamander (RoM Mob)
Swanwool Seed (RoM Item)
Sweet Essence (RoM Quest)
Sweet Fruit Bread (RoM Item)
Sweet Juice (RoM Quest)
Sweet Milk (RoM Quest)
Sweet Revenge (RoM Quest)
Swindler's Request (RoM Quest)
Sword of Tomorrow (RoM Item)
Sylvester's Blessing (RoM Quest)
Sylvester (RoM Mob)
Tabobi Sagan (RoM Mob)
Taffrock - Southern District (RoM Zone)
Tagena (RoM POI)
Tagena Gift Bag (RoM Item)
Tagena Hermit's Cottage (RoM POI)
Tagena Package (RoM Item)
Tagena Patrolman (RoM Mob)
Tagena Wanderer (RoM Mob)
Tagiton's Package (RoM Item)
Tagiton (RoM Mob)
Tailor's Commission (RoM Quest)
Tailoring Tools (RoM Object)
Tais Delaykess (RoM Mob)
Take Back the Compass (RoM Quest)
Take Out the Trash (RoM Quest)
Take the Eggs (RoM Quest)
Take the Mulled Wine to Old Sajjid (RoM Quest)
Taking Back the Research Materials (RoM Quest)
Taking Care of the Girl (RoM Quest)
Takracier Flower (RoM Item)
Takracier Flower (RoM Object)
Talent Points (RoM)
Talida's Other Problem (RoM Quest)
Talida's Problem (RoM Quest)
Talida Shinre (RoM Mob)
Talif Yuan (RoM Mob)
Talismans (RoM Item)
Talking to the Vagrant (RoM Quest)
Tame Mountain Crab (RoM Mob)
Tamo Punz (RoM Mob)
Tamo Siko (RoM Mob)
Tanilof (RoM Mob)
Tankaja Anshing (RoM Mob)
Tannik (RoM Mob)
Tanya's Tomb (RoM Object)
Tan Greng (RoM Mob)
Tarhanis' Revenge (RoM Quest)
Tarhanis Silverbrand (RoM Mob)
Tarkun (RoM Mob)
Tarnished Silver Necklace (RoM Quest)
Tarslin Demon Wood (RoM Object)
Tarslin Demon Wood Plank (RoM Item)
Tasting is Knowing (RoM Quest)
Tasty Cuisine (RoM Quest)
Tasty Worms (RoM Quest)
Tatasha (RoM Mob)
Tatooed Boar (RoM Mob)
Tattered Gift Bag (RoM Item)
Tattered Story Book (RoM Item)
Tatus' Necklace (RoM Item)
Tatus (RoM Mob)
Tatus (RoM Quest)
Taylin Fishbone (RoM Mob)
Tayne's Intel Boots (RoM Item)
Teaching Certificate (RoM Item)
Teaching Them a Lesson (RoM Quest)
Teach the Dwarves a Lesson and Pluck Their Beards (RoM Quest)
Teach Those Rat Thieves A Lesson (RoM Quest)
Team Tracks (RoM Quest)
Tea Plant Bud (RoM Item)
Technique of Capturing Alive (RoM Quest)
Technique of Capturing Alive - Daily (RoM Quest)
Teeth of the Reef (RoM Mob)
Tegena Wanderer (RoM Mob)
Tekoli-Wussa's Helmet (RoM Item)
Tekoli-Wussa's Light Boots (RoM Item)
Tekoli-Wussa's Shell (RoM Item)
Tekoli-Wussa's Shoulder Armor (RoM Item)
Telyle Maymof (RoM Mob)
Temperature Control (RoM Quest)
Tempest Heights Transport Circle (RoM POI)
Tempest Height (RoM POI)
Tempest Height Beast Tamer (RoM Mob)
Tempest Height Eagle Fighter (RoM Mob)
Tempest Height Hunter (RoM Mob)
Tempest Height Leather Leg Guards (RoM Item)
Tempest Height Shaman (RoM Mob)
Tempest Height Warrior (RoM Mob)
Tempest Thieves' Den (RoM POI)
Temple of Mysteries (RoM POI)
Temptation Crystal (RoM Quest)
Tempting Dirks (RoM Quest)
Tenacious Dispeller (RoM Item)
Tender Light Moss (RoM Item)
Teresa (RoM Mob)
Tergothen Bay (RoM Quest Series)
Tergothen Bay (RoM Zone)
Terrible Dream (RoM Quest)
Terrifying Paralyzing Mushroom (RoM Quest)
Testimony to Bravery (RoM Quest)
Testing the Drug (RoM Quest)
Testing Your Skills (RoM Quest)
Test of Courage III (RoM Quest)
Test of Courage II (RoM Quest)
Test of Courage I (RoM Quest)
Test of Rune Power (RoM Quest)
Test of Skill (RoM Quest)
Test of the Magic Phantom Pearl (RoM Quest)
Test Results (RoM Quest)
Thank You Gift (RoM Quest)
That Crazy Master of Mine (ROM Quest)
That Day's Nightmare (RoM Quest)
That Weirdo (RoM Quest)
Theron (RoM Mob)
They Deserve It (RoM Quest)
They Don't Have the Authority to Do That (RoM Quest)
The Amulet in the Monster Compendium (RoM Quest)
The Amulet of Fortune (RoM Quest)
The Annoying Boars (RoM Quest)
The Arcane Transmutor (RoM Quest)
