Shock Alleviation Scroll (Aion Item)  

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Shock Alleviation Scroll
Type Scroll

For 24 seconds, absorbs a maximum of ___ damage each time you are attacked. See the table, below, for the exact amount for all the variations of this scroll.

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This item can be crafted by an Alchemist.

NameSingle Blow WardMinimum LevelQuest Reward
[Legion Reward] Lesser Shock Alleviation Scroll†1481+
Lesser Shock Alleviation Scroll14820+Slinking About
Regular Shock Alleviation Scroll23930+
Greater Shock Alleviation Scroll30940+
Major Shock Alleviation Scroll34150+
† This scroll cannot be traded, cannot be stored in account warehouse and cannot be stored in the Legion warehouse.

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