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The places listed below can all be found in Sanctum. Expand the thumbnail for a map.
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Artisans Hall (Aion Place)
Cloister of Kaisinel (Aion Place)
Coliseum (Aion Place)
Dionysia Tavern (Aion Place)
Divine Road (Aion Place)
Elyos Square (Aion Place)
Exalted Path (Aion Place)
Galleria of Grandeur (Aion Place)
Hall of Prosperity (Aion Place)
Legions Board (Aion Place)
Library of the Sages (Aion Place)
Lyceum (Aion Place)
Outer Dock (Aion Place)
Outer Port (Aion Place)
Protectors Hall (Aion Place)
Sanctum Airship Dock (Aion Place)
Sanctum Gate (Aion Place)
Sanctum Legion Administration Office (Aion Place)
Sky Garden (Aion Place)
Tempest Shipyard (Aion Place)