The Attack (RoM Quest)
The Backwater War (RoM Quest)
The Bard Said... (RoM Quest)
The Basics of Attack (RoM Quest)
The Basics of Defense (RoM Quest)
The Beautiful Colors of the Sky (RoM Quest)
The Beginning of Crafting Study (RoM Quest)
The Benefits of Fire Energy (RoM Quest)
The Benefits of Water Energy (RoM Quest)
The Best Defense is a Good Offense (RoM Quest)
The Best Prey (RoM Quest)
The Betrayer in the Dream (RoM Quest)
The Big Dig (RoM POI)
The Black Mary's Ship Log (RoM Quest)
The Black Swordsman's Sword (RoM Quest)
The Blake Family Curse
The Bodos Cannot be Without the Gods! (RoM Quest)
The Box... (RoM Quest)
The Business of Poison (RoM Quest)
The Captured Scout (RoM Quest)
The Cause of the Dwarf Attacks (RoM Quest)
The Ceremonial Totem (RoM Quest)
The Chain of Friendship (RoM Quest)
The Challenge (RoM Quest)
The Chief's Promise (RoM Quest)
The Cold Truth of Betrayal (RoM Quest)
The Cost of Honor (RoM Quest)
The Council President's Request (RoM Quest)
The Crucial Attack (RoM Quest)
The Cyclops Menace (RoM Quest)
The Darkness Guardian (RoM Quest)
The Degenerated Elves (RoM Quest Series)
The Demons of Robest (RoM Quest)
The Demon Hidden in Icefrost City (RoM Quest)
The Dispenser Agent (RoM Quest)
The Distillery (RoM POI)
The Drawn Bowstring (RoM Quest)
The Drybone's Identity (RoM Quest)
The Drybone of the Muttering Forest (RoM Quest)
The Earth Rune Pillars (RoM Quest)
The Elegant and Beautiful Samantha (RoM Quest)
The Elves' Defenses (RoM Quest)
The Emblem's Owner (RoM Quest)
The Energy Jewel (RoM Quest)
The Final Step (RoM Quest)
The Finished Product (RoM Quest)
The First Item of the Ceremony (RoM Quest)
The First Light of Hope (RoM Quest)
The First Quest (RoM Quest)
The First Step to Enter the Tribe (RoM Quest)
The Forbidden Curse (RoM Quest)
The Forgotten Worship (RoM Quest)
The Forsaken Abbey (RoM POI)
The Forsaken Abbey (RoM Quest)
The Forsaken Abbey is My Back Yard (RoM Title)
The Galedive Razor (RoM Quest)
The Gnolls' Doomsday (RoM Quest)
The Goddess' Redemption (RoM Quest)
The Great Skill of Transport (RoM Quest)
The Guard of Varanas (RoM Faction)
The Guild Needs Herbs (RoM Quest)
The Guild Needs Weapons (RoM Quest)
The Hardest Word (RoM Quest)
The Harpies can't resist... (RoM Quest)
The Holy Circle (RoM Faction)
The Ideas of Young People (RoM Quest)
The Illusionary Flame Dish (RoM Quest)
The Implied Confession (RoM Quest)
The Kadmos Mercenaries (RoM Quest)
The Kindness of Strangers (RoM Quest)
The Kobold Rampage (RoM Quest)
The Last Wish (RoM Quest)
The Legendary Sword - Eulogy of Blood (RoM Quest)
The Legend of Black Swordsman
The Lost Appendix (RoM Quest)
The Lost Guard's Message (RoM Quest)
The Lost Heirloom (RoM Quest)
The Lost Supplies (RoM Quest)
The Lost Toolbox (RoM Quest)
The Lure (RoM Quest)
The Magical Medicine (RoM Quest)
The Magic of the Barrow (RoM Quest)
The Marsh Observer (RoM Quest)
The Master's Review (RoM Quest)
The Master of the Seal of Darkness (RoM Quest)
The Master of the Seal of Earth (RoM Quest)
The Master of the Seal of Fire (RoM Quest)
The Meaning of Existence (RoM Quest)
The Military Strength We Need (RoM Quest)
The Missing Boy (RoM Quest)
The Missing Pieces (RoM Quest)
The Monster's True Identity (RoM Quest)
The Monster's Weakness (RoM Quest)
The Moongorge Discovery (RoM Quest)
The More Special The More Valuable (RoM Quest)
The Nameless Port's History (RoM Quest)
The Necessary Nutrients (RoM Quest)
The New Blacksmith's Discovery (RoM Quest)
The New Blacksmith's Experience (RoM Quest)
The New Blacksmith's Persistence (RoM Quest)
The New Blacksmith's Studies (RoM Quest)
The New Plant (RoM Quest)
