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Star Trek Online
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Star Trek Online is a MMORPG, by Cryptic Studios, set in the popular and well-known universe of the Star Trek television and movie franchise. This game takes place in the original timeline, not the alternate universe created when Spock travelled back in time in the most recent movie. The Klingons have raised the fist of war once more and are the main protagonist in this game.

This Star Trek Online Wiki is a place for you to find information, but it is also a place for you to give back because a wiki is an online resource that anyone can edit! In fact, this particular game-wiki was started by a player, Sarcin, not an admin. So find a corner, pull up a keyboard, and jump right in.


Current Feature Episode Series
Series Two: The Devidians
Live: October 16, 2010
Each weeks Feature Episode goes online Saturday at 11am (Pacific).

The ZAM STO Wiki Mission Statement
The ZAM STO Wiki is a framework. It's ongoing mission—to reach out to players of this game and give them a place to share knowledge with one another, hopefully expanding their mutual enjoyment of the game. What we have done here, so far, is establish a structure and provide templates that can be used to collectively build this resource. Why, you ask, is ZAM not doing the work to provide the information to you? Because, ultimately, that is not the function of a Wiki. This place is provided to you, free of charge, with no strings except that you have a free ZAM account, so you can add your creativity and love of your game.

Our Sr. Wiki Admin, Bludwyng, is playing this game, true, and as is his nature he makes a lot of wiki contributions for any game he plays but he also plays a lot of games and cannot do it all by himself. This is your invitation to join him and help this resource to grow and become the best that it can be.

  • Stardate 63748.0 (4/14/2010) - The new Test Server, "Tribble", is up and running. The second STF Mission, The Cure, is online. The Season 1.1 Update will launch the week of April 22-30.
  • Stardate 63612.9 (3/4/2010) - 256MB patch this morning! The first "Special Task Force" mission, Infected, goes live today. Also many dozens (hundreds?) of small fixes.

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