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Attuning Dust of Hexes (VG Item)
Blue Laced Shirt (VG Item)
Broken Wooden Staff (VG Item)
Cracked Darkened Scale Bracers (VG Item)
Flawless Elder's Handwrap of Hexes (VG Item)
Flawless Elder's Warhammer of Avoidance (VG Item)
Loose Pants (VG Item)
Messenger Boots (VG Item)
Old Scaled Hide Tunic (VG Item)
Reliable Stud of the Defender (VG Item)
Vale Forged Claymore (VG Item)
Vale Forged Dagger (VG Item)
Vale Forged Greatstaff (VG Item)
Vale Forged Longsword (VG Item)
Vale Silk Wrappings (VG Item)
Watchman's Pants (VG Item)
Worn Riverborne Leather Leggings (VG Item)
Wurmblood Pie of Minor Wisdom (VG Item)