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Runes of Magic
This page simply holds old Wiki News so the Main Page does not get crowded.


  • 4/25 - When using {{RoM Coin|}} to display a price in diamonds the template will now show, in parentheses, a real-world value in dollars. This is based on the 1000d package price of $39.99 ($.0399/d) and does not, of course, take into account what may have been the actual price of your diamonds when you bought them. The intent is simply to make our players more aware of the actual price of the things you buy with your diamonds.
  • 3/30 - On all pages if RoMMob, RoMItem or RoMQuest is used to link to a page we do not have then (Rdb) will appear after the link. These are a search link direct to RunesDatabase. If we do not have it we want to help you find it!
  • 3/19 - Because the new default skin here is black text on a white background and Common quality items are white text, we have change Common to underlined black text so it will show up. Just be aware that the item colors are true to the in-game colors except for common, which is inverse.
  • 3/15 - I am making a pass through all the templates, updating and upgrading them both to look better on our new default skin and to make use of some wiki tools that were not around back when I originally wrote them.
  • 3/28 - New template: RoM Daily Quest, calls RoM Quest to do most of the work, but also adds some extra information just for Daily Quests.
  • 3/26 - I am debating whether we should have a Skill template or not. I am not sure a page for each and every individual Skill is worth it. Currently I am leaning towards pages like Category:Mage Skills that simply list the skills in a table.
  • 3/17 - Happy St. Patrick's Day! RoM Item is done. Due to the complexity and the variables I am sure you will run into items that do not fit. When you do, upload a screenshot of the item window to the item page and pm me with the URL and I will make the template fit it asap. The same procedure applies to all the templates, but Item is the one most likely to be inadequate.
  • 3/15 - POI and Object are done, and Resource Nodes are handled by Object.
  • 3/14 - Templates for Quest, Mob and Zone are done. In the next few days I should get templates done for Object, POI, Resource and Item.

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