Solid Stone (VG Quest)  

Vanguard Quest
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[4]Solid Stone
 · Thestra/Bordinar's Cleft
 · Solo
Speak to Captain Baerdun Ironguard, just outside Shaletooth Tower
Return to Captain Baerdun Ironguard
Solid Stone

Captain Ironguard says, "It appears that the kobolds are using some shoddy mining techniques to hold their caverns open. They're only using a single wooden beam to hold everything up! HAH! Snap that beam, and you'll collapse the tunnel!"

"Let's cut off their access into the Vale! Head down the hill, into those hovels, and smash the support beam. Better get out fast, though...You sure don't want to be trapped in there when it falls!"

Quest Summary

Destroy the support beam in the three kobold tunnels within Bazad's Vale. Make haste once it is down, as the cave will collapse soon afterward. Return to Captain Baerdun Ironguard at Shaletooth Tower upon completion.

Quest Objectives

Northwestern Hovel Support Beam Destroyed
Southern Hovel Support Beam destroyed
Northeastern Hovel Support Beam Destroyed

Quest Rewards

Vale Forged Claymore , Vale Forged Longsword ,
Vale Forged Dagger , Vale Forged Greatstaff

Completion Dialogue
Captain Ironguard laughs, "HA HA! I can hear their angry echoes from here! Pound your fists against three tons of solid stone, you curs!"

Captain Ironguard says with a wide grin,"Excellent work,! We could certainly use more dwarves like you around here, no question! I don't know how long it will take those kobolds to dig out from the tunnels, but for now the Defenders here should be able to handle the clean up."

"Here's a gift to you for all you've done here. You've the heart of a true dwarf in you, -name-!"

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