The Order of Dark Glory (RoM Quest)
The Order of Dark Glory Vanguard (RoM Quest)
The Origin (RoM Zone)
The Origin of the Bizare Scent (RoM Quest)
The Other Pirate Treasure (RoM Quest)
The Pocket Watch's Owner (RoM Quest)
The Poet's Safety (RoM Quest)
The Power of Love (RoM Quest)
The Power of Wings (RoM Quest)
The Power to Protect (RoM Quest)
The Precondition (RoM Quest)
The Price (RoM Quest)
The Price for Improvement A Promise (RoM Quest)
The Project Plan (RoM Quest)
The Real Fishing Rod (RoM Quest)
The Reason Behind the Gold Coins (RoM Quest)
The Research Team's Wisdom (RoM Quest)
The Restored Stone Tablet (RoM Quest)
The Rhodes Family Curse
The Road After (RoM Quest)
The Ruins are Speaking (RoM Quest)
The Scattered Supplies (RoM Quest)
The Scholar's Judgement (RoM Quest)
The Search Continues (RoM Quest)
The Search for Runic Knowledge (RoM Quest)
The Second Item of the Ceremony (RoM Quest)
The Secret in the Treasure Box (RoM Quest)
The Secret of Bear Paws (RoM Quest)
The Secret of Evil Spirit (RoM Quest)
The Secret of the Necklace (RoM Quest)
The Secret of the Ring (RoM Quest)
The Secret of the Spirit of Tempest Height (RoM Quest)
The Secret of Venom (RoM Quest)
The Secret Plan of the Eye of Wisdom (RoM Quest)
The Secret Request (RoM Quest)
The Seductive Dark Pearl (RoM Quest Series)
The Shaman's Anger (RoM Quest)
The Shot Researcher (RoM Quest)
The Sole Survivor (RoM Quest)
The Specially-made Gift (RoM Quest)
The Special Order (RoM Quest)
The Steel Bridge of Cremation (RoM POI)
The Stolen Artifacts (RoM Quest)
The Stone Fragment (RoM Quest)
The Story Behind the City Wall (RoM Quest)
The Story of the Black Mary
The Strange Fish People and the Fishermen (RoM Quest)
The Strange Sound (RoM Quest)
The Strange Tomb (RoM Quest)
The Strength of Friendship (RoM Quest)
The Surviving Deputy (RoM Quest)
The Sword of Legend (RoM Quest)
The Thief King's Ancient Coins (RoM Quest)
The Thief who loves to Eat (RoM Quest)
The Third Item of the Ceremony (RoM Quest)
The Threat of the Magical Creatures (RoM Quest)
The Tomb's Revenge (RoM Quest)
The Treasures of the Redwood (RoM Quest)
The Treasure Burial Place (RoM Quest)
The Troll's Natural Enemy (RoM Quest)
The True Body of the Count Hibara (RoM Quest)
The True Situation (RoM Quest)
The Truth (RoM Quest)
The Truth of the Picture (RoM Quest)
The Unknown Prey (RoM Quest)
The Unlocking (RoM Quest)
The Unseen Monster (RoM Quest)
The Vahtos Academy (RoM Faction)
The Villains' Weakness (RoM Quest)
The Villains (RoM Quest)
The Viscount's Gift (RoM Quest)
The Warning (RoM Quest)
The Warnorken Arena (RoM Zone)
The War Between Wind and Earth (RoM Quest)
The Way of Survival (RoM Quest)
The Way to Forget to Survive (RoM Quest)
The Whereabouts of the Crown (RoM Quest)
The Whispers of the Muttering Forest (RoM Quest)
The Wholesaler's Fury (RoM Quest)
The Witch Called Fuling (RoM Quest)
The World in Books (RoM Quest)
The Worst Case Scenario (RoM Quest)
Thick Clothing (RoM Item)
Thick Leather Belt (RoM Item)
Thick Leather Shoulder Guards (RoM Item)
Thick Thread Needed (RoM Quest)
Things That Go Bump (RoM Quest)
Things That Go Bump in the night (RoM Quest)
Thinning the Herd (RoM Quest)
Thisthor Shadowblaze (RoM Mob)
This is discouraging! (RoM Quest)
This is War (RoM Quest)
Thorny Individuals (RoM Quest)
Thorny Sand Viper (RoM Mob)
Thorn Apple (RoM Object)
Thorn Spider (RoM Mob)
Thorough Research (RoM Quest)
Those Pesky Bears (RoM Quest)
Threat (RoM Quest)
Three-lined Boar (RoM Mob)
Thrilling Crystal Construction (RoM Quest)
Throne of the Water (RoM POI)
Throne of the Wind (RoM POI)
Throwing Knife Bag (RoM Item)
