Council of Varanas (RoM Faction)  

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Runes of Magic
During the beginning, after the creation of Varanas City, all issues were dealt with by the cities administration. The most important people came from inherited nobles which had followed the Eye of Wisdom to Candara.

But back then the power of the Eye of Wisdom had been quite strong and so the nobles were nothing more than puppets. Some of the rumors on the street sounded like "the duties of the council are to do the dirty work for the Eye of Wisdom" etc. The Eye thought it wise to hand the administration to the council but then some opposition evolved between the two sides. 30 years ago the leading position at the Eye of Wisdom toppled and the Council used this chance to take hold of the scepter in Varanas.

The proportions of power were only put right after Yarandor took over the lead of the Eye of Wisdom, who denied direct orders of the council. But the position of the council had been fortified already and only through the relentless work of Yarandor was he able to gain a seat and the right to have a say in external issues.

But due to the strengthened position of the council, corruption erupted. Open and secret feuds erupted between the nobles with honor in their hearts and those that were open for more power and profit through any means necessary. During that time the chairman was the noble, Berol. He stands for an independent position of The Guard of Varanas and a working city administration. The lasting question though remains: when will the inner conflicts explode?[1]

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