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Wikihelp We are not building pages for all skills in this game, at this time. If the skill page does not exist, the linker, {{AionSkill|skillname}}, will display the name in bold text, else it will be linked normally.

Skill icons for ranked skills, such as Flame Harpoon I (PW), display a roman numeral in the lower left corner. This will be tan if it is NOT a Chain Skill, green if it is Chain Skill Level 1, and cyan if it is Chain Skill Level 2.

Further, for ranked skills we will build a single page here for the base name of the skill, when we build one at all, and a table on that page will show the stats for ranks I to III and level 1 though 9. The linker, {{AionSkill|skillname}}, will detect the roman numeral, strip it, and link to the base name if the page exists. Also, for Ranked skills please add {{Aion Skill Ranks|}}

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