Thunderbolt Pet L103 (RoM Quest)
Thunderhoof Grass (RoM Object)
Thunderhoof Hills (RoM Quest Series)
Thunderhoof Hills (RoM Zone)
Thyma (RoM Mob)
Tia's Hand Guards (RoM Item)
Tia's Ring (RoM Item)
Tia's Spike (RoM Item)
Tibabus (RoM Mob)
Tick, tick, tick... It's running. (RoM Quest)
Tied-up Researcher (RoM Mob)
Tiger Lily Perfume (RoM Quest)
Tiger Shark Gloves (RoM Item)
Tili Shadowblade (RoM Mob)
Time Capsule (RoM Quest)
Time Goes by so Fast (RoM Quest)
Time is Short (RoM Quest)
Time is Short Part Two (RoM Quest)
Time to Return (RoM Quest)
Timlod Sid (RoM Mob)
Tiny Control Equipment (RoM Quest)
Tiny Magical Remnant (RoM Item)
Tiny Runic Remnant (RoM Item)
Tin Nugget (RoM Item)
Tin Ore (RoM Item)
Tin Ore (RoM Object)
Tin Sand (RoM Item)
Titans' Hill (RoM POI)
Titans' Hill Camp (RoM POI)
TitleQuest (RoM Quest Series)
Tjarkta Yanoh (RoM Mob)
Todo Ginko Tree (RoM Object)
Toi's Gloves (RoM Item)
Tokamofi (RoM Mob)
Tomara (RoM POI)
Tomard (RoM POI)
Tomb of the Seven Heroes (RoM Zone)
Tomb Researchers' Camp (RoM POI)
Tomb Robber (RoM Mob)
Tooda (RoM Mob)
Tooka Ironpot (RoM Mob)
Tools of Attraction (RoM Quest)
Tools of the Dwarf Researcher (RoM Quest)
Tool Maintenance Oil (RoM Quest)
Tooth Blade (RoM Item)
Torchas (RoM Mob)
Torn Score (RoM Item)
Torture Necklace (RoM Item)
Tough Boshi Hide (RoM Item)
Tough Chupura (RoM Mob)
Tough Cloth Boots (RoM Item)
Tough Cobweb Cape (RoM Item)
Tough Crystal (RoM Item)
Towards the Second Line of Defense (RoM Quest)
Tower of Rage (RoM POI)
Tower of the Wailing Wind (RoM POI)
Tower of Wailing Wind (RoM POI)
Toxin Trace Research (RoM Quest)
To Catch a Killer (RoM Quest)
To Peerston (RoM Quest)
TP Bonus
Trace Elements (RoM Quest)
Tracking (RoM Quest)
Tracking Lorei (RoM Quest)
Trade Relations (RoM Quest)
Trade Square (RoM POI)
trading arrows (rom quest)
Trading Ash (RoM Quest)
Trading Mountain Demon Grass (RoM Quest)
Trading Rocks (RoM Quest)
Trading Square (RoM POI)
Trading Wooden Arrows (RoM Quest)
Trading Zinc Ore (RoM Quest)
Tragedy (RoM Quest)
Trained Ankylar (RoM Mob)
Training Completed (RoM Quest)
Training Points
Traitor (RoM Quest)
Traitor - SS (RoM Quest)
Trampled Seed (RoM Item)
Transaction (RoM Quest)
Transcendence Beach (RoM POI)
Transferring the Captive (RoM Quest)
Transfer of Passion (RoM Quest)
Transformation needed (RoM Quest)
Transformation Potion - Female Noble Wabbit (RoM Item)
Transformation Potion - Lacy Egg (RoM Item)
Transformation Potion Bag - Female Noble Wabbit (RoM Item)
Transformation Potion Box - Rainbow Egg (RoM Item)
Transformation Potion Box - Wabbit (RoM Item)
Transformed Demon Drake (RoM MOb)
Transformed Drake (RoM MOb)
Transformed Goathorn (RoM Item)
Transformed Human Stitchings (RoM Mob)
Transformed Villager (RoM Mob)
Transmutation (RoM)
Transport Book (roM)
Transport Gloves (RoM Item)
Transport Rune (RoM Item)
Trap (RoM Quest)
Trap Chain Leggings (RoM Item)
Trap Hand Guards (RoM Item)
Trap Parts (RoM Quest)
Trash Has Its Value (RoM Quest)
Traveler's Boots (RoM Item)
Traveler's Coat (RoM Item)
Traveler's Leggings (RoM Item)
Traveler's Robe (RoM Item)
Traveler's Trousers (RoM Item)
Treacherous Bandit (RoM Mob)
Treacherous Masheg (RoM Mob)
Treasure-Hunting Thief (RoM Mob)
Treasure Chest (RoM Object)
Treasure Chest Guard (RoM Mob)
Treasure Chest Key (RoM Item)
Treasure Hunter's Corpse (RoM Mob)
Treasure Hunter's Miracle (RoM Quest)
Treasure Hunter's Remains (RoM Mob)
Treasure Hunter's Treasure (RoM Quest)
Treasure Hunt (RoM Quest)
Treasure Hunt - Stage 1 (RoM Quest)
Treasure Hunt - Stage 2 (RoM Quest)
Treasure Hunt - Stage 3 (RoM Quest)
Treasure Hunt - Stage 4 (RoM Quest)
