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Runes of Magic
by POI

Wizard-Iron Ore can be found in all of the following areas.

For a table of all Resource Nodes by skill and level see Category:Gathering Skills.

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Articles in category "Wizard-Iron Ore (RoM Resources by POI)"

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Dust Devil Canyon (RoM Zone)
Fanger's Old Camp (RoM POI)
Harf Trading Post (RoM POI)
Kal Turok Hive (RoM POI)
Khalara Plateau (RoM POI)
Nameless Port (RoM POI)
Order of Dark Glory Garrison (RoM POI)
Quodate Plains (RoM POI)
Ravenfell (RoM Zone)
Sea of Snow (RoM POI)
Tower of Wailing Wind (RoM POI)
Wing Lake (RoM POI)
Ystra Highlands (RoM Zone)