A Mother's Wish (RoM Quest)  

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RoM Quest
[+] Ravenfell
 [49] A Mother's Wish

Expansion: Rise of the Demon Lord
Start: Sandbank Drybone ( 66.2, 45.5 )
End: Ely Nausicaa

Quest Reward:
 XP: 49,895
 TP: 4,989
 Gold: 4,477Gold 
You can earn the following rewards

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Runes of Magic

You must be at least Level 47 to receive this quest.

This quest fills in the last piece in The Story of the Black Mary regarding the fates of Huck, Ely Nausicaa and baby Elsbeth.

When you click on the Sandbank Drybone the ghost of Ely Nausicaa appears. She tells you that she and her baby, Elsbeth, washed ashore here and with the last of her strength she placed her baby in a Chelon nest. She begs you to find her baby and watch over her. She does not seem to realize how many years have passed.

To complete this quest you must complete the following quests:

  1. [48] Sweet Essence - Refill the three dispensers
    1. [48] Faulty Equipment - Ask Majoshat what can be done
    2. [48] The Dispenser Agent - Tell Buruk Wright that Starlight needs to be fixed... again.
    3. [48] Dispenser Repair Guy - Take the part and fix Starlight.
  2. [48] Old Lady Turtle - Deliver the book to Tooda
  3. [49] Stolen Book - Recover Tooda's book from the Shadowmoon Pirates
  4. [49] Links in a Chain - Ask innkeeper Nanum Alluya about the people who took Tooda's necklace
  5. [49] A Drunkard's Trail - Find Villain Sobast
  6. [49] A Gangsta's Honesty - Accuse Nanum Alluya
  7. [49] Price of a Necklace - Obtain Mutated Sand Scorpion Pincers x6 (Ggl)
  8. [49] Necklace or Pocket Watch? - Seek Aborjai Adet
  9. [49] Pocket Watch Power - Obtain Wind Elemental Crystal Nuclei x5 (Ggl)
  10. [49] Secret of the Pocket Watch - Aborjai shows you the hidden compartment with a portrait
  11. [49] Every Picture Tells a Story - Obtain Wind Elemental Crystal Nuclei x5 (Ggl)
  12. [49] Another Clue - Show the picture to Ondas Chanep
  13. [49] Chanep's First Task - Fetch water
  14. [49] Chanep's Second Task - Harvest peas
  15. [49] Chanep's Third Task - Take a letter to Anna Zilly
  16. [49] Anna's Plans - Take her response back to Ondas
  17. [49] The Truth of the Picture - Learn the identities of the people in the portrait

When all of that is done simply return, summon the ghost again, and she will complete this quest. If you have already done all those quests all you need to do is talk to her again.

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