Treasure of the Ice Dwarf Priest (RoM Quest)
Treasure of the Tiktaalik (RoM Quest)
Treasure Trove (RoM Zone)
Trials of a New Soldier (RoM Quest)
Trial Package (RoM Item)
Triumph (RoM Item)
Troll Bait (RoM Quest)
Troublemaker's Fate (RoM Quest)
Troublemaker (RoM Quest)
Troublesome Dragonflies (RoM Quest)
True Danger (RoM Quest)
Truth-telling Liquor (RoM Quest)
Truth (RoM Quest)
Truth on a Sheepskin Parchment (RoM Quest)
Trying Their Luck (RoM Quest)
Trying to Communicate (RoM Quest)
Try With Someone Else (RoM Quest)
Tsunami Scealok (RoM Mob)
Tukork Hunting Ground (RoM POI)
Turmoil in Tergothen Bay (RoM Quest)
Turned into Ashes (RoM Quest)
Tusked Boar (RoM Mob)
Tusked Boar Leg (RoM Item)
Tusked Ice Plain Mammoth (RoM Mob)
Tusk Research (RoM Quest)
Tusk Spider (RoM Mob)
Tutorial (RoM Zone)
Twilight Mine (RoM POI)
Twilight Package (RoM Item)
Twisted Soul (RoM Quest)
Twlight Mine (RoM POI)
Two-handed Axe (RoM Item)
Two Birds with One Stone (RoM Quest)
Two Elderly Ladies, Two True Friends (RoM Quest)
Tyda (RoM Mob)
Tyda Rason (RoM Mob)
Tyrefen Mountain Range (RoM Zone)
Tysona Ironfist (RoM Mob)
Ubame (RoM Mob)
Ugly Stomach (RoM Quest)
Unarmed Combat Encyclopedia (30 Days) (RoM Item)
Uncle Kaga (RoM Mob)
Uncontrolled Demon Soldier (RoM Mob)
Undead General (RoM Item)
Undead Searcher (RoM Mob)
Undead Specter (RoM Mob)
Undercity Thug (RoM Mob)
Undercity Vandal (RoM Mob)
Underground Ancient City (RoM Quest)
Underground Phantom Leather Pants (RoM Item)
Understanding the Condition of Injured Team Members (RoM Quest)
Under the Blood (RoM Quest)
Undying Will (RoM Quest)
Unearthed Pot (RoM Quest)
Unearthing Research (RoM Quest)
Unending Legends (RoM Quest)
Unending Noise III (RoM Quest)
Unending Noise II (RoM Quest)
Unending Noise I (RoM Quest)
Unexpected Effect (RoM Quest)
Unexpected Extra Income (RoM Quest)
Unexpected Major Discovery (RoM Quest)
Unexpected Trouble (RoM Quest)
Unforgettably Delicious (RoM Quest)
Unforgotten Agreement (RoM Quest)
Unfulfilled Wishes (RoM Quest)
Unhappy Sabelia (RoM Quest)
Unicorn Tail (RoM Item)
Unification of Body and Mind (RoM Quest)
Uninvited Guest (RoM Quest)
Unique Explosives (RoM Quest)
Unknown Crystal (RoM Item)
Unknown Ring (RoM Item)
Unrecognizable text (RoM Quest)
Unresolved Crisis... Little Knife (RoM Quest)
Unresolved Crisis... Wanna Eat (RoM Quest)
Unstable Spirit Element (RoM Item)
Unusual Researchers (RoM Quest)
Urgent Delivery (RoM Quest)
Urgent Material Collection (RoM Quest)
Urgent Report (RoM Quest)
Urgent Report 2 (RoM Quest)
Ursus Ironchain (RoM Mob)
Used Fortune Stone (RoM Item)
Use the Antidote (RoM Quest)
Using the Compass (RoM Quest)
Utility is More Important Than Looks (RoM Quest)
Utofi Lela (RoM Mob)
Vagrant (RoM Mob)
Vahtos' Apprentice's Goodwill (RoM Quest)
Vahtos' Apprentice's Premonition (RoM Quest)
Vahtos' Apprentice's Test (RoM Quest)
Vahtos' Apprentice (RoM Mob)
Valent Blackscar (RoM Mob)
Valiant Beeder (RoM Mob)
Valley Marauder (RoM Mob)
Valley of Burning Rocks (RoM POI)
Valley of Glory (RoM POI)
Valley of Preparation (RoM Object)
Valley of Preparation (RoM POI)
Valley of Preparation Bulletin Board (RoM Object)
Valley of Preparation Event Rules (RoM Title)
Valley of Scars (RoM POI)
Valley of Tranquility (RoM POI)
Valley Ore (RoM Item)
Valley Rock Scorpion (RoM Mob)
Valley Scavenger (RoM Mob)
Valley Slob (RoM Mob)
Valley Stinker (RoM Mob)
Valuable Pearls (RoM Quest)
Vanishing Mystery (RoM Quest)
Vankelo (RoM Mob)
Vanquisher's Loot (RoM Item)
Varanas (RoM POI)
Varanas Auction House (RoM POI)
Varanas Bank (RoM POI)
Varanas City (RoM Quest Series)
Varanas City (RoM Zone)
Varanas Class Hall (RoM POI)
