Spirit Compass (RoM Quest)  

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Runes of Magic

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What We DO Know

Go to the island in the center of the Lake of Eternal Silence and use the Ancient Altar there to call the Water Spirit Envoy (Ggl) and get Strength of the Water Spirit (Ggl).

You don't fight him this time. He tells you some lore, and then gives you his blessing.

Eno's Test Bloody Demon Sword
Quest Series
Chapter III: The Legendary Sword
Power of the Jade Valley
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The Water Spirit Envoy (Ggl) tells you the following:
Long ago, some used the power of the runes to modify themselves in order to gain power. These modified ones later became what we know as demons.

Soon after, the world entered an era ruled by these demons, who began to fight and subjugate each other on a grand scale.

But, the human King Kalume led a counteroffensive against the demons from the northern continent and saved many from the persecution of the demons.

But then with the appearance of the Bloodlord, wielding the Eulogy of Blood, hope faded for the king's army...

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