A user reports that the following is incorrect in the db record for this page:
ERROR: Invalid call to DBError! The correct syntax is: {{DBError|gameid|description of error|username}}

Flags a db page so that a Community Manager or Admin will see it and take steps to correct the error. This template should NOT be used to report things in the wiki that you believe are wrong. If they are wrong and you are certain of it, fix it! This template is only for reporting errors in the database record that require a Community Manager or Admin to correct.

Usage: {{DBError|gameid|description of error|username}}


Code for one of the games here at Allakhazam's, such as eq2, eq, lon, ffxi, wow, etc. This field is case-insensitive.
description of error
Please describe as completely as possible what the problem is with the DB record.
Your username on Allakhazam. Please do not put your full name here, as we cannot always connect that to your user account and we may need to contact you for more information.

This template will link the page to Category:gameid Pages reporting a DB Error, which should be a sub-category of Category:gameid Admin Pages. If you wish to make sure the correct gameid sub-page exists, you can go to Category:Admin Pages and tunnel down from there.

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