Essencetapping (Aion Skill)  


You will receive the skill, Essencetapping, upon your Ascension as a Daeva when you reach level 10. This makes the Collecting skill obsolete. Amateur Essencetapping maxes out at 99p.

To use the Essencetapping skill, right click on the object you want to harvest. This will start the Skill Progress Window. The window displays the name of the Skill you are using, your points (in parentheses), the icon and name of the target, and 2 lines: Pass and Fail. As the skill use attempt continues, each test of your skill will progress one of these 2 bars. If the Pass bar fills up before the Fail bar, you succeed at using your skill and gain XP in the skill. Sometimes you will pass with exceptional success and gain a boost to your skill use. it is also possible to critical fail which will end your collecting attempt instantly.

Each node can only be attempted 3 times, pass or fail, then it will vanish.

When you mouseover a node, the color of the name gives you an instant knowledge of the level of the node relative to your skill.

  • White - 40-50 levels below you.
  • White - 30-40 levels below you.
  • Pale Yellow - 20-30 levels below your own.
  • Strong Yellow - 10-20 levels below your own.
  • Strong Yellow - 6-10 levels below your own.
  • Strong Yellow - 0-5 levels below your own.
  • Red - Above your level. You cannot harvest it.
XP awarded for success is based solely on the level of the node, not on your level relative to it.

No EXP is awarded for a failed attempt. The EXP gained is both adventure and harvesting EXP, and your skill will rise as you gain more of it. There is no display for how much Harvesting EXP you have, so no way to anticipate when your level will go up. Obviously, you want to always harvest nodes that are 0-10 points below your skill.

When you have right-clicked on a node, a green circle will appear to either side of the name, indicating that you have initiated a harvesting attempt (even if you are not close enough to harvest, yet). When the Gathering Window appears it will lock the node to your exclusive use. After the attempt you cannot try again until those circles disappear (1-2 seconds), so you can use them to time when to click again. All nodes are contested. If someone else can click on it faster than you just as it becomes unlocked they can lock you off the node.

Use of an Essencetapping Hat is highly recommended as it displays the locations of resource nodes near you on your minimap. Each grade of hat has a different max level of nodes it will display. The grades are Novice, Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert and Superb. The hats are not bound to you and may be traded to friends, guildmates or your own alts as hand-me-downs.

Once you reach a certain number of points above the minimum points required to harvest a specific node type, that node will become trivial and you will no longer receive EXP from harvesting it. This seems to be a sliding scale, becoming tighter as your level increases. The range seems to start at 51 and seems to work on a percentage. You will, however, harvest much faster from it, with little or no failures. You will see a message that says you are too high to receive XP.

Essencetapping a Silver node
  • Level 1: max points=99p (received at Level 10)
  • Level 2: raises cap to 199p (Must be purchased, for 18,513 Kinah )
    • Essencetapping
  • Level 3: raises cap to 299p (Must be purchased, for 120,000 Kinah ; min. level: 30)
  • Level 4: raises cap to 399p (Must be purchased, for 480,000 Kinah ; min. level: 40)
  • Level 5: raises cap to 450p (Must be purchased, for Kinah ; min. level: 50)

Upgrades to your Essencetapping skill must be purchased from a Essencetapping Master , which will add 1 point to your skill and raise your max skill by 100 points.

Collection Collection 1-49
Essencetapping 1-50 55-100 105-150 155-200 205-250 255-300 305-350 355-400 405-450 455-499
Aethertapping Aethertapping 1-499

Trivia The name of this skill was changed, from Extract Vitality, in the 1.9 patch.

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