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Shugo are very industrious. They are one of the very few species found in both Elysea and Asmodae.

There is also a much taller, white-furred, cat-like type (see Baevrunerk), which we originally thought was the male of this species, but which may actually be a high-caste sub-species. The smaller Shugo are merchants and unskilled workers, the tall Shugo seem to be the artisans and skilled workers, although there are some small Shugo that are artisans so the caste-separation has some flexibility.

The names of Shugo seem to be both gender and caste-based. Names ending in "-nerk" are male, "-yerk" seem to be exclusively female, and "-yrk" indicates a young or junior male. The number of syllables seems important as well, with longer names indicative of greater importance, wealth, or power.Unverified[1]

A High-Caste Shugo (Male)

  1. ^ it was noted, "This is all based on observation, not uncovered lore, and we could be completely wrong about this. Certainly there are more than a few exceptions to our supposed rules.." If you can confirm or refute this, please edit the page and do so.

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