Varanas Gates (RoM POI)
Varanas in Danger (RoM Quest)
Varanas Nightmare (RoM Zone)
Varanas Wishing Well (RoM Quest)
Various Professionals (RoM Quest)
Vega's Package (RoM Item)
Vega (RoM Mob)
Vender's Discount Necklace (RoM Item)
Vender's Lost Sword (RoM Item)
Vender (RoM Mob)
Vender Caravan (RoM POI)
Vengeance Leather Armor of the Fort (RoM Item)
Vengeance Leather Helmet of the Fort (RoM Item)
Ventis Boots.RS (RoM Item)
Ventis Boots (RoM Item)
Ventis Crown.RS (RoM Item)
Ventis Crown.R (RoM Item)
Ventis Crown (RoM Item)
Ventis Leggings.RS (RoM Item)
Ventis Leggings (RoM Item)
Ventis Robe.RS (RoM Item)
Ventis Robe (RoM Item)
Verbena (RoM Object)
Vermilion Newt (RoM Mob)
Vermillion Newt (RoM Mob)
Vermillion Warrior's Boots (RoM Item)
Vermillion Warrior's Gloves (RoM Item)
Vic's Camp (RoM POI)
Vic (RoM Mob)
Vigilant Boshi (RoM Mob)
Vigor (RoM Item)
VIII (RoM Title Icon)
VII (RoM Title Icon)
Viking Sapphire Mount - 7 Days (RoM Item)
Villagers without Motives (RoM Quest)
Village Hunter (RoM Mob)
Village of Dorris (RoM POI)
Village Worries (RoM Quest)
Vine Seed (RoM Item)
Violent Berry (RoM Quest)
Violet Jadeleaf (ROM Item)
Violet Jadeleaf (RoM Object)
Visdun Fortress (RoM Zone)
Visit An Old Friend (RoM Quest)
Visit Lola (RoM Quest)
Visit the Elders (RoM Quest)
Vitality (ROM Item)
Vivian (RoM Mob)
Vivian (RoM Quest)
VI (RoM Title Icon)
Voice Alteration Mixture (RoM Quest)
Void Hand Protector (RoM Item)
Void Shoes (RoM Item)
V (RoM Title Icon)
Wailing Forest (RoM POI)
Wailing Soul (RoM Mob)
Wailing Wind Package (RoM Item)
Waiting In The Cave (RoM Quest)
Wait and See (RoM Quest)
Wake-up Potion (RoM Quest)
Wake Cloth Shoulder Guards (RoM Item)
Wake Them Up (RoM Quest)
Wake Up this Guy (RoM Quest)
Wall (RoM Item)
Walogowbi (RoM Mob)
Walus (RoM Mob)
Wanderer's Belt (RoM Item)
Wandering Ancient Naga (RoM Mob)
Wandering Carrion (RoM Mob)
Wandering Ent (RoM Mob)
Wandering Ent Seeds (RoM Quest)
Wandering Vine (RoM Mob)
Wand of the Holy Sky (RoM Item)
Wanted Lost Soul of Tifka (RoM Quest)
Wanted Pirlanok Servant (RoM Quest)
Wanted The Ravenous Kalod (RoM Quest)
Warden (RoM Class Icon)
Warden Weapon Amplifier Fragment (RoM Item)
Warden Weapon Hilt Fragment (RoM Item)
Ward (RoM Item)
Warlock (RoM Class Icon)
Warm-up Exercise (RoM Quest)
Warm and Fuzzy Bear Fur (RoM Item)
Warm Clothing (RoM Quest)
Warm Pelts (RoM Quest)
Warning! (RoM Quest)
Warning (RoM Quest)
Warning Appears (RoM Quest)
Warning to Others (RoM Quest)
Warnorken Castle (RoM POI)
Warnorken Elite Guard (RoM Mob)
Warnorken Patrol Chupura (RoM Mob)
Warnorken Security Officer (RoM Mob)
Warnorken Soldier (RoM Mob)
Warn the Sons (RoM Quest)
Warrant (RoM Quest)
Warrior (RoM Class Icon)
Warrior Package (RoM Item)
War Bow (RoM Item)
War of Attrition (RoM Quest)
Wasteland Hyena (RoM Mob)
Wasteland Skipper (RoM Mob)
Watchtower (RoM Quest)
Watchtower Status (RoM Quest)
Watch From Afar (RoM Quest)
Watch Out For Those Gazes! (RoM Quest)
Waterfall Dragonfly (RoM Mob)
Waterfall Newt (RoM Mob)
Water Chestnut Seed (RoM Item)
Water Demand (RoM Quest)
Water Dragon - Zanordoth (RoM Quest)
Water Dragon Connection (RoM Quest)
Water Elemental (RoM Mob)
Water Elemental Crisis (RoM Quest)
Water Elemental Power (RoM Quest)
Water Elemental Power 2 (RoM Quest)
Water Giant (RoM Mob)
Water Plant - Haute Quisine (RoM Quest)
Water Spirit's Renewal Necklace (RoM Item)
Water Spirit Newt (RoM Mob)
Water Tracks (RoM Quest)
Water Wears Through a Rock (RoM Quest)
Watimod (RoM Mob)
Waton Raydur (RoM Mob)
Wattken (RoM Mob)
Wattken (RoM Quest)
Wayt Camp (RoM POI)
Weakened Mobility (RoM Quest)
Weakening the Naga's Counterattack (RoM Quest)
