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The objects listed below can all be found in Theobomos.

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Amalil (Aion Object)
Amethyst (Aion Object)
Ancient Fossil (Aion Object)
Bulletin Board (Aion Object)
Burning Mithril (Aion Object)
Burning Orichalcum (Aion Object)
Caprauna (Aion Object)
Chasing Eye (Aion Object)
Dado (Aion Object)
Diamond (Aion Object)
Egrasi Log (Aion Object)
Elatrite (Aion Object)
Ervio (Aion Object)
Ferilla (Aion Object)
Fess (Aion Object)
Griffonia (Aion Object)
Koa Log (Aion Object)
Linon (Aion Object)
Litrea (Aion Object)
Lumesia (Aion Object)
Lunime (Aion Object)
Mithril (Aion Object)
Orichalcum (Aion Object)
Perer (Aion Object)
Rabano (Aion Object)
Ruby (Aion Object)
Sapphire (Aion Object)
Shugo's Corpse (Aion Object)
Tange (Aion Object)
Topaz (Aion Object)
Triora (Aion Object)
Wanted Poster Bulletin Board (Aion Object)
Zigi (Aion Object)