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The Spire Network

Reconstructed by the Quellithulians during GU53, players can now travel instantaneously via the Spire Network. Step into the Spire and left- or right-click the circular Ulteran Spire Portal (no shard required!).

With GU56 the Spire network has been updated: the Spire Scions have been removed and all spires interconnect, including Overrrealm (Kingdom of Sky) spires. Apparently the Erudites have learned a new kind of magic to create a shunt between the Ulteran and Combine spire networks. If you'd like to know more about the Lore, speak to an Ulteran network scholar at any Combine Spire.

The Spires are rather glorious to behold.

The spire network offers transportation to the following locations:

Game Update #56
Halas Reborn
May 25, 2010

Teleportation by Players

With GU56, translocate no longer requires a planar symbol. Planar symbols have been removed from vendor lists.

Sorcerers can transport individuals or groups to some spires after receiving the proper training. These trainers instruct Sorcerers on the art of teleporting. Players have to harvest an antique rune at the spires and then talk to the trainer in order to receive the two spells (group and translocate target). Sorcerers have the advantage of being able to cast their teleport anywhere.


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