Weapons Equal Survival (RoM Quest)
Weapons of the Frostwood Valley Cyclops (RoM Quest)
Weapon and Equipment repair (RoM Quest)
Weapon Inspection (RoM Quest)
Weapon Inspection II (RoM Quest)
Weapon Modification (RoM Quest)
Wedding Gift (RoM Quest)
Weeping Coast (RoM Quest Series)
Weeping Coast (RoM Zone)
Weeping Coast Horseshoe Crab (RoM Mob)
Weeping Coast Lakoso (RoM Mob)
Weeping Coast Wild Ray (RoM Mob)
Weird Merchant (RoM Mob)
Weird Wild Boar (RoM Quest)
Well-Intentioned Lie (RoM Quest)
Wells' Package (RoM Item)
Wells (RoM Mob)
Wenceslas (RoM Mob)
Wensly (RoM Mob)
Western Zurhidon Camp (RoM POI)
We Can Do It (RoM Quest)
We Need Light! (RoM Quest)
What's This (RoM Quest)
What is the "Return" project (RoM Quest)
What is this (RoM Quest)
When Vengeance is the Only Road (RoM Quest)
Where's the Relish (RoM Quest)
Where are the Earrings (RoM Quest)
Where are you, Peter (RoM Quest)
Where Have All the Flowers Gone (RoM Quest)
Where is the Research Book (RoM Quest)
Where it Comes From is Where it Goes (RoM Quest)
Where Should You Look (RoM Quest)
Where the Fairies Are (RoM Quest)
Whirlwind Beetle (RoM Mob)
Whispering Wind Cave (RoM POI)
Whistle Lake (RoM POI)
Whitefur Acme (RoM Quest)
White Crystalline Seed (RoM Item)
White Horse (2 h) (RoM Item)
White Knight (RoM Quest)
White Mane Giant Wolf (RoM Mob)
White Pocket Mushroom (RoM Object)
White Whisper Bloom (RoM Item)
Wholesale Colorful Feathers (RoM Quest)
Wholesale Long Jet-Black Feathers (RoM Quest)
Wholeselling Living Balloon Monsters (RoM Quest)
Who Detained the God of Wind (RoM Quest)
Wide Belt (RoM Item)
Wiki News Archive (RoM)
Wilderness Otyugh (RoM Mob)
Wilderness Survival Code (RoM Quest)
Wilderness Threat (RoM Quest)
Wild Alligator Turtle (RoM Mob)
Wild Behru (RoM Mob)
Wild Behru Meat (RoM Item)
Wild Berries (RoM Object)
Wild Boar's Tusk (RoM Item)
Wild Boar Leather Leg Guards (RoM Item)
Wild Child (RoM Quest)
Wild Chupura (RoM Mob)
Wild Fungus (RoM Mob)
Wild Giant Bear (RoM Mob)
Wild Giant Kite (RoM Mob)
Wild Giant Python (RoM Mob)
Wild Gulo (RoM Mob)
Wild Hippogriff (RoM Mob)
Wild Hogs (RoM Quest)
Wild Lakoso (RoM Mob)
Wild Lakoso Tear (RoM Quest)
Wild Mane's Cape (RoM Item)
Wild Mane (RoM Mob)
Wild Scalok (RoM Mob)
Wild Taste (RoM Quest)
Wild Tatani (RoM Mob)
Wild Thorn Long Staff (RoM Item)
William (RoM Mob)
Willow Lumber (RoM Item)
Willow Timber (RoM Item)
Willow Wood (RoM Item)
Willow Wood (RoM Object)
Will Do (RoM Quest)
Windmill Basement (RoM Zone)
Windrider Sammis (ROM Mob)
Windrunner Race (RoM Zone)
Windswept Scorpion (ROM Mob)
Windswept Vulture (ROM Mob)
Wind Eagle (RoM Mob)
Wind Elemental (RoM Mob)
Wind Element (RoM Item)
Wind Spirit Fortune (RoM Quest)
Wine Delivery (RoM Quest)
Winged Bone Dragon (RoM Mob)
Winged Cold Dragon (RoM Mob)
Winged Ice Dragon (RoM Mob)
Wings to Fly (RoM Quest)
Wing Lake (RoM POI)
Winsil (RoM Mob)
Winternight Ice Fairy (RoM Mob)
Winternight Ice Witch (RoM Mob)
Winternight Valley (RoM POI)
Winternight Valley Camp (RoM POI)
Winternight Valley Package (RoM Item)
Winter Spider Specimen (RoM Quest)
Wipe Out Troops (RoM Quest)
Wisdom Long Boots of the Fort (RoM Item)
Wishes of the Soul (RoM Quest)
Witchcraft Sugar (RoM Item)
Witch Broom (Permanent) (RoM Item)
Witch Hunter's Axe (RoM Item)
Witch Queen Lemislive (RoM Quest)
With the Sword in your Hand (RoM Quest)
Witness (RoM Quest)
Witness 2 (RoM Quest)
Wizard-Iron Ore (RoM Object)
Wolf's Letter (RoM Quest)
Wolf Asher (RoM Mob)
Wolf Cub (RoM Mob)
Wolf Cub Pelts (RoM Item)
Wolf Cub Tail (RoM Item)
Womukray (RoM Mob)
Wood-Breaker Jillap (RoM Mob)
Woodchop Village (RoM POI)
Woodcutting Skills (RoM Quest)
