Kyola Temple (Aion Place)  

Kyola Temple
Kyola Temple
South of Western Eracus Desert, and west of Lankusis Plateau
ConnectionsKyola Temple Entrance, Fire Temple
Flight?Gliding only.
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Rifts form here.

To find this Place in-game, use /where Kyola Temple

This Place is a quest hub in the Eltnen Quest Series.


All that remains of the above-ground structure is parts of the original building. A stair leads down from these ruins into the in-tact and large subterranean Temple. At the bottom of this is the entrance to the Fire Temple.

During the day, the entrance way is surrounded by Speartail Skyrays, but when night falls the skyrays vanish and spawn Raging Obscura, which are one of two mobs that can drop the key for the Fire Temple. The reverse happens at dawn, except that any Obscura that is up at daybreak remains up, but when killed a Skyray will respawn there (real quick, too).

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