Woodcutting Skills - YH (RoM Quest)
Wooden Arrow (RoM Item)
Wooden Arrow Quiver (RoM Item)
Wooden Box containing a Stone Slab (RoM Item)
Wooden Cup on the Tent (RoM Quest)
Wooden Round Table (RoM Item)
Woodland of Qilana (RoM POI)
Woody Mallen (RoM Mob)
Woody Woods (RoM Mob)
Wooky (RoM Mob)
Woolen Leg Guards (RoM Item)
Wool Vest (RoM Item)
Workshop Notice (RoM Quest)
Work Dagger (RoM Item)
Work Hand Axe (RoM Item)
World Cup
World Cup (RoM)
Worn-Out Bag (RoM Item)
Worn Belt (RoM Item)
Worn Robe (RoM Item)
Worried Azifulan (RoM Quest)
Worry (RoM Quest)
Worshiping the King of the Lake (RoM Quest)
Worshipping the Fallen (RoM Quest)
Wounded Hunter (RoM Quest)
Wrath (RoM Item)
Wretched Shadowmoon Sailor (RoM Mob)
Wretched Shadowmoon Wanderer (RoM Mob)
Written in Blood (RoM Quest)
Wulben (RoM Mob)
Wunnis Copperlatch (RoM Mob)
Xaviera (RoM Quest Series)
Xaviera (RoM Zone)
Xaviera - North (RoM Quest Series)
Xaviera - South (RoM Quest Series)
Xoci Village (RoM POI)
Yaleesh Cybon (RoM Mob)
Yana's Perseverance (RoM Quest)
Yana (RoM Mob)
Yanchina Honneur (RoM Mob)
Yaniha Bimey, the Craftsman (RoM Quest)
Yaniha Bimey (RoM Mob)
Yan Heymal (RoM Mob)
Yar'ak (RoM Mob)
Yarandor (RoM Mob)
Yark (RoM Mob)
Yasheedee Catastrophe (RoM Quest)
Yashina (RoM Mob)
Yaska's Report (RoM Quest)
Yaska (RoM Mob)
Yates (RoM Mob)
Yawaka (RoM Mob)
Yawaka Earring (RoM Item)
Yaxi Anquis (RoM Mob)
Yazmin's Bosom Buddy (RoM Title)
Yazmin's Burden (RoM Quest)
Yazmin's Caravan (RoM Quest)
Yazmin's Decision (RoM Quest)
Yazmin's Experiment (RoM Quest)
Yazmin's Number One (RoM Quest)
Yazmin's Pain (RoM Quest)
Yazmin's Responsibility (RoM Quest)
Yazmin's Rite of Passage (RoM Quest)
Yazmin's Spouse (RoM Quest)
Yazmin's Sweetheart (RoM Quest)
Yazmin's Thoughts (RoM Quest)
Yazmin (RoM Mob)
Yazmin and Harnidy (RoM Quest)
Yelena (RoM Mob)
Yellow Crystalline Seed (RoM Item)
Yell Fendt (RoM Mob)
Yew Wood (RoM Object)
Yinha Claw (RoM Item)
Yinha Lightweight Leg Guards (RoM Item)
Yngmur Camp (RoM POI)
Yngmur Zuken (RoM Mob)
Yorkie (RoM Mob)
York Harris (RoM Mob)
Young Bear (RoM Mob)
Young Ladies' Secret (RoM Quest)
Young Manticore (RoM Mob)
Young Person's Corpse (RoM Object)
Young Springbok (RoM Mob)
Young Wild Fungus (RoM Mob)
Young Wolf (RoM Mob)
Young Yasheedee (RoM Mob)
Youthful Frustrations (RoM Quest)
You Can Never Have Too Much Help (RoM Quest)
You forget names too, right (RoM Quest)
Yrvandis Hollows (RoM Quest Series)
Yrvandis Hollows (RoM Zone)
Ystra Ferret Cub (RoM Mob)
Ystra Highlands (RoM Quest Series)
Ystra Highlands (RoM Zone)
Ystra Ice Crab (RoM Mob)
Ystra Labyrinth (RoM Quest Series)
Ystra Labyrinth (RoM Zone)
Ystra Snow Ferret (RoM Mob)
Ystra Snow Frog (RoM Mob)
Ystra Winder Spider (RoM Mob)
Ystra Winter Spider (RoM Mob)
Yukuri (RoM Object)
Yuri's Account Book (RoM Quest)
Yuri (RoM Mob)
Yusalien (RoM Mob)
Zanka Hyena (RoM Mob)
Zanka Sand Viper (RoM Mob)
Zanka Scorpion (RoM Mob)
Zanordoth - The Water Dragon King (RoM Quest)
Zapa River (RoM POI)
Zapa River Platypus (RoM Mob)
Zaramonde (RoM POI)
Zaramonde Soldier (RoM Mob)
Zeta Metal Stone (RoM Item)
Zily Ante (RoM Mob)
Zinc Ingot (RoM Item)
Zinc Nugget (RoM Item)
Zinc Ore (RoM Item)
Zinc Ore (RoM Object)
Zinc Sand (RoM Item)
Ziwal's Expedition (RoM POI)
Zombie (RoM Mob)
Zombie Junk (RoM Object)
Zorath the Winged Dragon (RoM Quest)
Zurhidon's Materials (RoM Quest)
Zurhidon's Plans (RoM Quest)
Zurhidon (RoM Faction)
Zurhidon Camp (RoM POI)
Zurhidon Disciple (RoM Mob)
Zurhidon Investigator (RoM Mob)
Zurhidon Killer (RoM Mob)
Zurhidon Lurker (RoM Mob)
Zurhidon Raider (RoM Mob)
Zurhidon Researcher (RoM Mob)
Zurhidon Stronghold (RoM Zone)